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Dianxi Xiaoge – A Golden Peacock From Yunan

Dianxi Xiaoge – A Golden Peacock From Yunan

welcome to my channel all around the
world today we are going to explore biography of Dianxi xiaoge and don’t forget
to subscribe if you are new Xiaoge :golden peacock from Yunnan base Hanul
Her name as the place of peacocks in chinese since for the dai people peacock
is a symbol of good fortune happiness beauty and kindness the prefecture faces
Myanmar in the South a nd is situated on the southwestern part of Yunnan baoshanell
has a typical southern sub tropical monsoon climate it’s abundant water
resources warm and humid climate contribute to a rich variety of local
flora and fauna and also provide rich and fresh ingredients which are turned
into various cuisines Yunnan unity Yunnan (Yun z: clouds, Nan : South) – the South Of Colorfull co, this beautiful place gave birth to a famous blogger in gastronomy Dianxi
Xiaoge people who know her well usually call her sister “Ah Pan”. in 2018 she began
to appear frequently in various Chinese online platforms with her conical bamboo
hat simple wear and pretty face with unique food ingredients hewlet nari
skills beautiful and natural sceneries in front of the camera Dianxi xiaoge
quickly attracted a lot of fans in a short time and became one of the most
famous figures online in China in 2018 although Dianxi xiaoge has become a new
famous person online and that she has millions of fans on all major online
platforms what really attracts us is the simple pure beauty behind her pretty
facade unlike other online stars Dianxi xiaoge gives a very down-to-earth impression in China usually when the
elderly chooses the perfect wife for their son they would often say this lady
is suitable to get married with and just days within 2016 she quit her job in
Chongqing because of her illness and she returned to Yunnan, xiaoge needed a job which she could stay at home and Earn and income she realized how
special yunnan cuisine is how unique the ingredients are and how difficult it is
to get these ingredients in other provinces and since she’d always been
fond of cooking under the influence of her mother she started to have an idea
to make videos about Yunnan cuisines in addition she also started selling some
local products in yunnan along with making videos later she named herself
Dianxi Xiaoge since that’s where her hometown is base Han is on the
southwestern part of Yunnan West and its alias is “Dian” : another reason is her
personality diode means little brother in Chinese implying that she is a simple
easygoing person like what most guys are below are a few questions and answers
about Dianxi, how old is dong the dog of Dianxi Xiaoge when Da Wang became
a family member of Xiaoge, it was in January 2018 almost two years old at the
time it’s a big dog weighing around 50 kilograms
Dianxi cleaver the kitchenware of Dianxi xiaoge as a
food Blogger Dianxi’s kitchen where of
course catches most of the people’s attention most of the containers
appearing in her videos are made with local characteristics and a lot are made
from bamboo wood and iron in fact as a foodie I still care about the wooden
clamp that she always uses to squeeze juice and her cliffs steel cleaver with
special patterns duck you the team supporting Dianxi. At present there
are only two people in the team she signed a contract with papitube in
2016 papitube was founded and invested by the most / influential
online idol “Pappyliang” means little Pappy and it’s a company for online
idols marketing and promotion and her videos have been promoted by Papitube.
Xiaoge said that during her toughest times Papitube helped her a great deal
I have found some people are searching for channel like Liziqi, this channel
may be perfect and thanks for watching us. Our like aim is 50. Leave doubt
in comment box Thank you for exploring with us.

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