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DIY – DOG DESK LAMP (English subtitles) Room Decor Ideas

DIY – DOG DESK LAMP (English subtitles) Room Decor Ideas

Welcome to another diy video ! Today I’ll show you how to make a Dog desk lamp! An item that will definitely fit into each nursery and will give a modern touch to any room !!! For this lamp we’ll need: a drill Some bolts with wing nuts a saw a pot a cable with plug, socket and switch and wooden sticks. The first step is to cut slats to form the different parts of the dog. We’ll need 4 pieces for the legs, 2 longer for the body, one for the neck and another for the tail. Let’s see how to assemble them. We drill out the holes for the joints as follows: just one hole through the 4 slats for the legs and for the neck and the tail. For the 2 strips of wood for the body, we should open one hole through both sides. Next we’ll join the back legs and the tail with the body using the bolts with wing nuts. We do the same regarding the front legs. What we need to do now is to drill out a hole in the bottom of the pot in such a width that fit for our socket. We also drill another hole in the middle of the pot to screw in the neck and 2 holes, right and left, in case we like to add the ears! Next, we pass our socket with a light bulb through the pot-“head” and our desk lamp is ready! I hope you like my little dog lamp! Use your imagination to turn it into any pet or animal you like, for instance a giraffe! Definitely it’s an attractive and special project! If you liked it, click “like”, leave a comment and please sub for more ! You can find me at You Tube, facebook and Instagram. See you next week with a new project. Bye!!

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  1. Καλώς σε βρήκαμε και παλι !!! Υπεροχο βιντεο για ακομη μια φορα , φανταστική κατασκευή !!! Θα το κανω το φωτιστικό σκυλακι τωρα…👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Μπράβο βρε κοπέλα μου !!!
    Είσαι η λύση για την οικονομική διακόσμηση του σπιτιού !!

  3. είναι πολύ όμορφα και τα δύο φωτιστικά. δίνουν χαρά σε μικρους και μεγάλους!

  4. μπραβο ρε κοριτσι μου♥♥♥ καθε κατασκευη απλα μοναδικη♥♥♥ φτασαμε τους 1000 subs και συνεχιζουμε δυναμικαα♥

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