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DIY Cactus Cat House (a CATcus!)

DIY Cactus Cat House (a CATcus!)

EVAN: There are
certain things in life that make you feel
like you’re an adult. KATELYN: Like wearing a
sweater around your neck. And finally owning a nicer
vacuum than your parents. This video is
sponsored by Dyson. Check out their new Dyson V11
Torque Drive cord-free vacuum. EVAN: Our cat produces an
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dynamic load-sensing so it automatically
adjusts power, across carpets and hard floors. Fancy. It alerts you when
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run time you have left. Technology. And since it’s cordless, you can do extreme vacuuming
without being tied down. Freedom! So check out the Dyson V11 with
our link in the description. BOTH: And adult like a pro. Hi guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. And today, in honor of
our new-found ability to deal with cat fluffs, we’re going to be
doing a project — For our Supurrvisor. Get in your bed. A cat scratch cactus. We’ve seen this
done online before, and it’s usually by
wrapping PVC with twine and then you put that on a base and it kinda looks
like a cactus. But we thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool
if she could also “crawl inside the
cactus and hide? “And wouldn’t it be even cooler “if the cactus
looked like a cat? “So that it was a cat-tus? “A cact-cus?” (Evan laughs) So here’s the plan. So to get the shape, we
actually got giant balloons, and we’re gonna try
to do something, that we have not done
since we were very young, and that is paper mache. Katelyn look at how big
these balloons are. (laughs) That looks like
it’s from a cartoon. Can I blow it up now? Just a little bit? I mean you can try. I dunno if Joob’s gonna like it. [Cat’s Computerized
Voice] Do not trust. Okay, she does not like that. (Evan belly laughs) So hopefully the paper
mache will be sturdy enough, all on its own to
hold the structure. But if it isn’t, we
have a back up solution. We’re just gonna
pour resin over it. [Cat’s Computerized
Voice] Figures. And then we bought
some thick twine that we are going to dye
green and wrap it with, and hopefully that will
make it look like a cactus. A cat-cus. Like a cat, a cact… And beyond that, we haven’t
really figured it out, because if the paper
mache doesn’t work at all, we’re kinda screwed and we
have to start from scratch. So I feel like–
Or just like– You won’t see this video. ‘Cause we’ll have given up. Yeah. But for now
let’s just get started. All right. We should
blow up the balloon before we start doin’
paper mache though. That’s a necessary step. Now, how big do we need to go? You did some measurements. Okay. For the size, we’re
gonna use her bed as a base, which has a–
(balloon deflating loudly) A 12 inch inner diameter. And for the opening,
we’re gonna aim for about six inches by six inches, ’cause that’s how big
her catio entrance is. So we know she can
fit in those spaces. (balloon being blown up) Sorry, am I being rude
by blowing this up? No. We’re gonna do about two
parts glue to one part water, and one tip we learned is that blue shop towels
work really, really well. We’re gonna be alternating
the way we layer them with each layer, so it’s
kind of like a weave. That’s looking great. It’s got a little bit
of a tip right there. We can put some tape over it, to like flatten the end
a little bit. (laughs) (Katelyn laughs) That’s not what we
were looking for. Do you think… (laughs) Can we smooth that over? But I dunno how much
bigger we should go. Measure the diameter. Yeah it’s a little bit bigger. A little bit bigger. These need to be taller. This–
What if we like– Shape isn’t fully working out. Sure give it a squeeze. Give it a good squeeze. Kinda like a, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, if it blows up
(laughs) in your face. (Evan raucously laughs) I guess I just need
to keep on blowing up Yeah, just keep going (air blowing into balloon) It’s elongating, though. (both laugh) I’m getting light-headed. We’ll time lapse–
Take your time Through this whole (mumbles). Do you want a turn? (Laughs) That looks
like a weird mouth. Let me know when
you’re sealed. (laughs) I can’t do it. (Evan laughs) I can’t like, do it
with your hands there! Just go on (laughs) (both laugh hysterically) No, no, no, we’re gonna lose it, We’re gonna lose it all
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
We’re gonna lose it all. (Both laugh hysterically) Ahhh, just so good (mumbles) What are you doing? (laughs) (balloon blowing up) I think this is,
let’s just go for it. This has becoming the shape. Massive, yeah. Okay. Are you okay? Yeah. I mean, I need some hydration. Yeah. We’ve taped it to some PVC. Hopefully that’s rigid
enough that the weight of all this paper mache
doesn’t just like– Well I think we need
to start on the top. How do you know when
it’s incorporated? I do not know. Kinda squeegee some off. I think this works. We’ll do a conveyor belt. How’s it look from up there? Like a bad hair cut. (chuckles) Is the glue and water
combination getting warm? Warm towelettes. I’ll pull everything
outta your pores. I feel like there probably is a beauty hack out
there that’s like, “Soak paper towels and glue
and put ’em on your face. (Evan laughs) it’s not a problem anymore. Ugh, it’s getting weighted. Wanna come over here for a bit? Yeah, but I can’t, because it’s gonna
fall if I do, I worry. Ahhh! Okay. (Katelyn snorts) (Evan mutters in a whisper) (Katelyn gasps) I didn’t think about the
precariousness of this. Well, I’ll just be careful. I mean, it is gonna
get real heavy though, ’cause this is a lot of liquid. I wonder how long
it takes to dry? The integrity of our paper
mache is more important than the speed at which it is… The speed at which
it is mache-d. The farther we get, the
more precarious it gets. Yeah. It’s leaning, it’s leaning. It’s like blue pieces of bacon. Falling in all directions,
all the time now. (laughs) I’m gonna investigate
something crazy. Okay This may or may
not be a good idea. What are you gonna do? Yay! Now what? Are you just gonna stand there? I don’t know. Don’t pop, don’t pop. Careful, careful, careful. Go slow, go slow, go slow. I wanna do it like
tight, but not too tight. Okay. (Evan laughs) At least now it won’t fall over. Yeah, it just might
all fall down, all at once. No, no, no, no. (laughs) (piano music) Blue bacon. Like my paper mache strips
like I like my bacon, Thick! It’s kinda crazy to
think that basically, by the end of this, the entire bottle of glue is going to be adding
its mass to this balloon. That’s a lot of weight. We makin’ progress though. Makin’ progress, bebe! (Evan laughs) Oh, you wanna hang out? I don’t think this is a
good time for you to help [Computerized Cat
Voice] Go faster. Thanks for the encouragement. That’s very sweet. Are we making this too big? Looking at her and
looking at this? Looking at her and
looking at this? It’s gotta be the 12
inches on the bottom. We measured. We measured. We measured. But yes, it’s ginormous. It’s way too big. (Evan laughs) What do you think? Do you approve? Katelyn, your shoe
wear is so stylish. Don’t judge me. (Laughs) Katelyn wants
to be comfortable. (bright piano music) All right, so we have
literally ran out of glue. I thought that a 100ml
would be more than enough, but I was wrong. I can’t believe that
there’s all of that weight, hanging from this balloon now. I know. And, it is dinner
time, so let’s eat, get some more glue [Together] And then Continue this
paper mache for the rest of our lives. (upbeat piano music) Ah man, tonight I’m
just gonna be thinking, “Please don’t pop. “Please don’t pop. Please don’t pop.” “Please don’t fall.” “Falling or popping.” Please don’t destroy yourself. Just please don’t. Fingers crossed this still
exists in the morning. EVAN: Yeah, we’ll see you then. Okay so, this taken a lot longer than we expected to dry. After day one,
there was basically, a huge puddle underneath it, and half of if was still
thoroughly saturated. Wait, I wanted to film that. Oh! It’s satisfying. [Katelyn] Anyways,
today it’s almost dry, but there’s still some
dampness on the bottom and we just don’t wanna rush it and risk having to
do it over again. So, instead we’re going to
move on to the next thing, which is dying our twine. Should we fill this up with
a hose or something first? Oh, yeah. Let’s pause this. (Evan laughs) Okay, Katelyn, since you’re
the expert at dyeing, what should we do? I’ll just eyeball it. EVAN: Ohh! Oh, that looks so epic! (Katelyn laughs) It looks so foreboding. KATELYN: Here, let
me get a stir stick. (chuckles) Boil, boil,
boil and trouble. What is this evil
concoction you brew? Let’s see. We need to have enough room, that this can just loosely flow. EVAN: What does that mean? It’s a very vague descriptions
on the instructions. Oop, well, that’s
not loosely flowing. Oh! That’s hot! Okay, I think we
need more water. No, no, no, no. It’s totally loosely flowing. My hands are green. I’m gonna now put on my glove. I feel like we can maybe
fit the second one in here. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. How we gonna stir the dye in? Just agitate it. Here, I’ll agitate
it while you pour. Okay. Agitate, agitate. Spin cycle? Yeah. That’s not bad for a few minutes
I mean, it’s going, yeah. Yeah, it’s going. (mellow flamenco music) It’s not darkening anymore, so I think we can
take it out to dry. But it’s a 150 feet of rope, so I think we’re gonna
have to take it outside. Can you get this for me? (Evan laughs) I was like, “That’s ambitious.” Please don’t spill on me,
please don spill on me. Yeah. I don’t know if this is
the best way to do this, (Evan chuckles) Gah dangit Here, let me get
this end, right here. Try hanging it from that, like
start one end on that tree. Maybe. Hi. We just go back
and forth a few times. There you go. Yeah. Beautiful Good enough to dry. (upbeat jazz guitar) Okay, so after 48 hours of
letting the paper mache dry, we decided that we are indeed, just going to cover this
whole thing in resin. It’s time to accelerate
this process. Yeah. I did not think that paper mache would take longer than resin. In the end, this works out. Because this still has
some absorbency left in it. For the resin to absorb. How’re we gonna apply this? Are we gonna paint it on? Are you just gonna pour it? I think I pour
it, you rub it in. Seems messy. It will be messy. Time to get going. Okay. (Evan laughs) I’m trying to keep if
from dripping on me. Like a balloon body massage. (Evan laughs) First I take my hands and I rub it in some resin. EVAN: Now, it’s creepy (laughs) KATELYN: This is like,
it’s just so ridiculous. And done. We’ll wait for you to dry. And we’ll see you
in a little bit. (bright upbeat music) Alright Katelyn. (exacto knife blade protracts) It is time. Oh, man. I think it’s sturdy enough that we can move on
to the next step. Well let’s see. (knocking sound) Oh, this is actually sturdier
Right? than I expected. Right? It’s pretty good. After however many
coats of resin we did. Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna get the slow
motion camera out, just in case it’s cool. Part of me thinks it’s
not even gonna pop. Because the balloon is
covered in resin too. Like, we’re just
gonna make a hole and air will kind
of like fizz out. (exacto knife blade detracts) Three, two, one, stab. Okay. [Evan] Three, two, one, stab. (balloon pop sound) (plodding solo tuba music) (balloon pop sound) Huh! Right? EVAN: What?! There’s no pressure or anything. Nope EVAN: (laughs) I thought
it was gonna be dramatic. KATELYN: Okay, so the
balloon is part of this now. (Evan cackling) KATELYN: What? EVAN: Dude! A great start to a costume. I know, right? Ha, you’re even
taller than usual. [Evan] I got a head replacement. This is so cool! I know, right? So I guess next
step is to cut this. Even level all the way around. I hope this will work. W-w-wait! Oh yeah, just in case–
Just in case, shards. it’s a little bit shatter-y. Shouldn’t we give ourselves
a mark, or something before you just go
free-handing it? (player piano music) Yes. Lasers. You trying to blind them? So this will make a
perfectly level line across, that we can trace
and then cut along. Oh geez, am I gonna draw? I’m gonna start by
just putting dots. Hoping when it reconnects
the laser’s lining up with the original lines. Cool.
Well there ya go. If the snips don’t work, we’re gonna have to use a
jigsaw or something like that. And that’s gonna be
a pain in the booty. Does it seem to be
cutting where you want it, or is it shattering beyond? It’s like half cutting,
half shattering. I would use scissors. Scissors? Nope, not at all. Well, what about this? No, this are, these are–
Worse. The tin snips were the best. Are you okay? My wrist is so sore. D’you wanna swap off? Going in the other direction? I’m gonna try it. That’s really good. Wow! All right, so I was
cutting it the wrong way, so why don’t you do the rest? Now, we need to do
the opening for her. Six inches by six inches. Hopefully, I can freehand this. It’s a lot of pressure
when you’re watching me. (laughs) Okay, I’m looking away. So I can’t watch you, but a 100,000 people
can watch you later? No, nobody look. Okay, it’s good. If it’s slightly
organic looking, it’s slightly organic looking. It’s a cactus. The whole thing is gonna be
a little organic looking. Yeah. Hi.
(balloon pops) Oh! See, know how you
were real excited to peel the balloon
out from the inside? Yeah. I started it. I tried to just prep it. I just tried to prep it for you. It just happened. Oh my gosh! It just peeled itself. Like the magic moment
that we wanted to happen, it just happened. And I couldn’t film it and I was trying to hold it and I was trying to call you. I went “Katelyn! “It’s happening” I’m just relieved. I thought, I thought it broke. Usually, when you
call me out here, somethings broken. So Katelyn, now that
you’ve cut the cat hole, the cat door? I think we should just
scrap the whole cat project and just make it a costume. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m just adjusting
my eyebrows. (laughs) So, before we add the twine. We are going to spray
paint this green, so that if our wrapping
isn’t totally perfect, you’ll see a dark green under
here, not the shiny blue. (bright music with tuba) Right, so this is actually
looking super cute and legit now that
we’ve painted it. But it’s still a little bit– (wobble) squishy and not the most secure. So, we went ahead and
cut a perfect circle base on our CNC that we can just… Yeah, now it’s more rigid. And to attach
these two together, we’re just gonna
use some hot glue because we’ve had enough drying and delays in this
project already. So the hard thing is going
to be getting in there, okay. (mellow jazz piano and bass) I’m so nervous. I’m just showing
how solid it is now. Oh, wow. Right? That’s so much better. Oh and that’s crazy too. The hot glue leaked down
and formed a perfect seal. Yeah. Okay, so next is
the long process of
wrapping this in twine. So, I think
(Evan laughs) we should just start
with a spiral on top and go as far as we can and then when we
get to the entrance, I’ll just wrap it around
and glue it on the inside. (upbeat electronic music) Like little green bowl cut. (upbeat electronic music) Whatcha doing? That’s for you. (upbeat electronic music) You wanna come see it? Yeah. Oh! Ho, ho! KATELYN: Isn’t it so cute?
The vision is coming together. [Evan] It looks so much
cuter when it’s wrapped! KATELYN: Right? It’s so cute. This is getting weighty. Yeah. Oh my Gosh. This is gonna be good, ’cause it’s solid enough, that she’s gonna be able to
grab it and not knock it over, or anything like that. Exactly. Oh! This looks so high quality. I know, right? This… You can’t tell that it’s
made of blue paper towels. So functionally, I think
that this is complete, but this is not the
vision that we had. This is not a cat-cus. So for that, we’re gonna turn
to a 3-D printing montage. (cat meows) (upbeat electro pop music) So how about I’ll do
the black and the pink, which are nice and simple, and you do the green
that has the gradient. Kinda excited to try
doing a bit of a gradient. Oh, look at that. It’s so cute already. Yes. (upbeat electro pop music) Eyes first? Aye, aye, captain. Aye, aye cat-tain. Think it was pretty good. Pretty good. I want it to leak out. Yeah. Oh. Really wanna squish
this one down, ’cause the bottom
of the ear is flat and his head is curved. Yeah, that’s pretty decent. (upbeat electro pop music) What if the first thing
the Supurrvisor does, when she sees it, is
to knock the arms off? No! Did you just itch your nose, or did you just
wanna give it a wub. Just wanted to give it a wub. Didn’t know you’d see that. (Evan belly laughs) Is it time to reveal it? (both exclaiming) It’s just what I hoped for. I know. It’s so dang cute. I’m gonna come over here, so I can look at it. It’s perfect. Purrrrfect. Now we just like, I almost
don’t want anything bad to happen to this. I know we made it We’re about to show Joob so… Hopefully she approves and
doesn’t immediately destroy it. [Computerized Cat
Voice] Will destroy. (upbeat electro pop music) Well, so we’re in filming mode. Yeah. To see how the
Supurrvisor will react. She currently seems bored. (Evan laughs) Joobie, whaddya think about this? [Computerized Cat Voice] Mine. Oh, she’s going,
oh, she’s going. (Evan laughs) Joobie, did you know
that was for you. I can see her eyes,
just a tiny bit. [Computerized Cat
Voice] Am Catcus. EVAN: I can’t believe
how well that worked. She just went straight in. We didn’t even have to
bribe her or anything. EVAN: There’s no bribes
in there, I swear. There’s a small
opening, I go in. Design intention number
one, is a success. Yeah. It’s a nice little home for her. Now is it a scratching post Yeah, yeah, good job. Job. Yeah, you could probably
hop up there, if you wanted. I feel like this was a success. Yeah, the concept of
making a fun shape, wrapping it with twine and making it be like
a scratching post and a little home,
a 100% recommended. I think in retrospect, I
might have made the door a little bit taller. We’ll see how she adjusts. Yeah, we’ll see how she adjusts. We might need to glue this down. Oh that’s fine. Oh, oh, she’s… (Katelyn laughs) oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I can’t believe it. We almost stopped filming,
right before this. Joobie is that so nice. (both laugh) Yes!
Yes! That’s awesome. (high five) Now I’m even more
proud of our creation. I’m proud too. Good job. Good job. Thanks again to Dyson for
sponsoring this video. Again check out
their links below. And if one video a week,
on our main channel, isn’t enough, we post
gaming videos over at YouTube.com/EvanAndKatelynGaming and we do multiple
videos there every week. And we’ll look forward to
seeing you in the next video. Bye. Your Mic’s on right? Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. That’d be bad. Your Mic’s off. No!

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