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  1. There is little to no chance I will be buying a dell laptop any time soon but I still always enjoy the top notch MrMobile's videos. Happy 2018.

  2. This was surprisingly a good video, honestly I wasnt expecting much but the video turned out great(: I cant believe you dropped the laptop, I just about jump when you dropped it xD

  3. I'm afraid to get used to the stunningly high quality of Mr Mobile videos, and to stop appreciating the nice attention to detail and video editing that make these the best reviews in the tech review industry. Keep up the good work Michael!

  4. If you want a workhorse get the ThinkPad yoga 12" with pen. I use it for work and travel a lot. Takes a lot of punishment and is very fast.

  5. The biggest problem I'm seeing with going all USB C is that so many external peripherals use the USB 3 or older type ports. I'm talking bluetooth dongles, wireless keyboards and mice, wired controllers, thumb drives… I assume the market for docks is going to skyrocket soon.

  6. Happy new year Michael. Don't forget to relax with a cup of coffee between making videos. You're such a workhorse! 😉 Awesome reviews!

  7. I love Tony Stark's videos but sometimes I wonder why people still hand him tech if he almost always finds a way to break or lose it 😂😂😂

  8. I have a Dell xps 13. Waste of money. Absolutely not worth the money. My screen has been changed 5 times – the speakers/sounds is terrible. Dell are a nightmare as well. Just problem after problem.

  9. I've read complaints about fan-noise as well as coil whine. Pretty important issues – would have been worth mentioning.

  10. I'm not a windows fan but apparently this is one of the absolute best laptop's to run Linux on which I would consider buying it for.

  11. Who uses micro SD-cards? Never understood why they include those crappy readers. I'v only had them in my phones. And who pulls that card out of the phone on a regular basis? If they don't have a regular SD card reader (for cameras sake) they might as well just remove it and put a USB port there instead.

    Otherwise I like the XPS design. Sleek and functional. Only downside on the looks department is the ravioli shaped lid.

    I can recommend the Acer Spin 5 though. I got the SP513 52N Gen 8 i5 on Black Friday for around 800 dollars and it is a really sweet machine for the price. If you can live with the Acer name on it.

  12. I wonder if this years model wont need a bios update out of the box ti fix its issues. 15-17 all borked out of the box.

  13. I've noticed a lot of reviewers going after the stale, antiquated looks. To be honest I think Dell understands their demographic. There are people that want something powerful, yet sleek. Not gaudy like the gaming stuff but also not frivolous like the apple products. The screen being the physical showpiece is enough in my opinion. It's what the user looks at, not what other people around the user have to see.

    Just my 2 cents-great review Michael.

  14. Between this laptop and the HP Spectre x360 with the 8th gen Intel i 7 processor, which do you think is better?

  15. Hi… Wish to have a best opinion from you… I am an Architect, as a part of my profession i use to work on AutoCAD, REVIT Architecture, SketchUP, Vray Rendering, Photoshop, Indesign and Premier i am a regular user of all these software for my final productivity of design presentation… I am planing to buy a laptop wich is good in performance, durability and user friendly… In my list of choice LENOVO ThinkPAD T series and ASUS ZENBOOK PRO UX550 is on prior due to its configuration and User friendly design(Size)… Kindly can you help me to choose a better one… ThinkPAD P series is better workstation but i couldn't able to carry such a huge gaint laptop place to place were i travel… Thanks…

  16. should i go for a i7 7th gen or the i5 8th gen
    and should i upgrade the ram for the i5 model i basically have clg work i have been using the dell latitude e5570 before this

  17. Being a Thinkpad and MacBook guy I love the design, I hope they include a discrete gpu one of these days even if it gets thicker

  18. Please shorten your intro….I haven't unlocked immortality yet. Once you get to the actual review, great job! Really enjoyed it.

  19. As I watch more of your videos…I start to believe there is something between you and Daniel, some kinda 'more than friend' thing lol

  20. so how did you fix the chassis after that fall, i'm having the same issue here with the 9360 with a small gap at the side of the laptop when the laptop lid is open

  21. Hey Michael, with all the recent issues behind the Matebook X Pro and Huawei, would you think it's wise to look at an XPS? Or still recommend the MBXP? Still deciding between either, leaning on the MBXP though

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