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DIY Diwali Decoration Crafts : Make DIY Diwali Lantern from Drinking Straws | Diwali Lamp Making

DIY Diwali Decoration Crafts : Make DIY Diwali Lantern from Drinking Straws | Diwali Lamp Making

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Lampshade for Diwali/Christmas Decoration using Drinking Straws This is the best out of waste DIY Lampshade for Diwali and Christmas! Things You Need… Cardboard, Straws, Decorative Lace, Decorative Mirrors, Glossy Paper Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Cutter, Pencil, Craft Glue, Scissors, Ruler, Decorative laces, Decorative Pearls. Take a cardboard and measure 42*22 cm on it. Mark the distance 4 cm lengthwise as shown. Now mark the distance as 2 cm on the cardboard as shown. Now, mark the small distances to make the gaps required to make the lampshade. Take the straws and cut it similar to the size of the length of cardboard. We need multiple such straws. Now cut the cardboard using cutter to make small gaps in the lampshade. Now paste the end of the cardboard to give it a cylindrical shape as shown. Now take another cardboard and cut out a circular shape to cover the top of the cardboard. Now mark a point at the center of the circle and draw a small circle from the center. Cut out the small circle using a cutter. Paste the cylindrical lampshade on the circular cardboard. Cut out the unwanted portions as shown. Now take the straws and paste it on the cardboard to cover the same. Now cover the small gaps using small straw pieces. Now take a decorative lace and cut it as per the length of the lampshade. Paste the decorative laces as shown. Now, decorate the lampshade with mirrors as shown. We need to make tassels for the lampshade and for this we will use a glossy paper. For this fold the glossy sheet and make thin cuttings as shown. Paste the tassels at the bottom of the lampshade as shown. Paste the decorative laces at the top and bottom edges of the lampshade. Decorate the top edge using golden pearls Wow!! What a beautiful DIY lampshade. Use a thread to hang the lampshade anywhere. Your Best out of waste Lampshade is now ready to use. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Nice n fabulous latern for Diwali style enrich liked it very much I would definitely make dis for Diwali
    where have u got these glossary papers from????? plz tell me

  2. This was so interesting and creative, going to use it to do up my house for Diwali. I created a couple of looks for Diwali as well on my youtube page, these would complement them so well!

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