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Welcome to this episode. In this episode, we are covering, Tip Top Market, which is the best market for Gift items and for items like Home furnishings decoration material or gifting materials for all this, this is the best market, So lets start this episode from Tip Top Market. A very Welcome in this episode of Tip Top Market Shopping experience Part – 2. In case you have missed Part 1 of this shopping spree then you can watch it by clicking on this link above and see Part – 1. And Video link for Part – 1 is also given in Video description below. So come lets start Part – 2. Next shop in Im visiting in this market is called Akarshan and this shop number in this market is 28-29 and the best thing here is their flower collection which are Artificial flowers. The bunches you are seeing here, these bunches are starting from Rupees 150 and goes till Rupees 300 and along with bunches they have sticks, The best thing which I liked here is come let me show this to you that is these trees These are next to original trees which you are seeing here and are almost natural And their price is around Rupees 3,500 (USD 50) Second thing which I liked here Quality Generally in low prices you expect a low quality but quality here which I can feel from these leaves, is very fine quality. So this is a must shop if you want Flower decoration items So come over here and this is the best shop for you to explore. If you want to reach this shop in a Metro rail then nearest station will be Karol Bagh. So you can take an E-Rickshaw from Karol Bagh Metro station to reach here If you have a Bar at home then you will find lots of interesting items here decoration wise, And for your kitchen as well there are lots of items available. Have a look Here Bars and Kitchen accessories are available in different sizes and because of this reason, prices vary depending on item sizes Me: What are these for ? Shopkeeper: These are LCD Panel show pieces They are starting from Rupees 300 ( USD 5) Me: OK ME: How much are these sitting statues for ? SHOPKEEPER: They are starting from Rupees 350 It’s a 2 piece set And a 4 piece set If you are a Bike Lover then you will love to find lots of Bike show pieces here But whether there are show pieces or real bikes You have to be careful or else……. So in this second part of Tip Top Market as you have seen that here is no shortage of home decor items But this spree doesn’t end here I’m coming up with FINAL PART 3 of this shopping spree, very shortly in which we will explore more beautiful Home Decor items I hope that you have liked this episode and if you liked, Do Subscribe to our channel And Do Like and Share this video So see you soon with new videos, till then Do take care and Best Wishes

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