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Decorating Ziya’s Room! | Kids Bedroom Makeover

Decorating Ziya’s Room! | Kids Bedroom Makeover

(upbeat music) – I love it. – You love it? (upbeat music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven, and Ziya, and my
mom is here, too, somewhere. Today’s vlog is going to be
all about starting the process, the moment you guys have
all been waiting for, a lot of you guys have
been asking about this, we are finally starting the process of decorating Ziya’s new big girl room. Did you know that we’re doing that today? We’re going shopping for your room. So, to be honest, it’s
hard, decorating stuff, it’s just hard, and I’m
not an interior designer. I consider myself a creative person, I like doing decorating and
interior design type stuff, but I’m not professional, and,
when it comes to the process, it’s just, it’s a lot of moving parts, so, I’ve definitely been
saving ideas on Pinterest, and Instagram, and I’ve started to kinda somewhat create a little, mini mood board. I will insert pictures, here, of some of my inspiration photos, and stuff that I’ve found on Pinterest. But, I’ve noticed that there’s
really not a lot out there. I haven’t really seen a lot of stuff. When I look on Pinterest,
it’s like the same five pictures keep popping up. So, I have a general idea, I
have a general color scheme, you guys can probably guess
what the color scheme is, already, I’m not doing
neon green and purple, I’ll tell you that, but, I don’t know. We did a video before, where
we asked Ziya what she liked, and we took her shopping, and let her point out stuff that she liked. I kind of already know what she likes ’cause I’m her mom, of course, but she likes clouds,
and stars, and moons. She likes airplanes, she
likes the color pink. She likes girly stuff.
– And butterflies. – And what? – And butterflies. – [Raven] And butterflies? Okay, she likes
butterflies, flowers, right? And, what else do you like? – I like no bugs. – [Raven] No bugs. – Ice cream.
– Ice cream? And what kinda colors do you like? What are all your favorite colors? – Pink. – And what else? Just pink? So, we have a basic idea
of all the different types of elements that she likes. And basically, I’m not
really gonna do one theme, it’s not just gonna be all
clouds, or all flowers, I’m just gonna mix everything
together that she likes, but, like I said, this is hard, so, we’re just basically gonna
go to a few stores today, we’re gonna try to start
buying some of the main pieces, and just try to get started with what’s gonna be happening on her walls, and with her bed, and just, I don’t know, we’re gonna see what happens. So, first thing we’re gonna
do is go to Target, I think, and maybe IKEA, maybe
a couple other places. Maybe go to Home Depot, get paint, we might paint her walls
today, we’re just gonna see. Are you excited? – Yes. – [Raven] Where do you wanna go first? – Target! – Okay. Okay, we just pulled up to Target. We’re just gonna start here. I pretty much already know what’s here, I’ve looked at it 50 million times, I know there’s some cute stuff. I have gift cards from housewarming gifts. I have two target gift cards.
– Mine, mine! – I have a Home Depot gift card. – [Ziya] That’s mine. – It’s not yours, it’s mine. That’s from my present, but
I’m gonna spend it on you. So, it basically is yours. C’mon, we’re gonna pick out
some stuff for your room. (upbeat music) And I already know what y’all
are gonna say in the comments. Why didn’t you go to the dollar store? Why didn’t you go here,
why didn’t you go there? Blah blah blah has good stuff. I know that there’s a
lot of cute stuff online, you can only order it online, and I know I most likely will be
ordering stuff online as well. This is not going to be like, oh, we’re getting every, single
thing for her room today. This is just a starting point, and I will definitely fill-in as I go. This is just kinda seeing
what there is in-store, but, if you guys do have suggestions of anything that I may not have heard of, definitely comment down below. ♪ If I take you down, would
you really hold me down ♪ ♪ I’ll be your best friend ♪ ♪ She just wanna hit me
with a quickie by the pool ♪ ♪ And I’m like yes ma’am ♪ ♪ Way you got me fiending for your body ♪ ♪ You might turn me to a yes man ♪ – [Raven] I’m not sure yet if we’re gonna do the printed bedding or a solid bedding. For her main bedding, I
was considering this one. You can kinda see how it looks. ‘Cause this is basically the color scheme. Pink, mint green, of
course, you guys know. That’s also why I like Pillowfort, because that’s their color scheme, too, so it’s easy to find stuff that matches, but all of this pink and gold,
and turquoise, mint green, and mixing in some hot
pink and other colors. But, Ziya, this is your room,
so, really, it’s up to you. – [Grammy] Look, do you like
this one, with the flowers? – [Raven] You like that
one, you like flowers? – This one, with the butterflies. Which one do you like better? – Butterflies. – [Raven] You like the butterflies better? – Can I look at those toys right there? – Oh, you just care about the toys. Of course, every time. So, in her room right now,
she literally has nothing. She has her bed, the white metal bed, and she has her white
dresser, which we’re keeping, ’cause, also, it’s nailed
to the wall already, so that’s already staying right there. It’s not nailed to the
wall, but, what’s it called? Safety-strapped to the
wall, so it won’t tip over. So, she has her white bed,
and her white dresser, and that’s literally it, she
doesn’t have nightstands, she doesn’t have anything, so. Oh, that’s cute. – [Ziya] Yes, it is! – [Raven] So, I like this lamp, but what we’re trying to avoid is, if I end up painting the wall this color, then everything is just gonna camouflage if everything is this color. So, if the wall is this color, then the lamp would
need to be pink instead. Ziya, she’s had this hamper before. She’s had a bunch of stuff
from this collection. She’s has these bins for
her cubbies in her playroom. (upbeat music) I think you have that,
don’t you have that? They don’t have a brown one. (upbeat music) Oh, this cloud shelf, I definitely
want to get one of these. Maybe two of ’em, ’cause
this goes with the cloud motif that I want it to include. So, you guys may have seen my curtain rod debacle for my bedroom. For her bedroom, I’m not as
picky about the shade of gold because it doesn’t have
to be a specific thing, so, they have these for
27,99, they’re Project 62, and they have such cute little, what are they called, finials? – Finials.
– Finials. So, we’re gonna get two of
these, for her two windows. (upbeat music) You guys can probably tell
where we’re at now, HomeGoods. So, we got a pretty good start at Target. We got bedding, we got
some pillows, curtain rods. Now I just wanna look
at extra throw pillows. No more pink, I think we
got enough pink stuff. So, I brought this in my purse. The pillow case from the
bedding set, so that we could keep it, to look at it,
to match colors to it. (upbeat music) Oh, that’s a pretty painting,
just generally speaking. You don’t like that painting? What’s wrong with it? That’s pretty. – Pink, gray, oh, those are your colors. – [Raven] You can’t talk. That painting you got with the silver frame around it, of all things. – It was on-sale. – [Raven] It look like it was on-sale. Oh, you don’t like that painting, but you like the donut snow globe. – [Grammy] For her room. (upbeat music) – [Raven] Here’s something
to put on a cloud. – [Grammy] On a cloud? – [Raven] She cloud shelf. (upbeat music) – Just stand up. – [Raven] Yeah. Now, I could custom paint
this to match her room. Go over all the red parts with pink. – [Grammy] From your ceiling. – [Raven] Lunch break, we left HomeGoods. Didn’t get much except for the airplane. That’s actually all we got,
but now we’re at First Watch. This is my mom’s fourth time this week, eating at First Watch. But, yeah, we were starving, I didn’t even have breakfast or anything. It’s already, what is it, 2 P.M.? So, I’m trying this. Are you gonna eat your waffle, Boo-boo? – [Grammy] There’s strawberries. – [Raven] That looks good. – [Grammy] You want some
syrup on your waffle? – [Raven] So, after we get done eating, we’re gonna go in Home Depot,
and look at some paint. – Okay. – [Raven] You wanna paint your walls? What color should your walls be? – They should be pink. – [Raven] Pink, just pink, nothing else? No, you just want your
whole room to be pink? – Yes. – Okay. Okay, done with lunch, and
we are now at the Home Depot. – Home Depot? – [Raven] Yes, it’s Home Depot, you’re right, I was being silly. We’re gonna bring in some of the bedding, from Target, to color match. (upbeat music) – I want the paint called pink. – [Raven] What? – I want the paint called pink. – The paint called pink? Okay, we’ll see what they have. (upbeat music) Teach ’em young. (upbeat music) This is too turquoise, it’s needs to be actually more green, I think. – [Ziya] Mommy, I don’t need turquoise. – [Raven] You don’t need turquoise? – No, I need– – [Raven] But we can’t
just make everything pink, it’s gonna be one big ol’ pink blob! That’s too much pink. – [Ziya] But I just want pink. – You just want pink? Yeah, I don’t like this one, but this one. Green Aqua and Sparkling Brook. This is too pigmented,
this one is winning so far. (upbeat music) So, they have this little thing, where you can visualize the paint color, so, it’s hard to see on camera, but I painted the back wall. This is how, basically, we’re planning on doing it for her room. The back wall, where her
bed and the windows are, is gonna be the blue color,
’cause I’m gonna do a cloud thing over her bed, so blue, for the sky, and the rest of the walls
are gonna be a pink color. So these are the two colors
that we thought we liked. It’s looks really different on the screen than how it does in real life, but. And obviously the furniture
is not gon’ be like this, but that’s the main idea. Okay guys, it is the next day. Yesterday, we got a lot of
the shopping and stuff done. Today, we are just
continuing the process, and. – Ziya. – We have laid out the bedding, it’s not really on there properly, but just kind of laying out the bedding that we got from target,
to see what it looks like– – Mommy? – [Raven] What? – Do you know where is
the pink cup that’s open? – [Raven] No, I don’t
know where it is, Ziya. We’re gonna have to look for it later, can we talk about your room real quick? So we just laid out her
bedding across her bed. It’s not really on there properly, we just kinda, to see
what it would look like, what the pattern and the colors look like, and with the stuff that we’ve got so far. So, she already had this cloud pillow, that I had gotten from
Hobby Lobby awhile back, and then these little
pillows were just extra from when I was decorating
for Christmas awhile back. So just to kinda see what we got so far. There’s lots of pink, there’s just, we have so much pink stuff, we do not need to buy anything else pink. But yeah, this is what
the bedding looks like. Do you like it? – Yes. – [Raven] You like the butterflies? – Yes. – [Raven] So what else do you
think we need to do in here? – Paint. – [Raven] Paint? – Paint, paint, paint, paint, paint. – [Raven] And so, with this bedding, what color do you think we should do for the paint on your walls? – I like pink. – [Raven] Pink, more pink? – That’s my favorite color. – [Raven] You just want
your whole room to be pink? Okay, so, we got our stuff
set up in the garage. This is a hack that my mom suggested. Not really a hack, but just a
way to test out paint colors. Just bought some regular poster board, and we got little small, you
still have to pay for these, there’s not free samples,
but just little small amounts of a couple of the paint colors that we think might work. So we’re just gonna paint, fill the whole poster board with paint, so that we can take it into the room, and place it against the
wall, and see how it looks, without having to put paint on the wall. ♪ Darling, baby ♪ ♪ Life is so lonely ♪ ♪ Darling, baby ♪ ♪ Life is so lonely ♪ ♪ Darling, baby ♪ ♪ Life is so lonely ♪ – Okay, so here are the blue shades. We’re waiting for them to dry, so we can get a true representation of what the colors look
like, or as true as possible. I think we’ve come, between me and my mom, come to the conclusion
that it’s gonna be just too much to have a blue wall, and then all the rest of the walls pink. It’s just, it’s doing too much. I just think having all the walls painted is not gonna give me the right look. As of right now, we’re just focusing on trying to figure out the main accent wall, and my mom seems to think
that it could still be pink, even with all this pink on the bed. I don’t really agree. – Not this pink. – So here’s one of the pinks,
I know it’s hard to see the, it’s kinda backlit on the camera, but. So, this is the darker
of the two that we have. This is from Home Depot,
this is Behr paint. I think this might be the
lightest pink that Behr offers. Then we got this pink
from Sherwin Williams, and this was, for sure, the
lightest pink that they had. This is the lightest pink you
can get from Sherwin Williams. But just imagine the whole
wall filled up with that, and then having this pink bed right here. Yeah, see, this is what
I was originally saying. And that looks good to me. So just imagine the cloud
thing, hanging down, over a blue background, pink in front, that looks good, I like that. But, the only problem is, Ziya really wanted to paint her walls pink, but now I feel like it’s
gon’ be way too much pink. – [Grammy] What do you think about this color for your walls? – And now we’re kind of saying we’re not gonna do pink
on the walls at all, so I don’t want her to be mad,
so let’s see what she says. – What about pink? – Yeah, but what about this pretty color that matches
this butterfly right here? – [Raven] Do you like
that color, yes or no? – Yes. – [Raven] You do, you
like that paint color? – Yes. – [Raven] Can we paint
that wall that color? – Yes. – Maybe what I wanna do is just start by doing the accent wall,
get that done first, see how it looks, and
then that’ll kinda tell me what I need to add to
the rest of the walls. And let’s be real, you guys, I really am trying to make this look good, and well-done, and well-designed. Yes, it is about Ziya,
it’s about her room, what she likes, the colors that she likes. She picked out the butterflies, she picked out the bedding, she said she’s okay with this color
scheme and the paint colors, that why I am trying to ask her questions, as we go along, ’cause
I know, it’s her room. It’s not all about me,
and my little Virgo mind, and do what I wanna do,
but she’s only three. So, if I completely let a three year old do her own room, it’s
gon’ be lookin’ crazy. Probably by the time she gets to be 12, she’s gonna wanna redo her room, and at that point, I will let
her do whatever she wants, ’cause that’s kinda
what my mom did for me, when I got old enough to
really make some decisions, she let me do whatever I want. So that is kinda my plan,
but, for now, that Ziya’s still little, I’m trying to
just make sure it looks good. Okay, so I printed out a
list of all the stuff that I kinda know that we need so far. A few of the things we already got, so I’m gonna go ahead and cross them off, but I just wanted to have a full list. So, to get some of the rest of the stuff that’s on that list, we were
gonna go back to Target, and we’re gonna go to IKEA, and maybe a couple other
places, so, let’s go. ♪ Don’t stop chasing ♪ ♪ Wonder what the day brings ♪ ♪ Up here comes the sunrise ♪ ♪ Then we’ll see the sunset ♪ ♪ Coastin’ by the ocean with some music ♪ ♪ Turn it up, we got the whole night ♪ ♪ 360 days of this ♪ ♪ Ah-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ – [Raven] Look, Ziya, these are the stars that we’re gonna use for your room. – Like the sky. – Yeah, it’s the stars in the sky. We’re gonna put those in your
room, is that gonna be cool? It’s lunchtime, so we decided
to stop in the IKEA cafe. Get us some Swedish meatballs. I was telling my mom,
IKEA would be really weird to explain to somebody
who had never heard of it. It’s a furniture store
with a restaurant in it. Is it good? Do you need to go potty? Are you sure? So, after much searching, we finally found that star lights in
IKEA, they’re over here with the Christmas stuff right
now, so you can kinda see. Okay, we’re at Target. We are going to get
this white, fluffy rug, it’s a circle, for her reading nook, where the canopy is gonna be. We also came back for the gold lamp. Now that we have purchased all the items that we knew we could
buy in-store right now. I look crazy. Last thing that I wanna do is
go ahead and paint that wall, since we picked the paint color, but that means we gotta
go back to Home Depot, and actually get a full gallon of paint, ’cause the little sample that
we got is not big enough, and we’ve already run out of time today. We have dinner reservations tonight, so we are not gonna be
able to do that tonight, so this is now about to
roll into a third day. Tomorrow, we will paint the wall, and I think that’ll probably be the last thing that we do for now. Okey-dokey, it is day three,
three, of this process. Just woke up not too long ago. Ziya is in yet another
pair of footie pajamas, and today, we want to paint this wall. So, I’ve got the painter’s tape, I’ve got the plastic tarp for the floor. It’s gonna be a little
easier since we’re not painting the whole room right now, we’re just doing this back wall. It should be fairly
easy, and fairly quick, I think, to just paint
this wall a solid color. The only tricky part
is the windows because, I think, technically, you’re
supposed to paint all inside, at least that’s what my mom said. I think we could honestly get away with just painting the surface,
and not going inside, ’cause there’s gonna be
curtains hanging on either side, kind of covering the edges
of the window anyway, so, we’ll see what happens. So yeah, this is the color
that we ended up going with. My mom’s on her way back from Home Depot now, with the paint. And then, from IKEA, yesterday, we ended up getting the little paper star, and the star string lights. You guys will see how
I end up using these, and how I end up doing the little cloud sculpture thing, hanging over the bed. There’s a lot more stuff
that we have to do for this, so there’s definitely gonna be a part two, probably a part three,
so stay tuned for that, but, I just wanted to at least get this wall painted for now, so I’m gonna start taping up while I wait for my mom to
get back with the paint. (upbeat music) So, in order to get clean lines on all the edges of everything, we’re doing a technique with this silicone where you tape it, and then you put some silicone along the edge of the tape, and you just use your finger
to just put a thin layer, going along the edge of the
tape, to kinda seal the edge, and then you paint over
it, and you have to do everything when it’s still wet, and take the tape off when it’s still wet, and that’s what gives
you more of a clean line, so, that’s why I got a glove on. (upbeat music) I wanna show you something. Look. – [Grammy] I wanna show you
how to paint, wanna do it? – [Raven] You wanna try? – [Grammy] Come see. – [Raven] You got
stickers all in your hair. Rolling up your sleeves. – [Grammy] (mumbles) please? – [Raven] Okay, ’cause
you paint a lot at school, so you know the drill. – [Grammy] You take this like this, hold it right here, and
then you go up and down. You wanna come on this side? That’s a good job. Uh oh. – [Raven] Oh, don’t touch the wall. – [Grammy] I’ll get a
paper towel for your hand. – [Raven] It’s okay, just
don’t touch the wall. (upbeat music) Ziya, come see, come see your room. – My room? – [Raven] We’re done with the paint. (squealing) What do you think? – Well, I want pink. – [Raven] You do have pink,
there’s so much pink in here. What do you mean? – But what about these spots? – [Raven] Well, we’re not done yet. We still have to paint the other walls, we still have a lot to do, but what do you think of
this part, right here? You like it? You do? You think it’s super good, or kinda good, or kinda bad, kinda ugly, kinda
pretty, what do you think? – It looks pretty. – [Raven] It’s pretty? Is it kinda pretty or super pretty? – Kinda pretty. – [Raven] What? Anything you wanna say? – I love it. – You love it? Good. All right guys, so here
is the progress so far. The wall has been painted, we’ve got a lot of stuff on the bed,
the bed is still not done yet ’cause I do think it needs
one more throw pillow, maybe in the mint green color, and then it needs a bed
skirt, ’cause the little, I don’t know what you call
that bottom mattress thingy, is showing, so I gotta
get a bed skirt for it, maybe another pillow. Of course, we still need nightstands, and doing the cloud, I mean,
there’s still so much to do, but here’s just a little overview
of what we’ve got so far. Just so you guys can see,
you know what the vision is. The edges of our accent wall
did not come out perfect, but from a regular
distance, you can’t tell, so I think it’s fine. And then, of course, we’ve got all of this stuff piled up over here, that we have yet to use,
the curtains, the rug, pillows, lamp, shelves, all this stuff. There’s still a lot more left to do. It has been a long day of painting, I need to go take a shower. Definitely stay tuned for
part two of this series to see how we continue to
bring this room to life. Like I keep saying, I have a
lot more plans for this room, so definitely stay tuned. In the meantime, give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, subscribe
if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you guys in my next one, bye.

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