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Decoracion y organización para cuarto de los niños (room tour)

Decoracion y organización para cuarto de los niños (room tour)

Im going to be telling you guys where I bought these stuff I love watching videos like these I like learning how to decorate without spending a lot of money I bought this in a yard sale It still has the sticker on the back that it was from home goods but I bought it in a yard sale I like hanging their pictures or awards from school I bought these curtains one is from Ikea and the other one is from pottery barn what I love abut ikea’s curtains is that they are so long sorry about the cable its from the umbrella to give me more light in here Im going to be leaving all the links in the description box in case you guys are looking for room ideas its going to be easier to find I love this bedding if you have small kids, you know they have accidents at night and this bed cover hasn’t faded at all and its been 2 years since I goy it I wanted to do the room tour before I just wanted to wait till we finished the flooring in here so the room would be complete Im going to be showing you guys this treasure chest this was a gift and i liked it a lot since the decor in this bedroom has a beach touch we always thing we will find treasure at the beach with lots of gold so i think its goes well with the decor inside I have their superhero costumes here I have the boys that we have read and here are the costumes when we don’t use them, this chest works as a table here on this other basket we have books that we are going to read or if we go to the library we put them there so they don’t get mixed up and we return them on time I left the best for last I love making organizing videos so I wanted to leave this for last and explain how I organize it Im not a morning person at all everyone that knows me know that im not the type to be up at 5 am ready to start my day NOOOOOOO so for me this works looks who’s here this system works for me to have their clothes ready so they can have their clothes ready to go If you are not a morning person like me I strongly recommend this i bought these at the dollar tree this is a tape that i bought at target in previous videos I’ve talked about it here I have the pants socks and shirt and thats how I have them all that way in the morning they get ready here I have for when they have soccer season I have the shirt and everything they might need here I have beach shoes, to play and to go out Here I have the clothes to go out and the one thats ironed and on top I have the big toys Im going to be giving you guys some tips to clean the toys and disinfecting them I think you guys are going to like it go grab a cup of coffee because im going to explain how I clean the toys here I have how Im going to clean and disinfect the toys Im going to be putting them in the dishwasher and these mesh bags I bought them in tj maxx they are so you can wash your undergarments but this works to wash the toys on these that have smaller holes im going to be putting the legos making sure that the toys don’t fall out of the bag here I have the lego ones here I have Mr and Mrs potato head here I have some reptiles sometimes my kids leave their dinosaurs outside so its nice to wash and disinfect them here I have more reptiles this bad right here as you can see has very small holes and here Im going to be washing the blocks im going to be placing them in the dishwasher and here where we put the forks we can put more toys and we just close it we are going to be adding some vinegar about 1/4 cup of vinegar and we are going to wash all of this im going place them in the dishwasher If you don’t have a dishwasher you can wash it in the regular washer don’t worry the important part is to place the toys in the mesh bags and wash them so they can be nice and disinfected thats how they look If you liked this video don’t forget to suscribe to my channel share this video with more people and I will see you next time bye

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