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Decoupage tutorial – DIY. Decoupage on canvas. How to make canvas art.

Decoupage tutorial – DIY. Decoupage on canvas. How to make canvas art.

Paint a canvas with primer or white acrylic paint. Apply a texture paste to the surface to achieve relief. Apply glue to the surface. Put a rice paper, smooth it with a roller. Apply glue evenly to rice paper. After drying apply acrylic varnish. Paint with acrylic paints near the motif. Paint with acrylic paints near the motif. After drying apply acrylic varnish. Apply 3D shiny Gel Paste onto the surface to achieve relief. After drying shiny gel will become transparent.

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  1. Beautiful demonstration but to understand what material one needs to make this , l have to refer to somebody else's video …

  2. Да, хорошо,для того кто не может рисовать.Спасибо за знания.

  3. ¡¡Maravilloso!! Justo para las que no sabemos pintar pero que queremos tener nuestras casas hermosas y alegres👏 Saludos desde México 😘

  4. quede maravillada..pero podrias ir narrando lo que haces paso y detallar bien los materiales.

  5. Beautiful. This looks like fun to make. Can you use other papers instead of rice paper and if so, what are they? Wonderful and detailed tutorial. Thanks!

  6. Simplemente HERMOSO! por favor, quiero obtener ese rice paper de girasoles,me podrias decir donde lo puedo obtener???

  7. It would be helpful if you printed what materials you were using. Not clear by just watching especially if one is not sure how to decoupage. Some kind of written instructions would have made this video good.

  8. Svetlana.. ha quedado MARAVILLOSO !! Mil gracias por compartirnos tus conocimientos.. Dios Bendice tu vida y la de tus seres amados.. Feliz vida !!!

  9. There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. Hay subtítulos en español. Our online store https://aistcraft.com/ Materials: Canvas 30×80 cm- KTL34, texture paste 704444, rice paper RP947 or 1146 – https://aistcraft.com/decoupage-rice-paper/909-rice-paper-for-decoupage.html , glue Cplus or Cplus1, acrylic varnish glossy KADL1, acrylic paints: C8016, C7360, C0590, C0557, C0359, C0200, Blending gel 2471, Shiny Gel Paste 4201 or 706943, sponge CA904, brush 5934/3.

  10. Hermoso la felicito y buenisimo que pongan en español me gustaria q pusieran los colores ya q somo de diferentes paises y x codigos es complicado

  11. Так часто используют акварели Катарины Кляйн в очень разных видах творчества. И никто на нее не ссылается. Обидно за талантливого человека!…

  12. Wauuuu 😍😍😍te quedo precioso felicidades 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😘😘👍🏽👍🏽🇨🇴🇨🇴

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