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Declutter & Clean Out your Closet & Wardrobe, Fashion & Style for Mature Women, Awesome over 50

Declutter & Clean Out your Closet & Wardrobe, Fashion & Style for Mature Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones Heather here. And most of
us know the basics about decluttering our homes but how about decluttering our wardrobes.
Well I have about 7 tips that I do to declutter my wardrobe and it all starts in just a few
seconds. So most of us know when we are decluttering
we should have different boxes or piles of tossing things, so going into garbage and
also donated things. And then of course a pile of keep things. Things we really want
to keep. Now my closet behind me, we down sized so my closet is alot smaller then it
use to be. And its jammed packed. Of course being a fashion blogger, I’ve got lots of
clothes in here but it’s time for me to clear some out and lets take a look and give you
a few tips. So tip number 1 is fix up those damaged clothes. Like this winter…..whoops…anyways
this winter coat that has a lovely inside but anyways you get the drift. It’s missing
a couple of buttons and I always when I lose the button I try to find it where ever I am.
I put it into my purse and its time for me to sow on these buttons. So probably watching
a late night comedy show or something like that I’ll be sowing on these buttons during
the commercials.The other thing that you probably have in your wardrobe that is damaged is your
white clothes that are getting grey or yellowed. You probably have seen me wear this top.I
love this top. It’s starting to get a little yellow under the arms and……just one second….I’m
back. What I’m using now is this amazing oxi clean spray and I actually had tee shirts
a pullover a white clothing that I just put into the laundry yesterday. And I sprayed
this on probably a half an hour before I put them into the laundry. They came out perfect.
And then also we use these…..oops… we use these oxi clean….a white revive pods.
I’m not getting sponsored by oxi clean or anything along those lines. But they are just
fabulous. So if you keep on saying well I’d wear that but its kind of grey or its kind
of yellow or its got a button missing, put all those items to the side, get them fixed
up and start wearing them again. So tip number 2 and if you haven’t done it already is organize
your wardrobe. So I going to just show you. I might get Bill in the picture a bit here
when I show you this. But this is this side of my wardrobe and this side of my wardrobe
I know I’ve got to get some matching hangers for sure. But I’ve got all of the clothes
that I wear, kind of on a regular basis for videos, business and I do have them some what
color coordinated. So there they are and the pants and everything. So lets just skip over
to this side here. And over on this side these are like my tee shirts my super casual clothing
that I wear, fun kind of clothing, camisoles that sort of thing.But here I am again. Over
here this is the dark side of my closet back here. And that’s the area that…you know…maybe
I’ll put something on and go that doesn’t fit anymore or I don’t like that any more.
And I sort of tuck them all behind there. So that’s when I’m really get into the donate,
toss and keep part. So number 3 is get ready for the toss, keep and donate part. And what
you want to do is kind of what do they say…how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Maybe just break it up into small sections. You don’t have to it all in one afternoon.
And while you’re at it you might want to take a look a your husbands wardrobe as well and
I’ve got to guarantee he’s probably not going to throw out a lot of stuff…..but anyway
I digress. The other thing that you’re going to need for your toss and donate is you’re
going to need a garbage bag for all those things you’re going to throw out. And you’re
going to need a clear one because I always think its nice when your donating something
to put them in the clear one so they can kind of get an idea of what you’re sending them.
Now I….my goal is to usually have the garbage empty. And the reason for that is because
I don’t know who they are going to donate to. I’ve got some jeans in there and I’m going
to show them to you in just a second that I don’t like because they are not stretchy.
I don’t wear non stretchy jeans anymore. But I don’t know where these are going to go.
I mean maybe they’ll go to somebody that doesn’t mind that they don’t have any stretch. Maybe
they’ll go to a third world country or a place that was just ravished by a tornado or hurricane
or some natural disaster. And these people would love to get this clothing. So as long
as its in good shape I say lets do as much into the clear bag and donate as we can. So
tip number 4 lets talk about donations. There are places such as maybe the diabetes society
where they actually will pick a time and pick up your bags of clothing or even if you have
furniture or whatever right in front of your home. So that’s fantastic. Also in front of
a lot of various malls you might find a donation bin where you can throw your…I think they
are called gently used clothing into the bin. And also you might want to check with a woman’s
shelter. A lot of women in these shelters are trying to get back into the work place
and they are really desperate to find some new clothes, new business outfits. So that’s
really a great place to donate your clothing. And a lot of these woman shelters for abused
women….I mean they basicly just fled with the clothes on their back. So they get to
go to a place where they can pick out all the clothing they want and trust me it’s really
really important that we do this for these women. So number 5 is to be careful what you
don’t need and also what you throw out. Really be careful. Because everything old is kind
of new again. Case in point. I don’t know if you can see this but this is a pair of
what they call yoga pants. And they are really a nice stretchy jean and I love them and I
spent a fair dollar on them as well but when the boyfriend jeans came in I just didn’t
want to throw them out. You know what they say…if you haven’t worn it in a year you
should throw it out. Well you know what? I don’t know who they are again I’m not throwing
out these jeans and I’m so glad I didn’t because they have a really nice kind of flare at the
bottom and of course bell bottoms and boot cut jeans are all back again. The other thing
that I would say you should keep is any that has sentimental value….I going to show you
something that had sentimental value to me. And it’s my rocking tee shirts that I got
at….I think this one was Aerosmith that I got at various concerts, I mean I’ve got
BonJovi I’ve got Chris Isaac I have Elton John I have the Eagles. I love these tee shirts.
And when I put them on on my casual days I’m so happy wearing them. So I’m not going to
throw them out even though I’ve had them for years and years and hey I’m still kind of
a rocker chick why throw them out? So Tip number 6 is don’t forget about your shoes.
Now I thought about giving away my shoes and I thought no one is going to want my shoes.But
I do have shoes that really I’ve seldom worn. Like this pair of shoes that I bought. Where
I thought you know my feet….my feet hang over the edge a little bit at the back but
that’s ok. Well you can see I’ve really never worn these shoes because I’v got feet sticking
out the back and it makes it hard to walk. So those are going to go to somebody and you
can tell by the cork and everything these were not cheap. These were really a nice pair
of shoes. Now also I bought this lovely pair of sandals which I thought those are really
cute. I don’t like the look of strap around the ankle. I never have. So there is another
pair of really hardly worn pair of shoes. So don’t forget about shoes and here is a
little tip for you guys too. When you go to a shoe store and you buy a pair of shoes and
they are too tight for you and the clerk says ah don’t worry about it they will stretch….they
don’t stretch. I’ve learned my lesson so many times….yeah it’s leather it’ll stretch but
the point is you don’t want to wear them at all because they are just killing your feet
so don’t buy them in the first place. So tip number 7 and we are not finished with this
video. There is a few more things I want to talk about. Is just throw out all those clothes
that are too big for you. And hey as a former model I’ve…when I started gaining weight
you know what I’m talking about my tummy here I just started buying these great big clothes
and I thought this is great no one can see my tummy. Well I did a video on it and I’m
going to put the link up there it’s really popular and it’s all about basicly how to
look slimmer. And when you’re wearing these big clothes they are actually making you look
bigger. So if you’ve got these in your wardrobe it may be time to donate them to somebody
that actually can wear them its their size and start showing your curves a little bit.
You know it’s not a bad thing at all. Hey you are still here. I’ve got a little bonus
for you and don’t forget we’ve got our little yorkie coming into the picture in a few minutes
too. So anyways here is the bonus for you. The dark side of my closet. What I’m going
to do is I’m actually going to show you what I’m going to donate. So and also the reasons
why. So number one again….excuse some of the hangers. Usually when they go back here
they really go on a lousy hanger. But this top and this is a silk top. I love it but
truth be told I’m just not going to wear it anymore. So I think I really think…remember
when we were talking about those women that were going back to work and the other thing
you might want to do is I know it costs a little bit more but think of the people that
are going to receive this and you might want to have it dry cleaned. You might want to
clean some of your clothes before you send them off for donation. So I’m just going to
carefully put that on the floor right now. Lets look at the second one that I have. And
this is a again I’ll get this dry cleaned but this…I use to be quite the tennis sweater
and won a lot of trophies, this is a very expensive tennis sweater but I’m not going
to wear it anymore, it’s in really really good shape and it might go for an older woman
who does lawn bowling or maybe some teenager may go hey retro. And want to pick it up.
So that’s getting donated as well. Little tops that are way to small for me donated…..this
is Bill’s most un-favorite skirt. He’ll be happy to see this one is going in the donation
pile Bill. But you know what even though Bill didn’t like it, I liked it it kind of was
my artsy time where I really wanted to go artsy stuff. I know I’m not going to wear
it it’s really really a long skirt it’s not for me anymore. But some artsy person is going
to like it. Lets talk about jeans. Yes I’ve got tons of jeans they are all in excellent
shape so those are going. I also have….how many jean skirts do I need. I have my skort
which is a jean short and skirt so I don’t need these any more. Donate it. And look at
all…..all those skwished clothes that I showed you before are going to have room to
breathe it’s going to be so exciting when I get rid of these and you know vintage guess……I
really like this but it doesn’t fit me anymore, never going to wear it so away it goes. So
I could just go on and on and I am going to go on and on I’m going to finish up this donation
period later but we were talking about giving away clothes and having somebody else love
them but who else do we love? The Cuteness factor. Lets go get him. And here he is our
little yorkie Hurricane and the cuteness factor. Whenever little Hurricane shows up I know
that it’s time for me to tell you about future videos so future videos for beauty and fashion…Well
we’re going on a trip to Paris and London, super excited about that, so I’m going to
show you what I packed as far as makeup a few other htings to go on a holiday for a
week also I’ve got some other reviews of makeup lines that I’m going to introduce to you,
shapewear, well there’s all different types of things and we have put out our verry 1st
Podcast, it is official and we’re going to do a video telling you how you can find that
so you can listen to Awesome over 50 in your car at home whenever, whereever you want so
until next time when you’re donating these clothes really take a good look see if you
love it, have a heart full of sincere love for the person who’s going to get that , maybe
it’s a business blazer or a really nice suit for somebody and help some other people to
keep it awesome.

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  1. I can't count how many times I've keep something for another day that never comes and still have it years later collecting dust ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Hi, Heather here… if you want to know the spray & washing products I used for my clothes it's on my blog (scroll down to find the links) Hope this helps https://www.awesomeover50.com/declutter-your-closet/

  3. Your such a nice person. You gave us a lot of food for thought. God Bless you Bill and Hurricane have a great weekend love and hugs Shirley

  4. Great message, Heather, "helping others to keep it awesome". I will certainly donate my next clearout to our local women's shelter. I'm about to commence my "elephant" dinner – the first bite is the toughest! I keep reminding myself that if it no longer fits me, or suits me, liking it isn't going to change that fact. Love your artwork in the background. Thank you both for a great video. Hugs to beautiful Hurricane. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  5. He IS cute! Thank you for encouraging we "over 50" set. I also watched your video about how you & Bill met. I've definitely thought no one would be interested because of my age, grey-white-silver-browm-blonde hair, and weight gain.
    Thank you for reminding us there IS hope. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, so you would have thought I'd known that! Man, we can be so blind!
    Thank you, again.

  6. Excellent tips here Heather, I always like to donate clothing that is in good shape, I know that someone can use it ๐Ÿ˜Š I agree, there is nothing like rocker T's, I have a couple of my favs as well………thank you so much for sharing, and hugs to sweet little Hurricane ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•

  7. HI HEATHER! GREAT INFORMATION MY CLOSEST IS A MESS. ๐Ÿงฃ๐Ÿ‘–๐Ÿงฅ๐Ÿ‘š๐Ÿ‘›๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ‘š๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’™โค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š

  8. Hi Heather,
    We all need to declutter our clothes, so we can buy new ones, ha ha, never ending cycle!! Love how Bill moved the camera, so Hurricane was in the background, relaxing on the bed!! Love to you Bill & little Hurricane, Debra from Downunder xxx

  9. The Salvation Army here in the states takes clean stained clothing too. They make them into rags and sell to machine shops ect. or the material is sent overseas to be recycled. Those pick up bins may do the same. I think there are utube videos floating around about this toohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjHVMhAOZa4

  10. Great tips, loved your comment regarding donating clothing to a women's shelter. Great idea. What I do when I visit Dominican Republic and Cuba is bring clothing I want to donate. People at the resorts and restaurants are very appreciative.

  11. If you buy regular Oxi Clean, dilute in warm water in a pail and soak for a day. This is what I use for yellow arm pits. I saved 5 tops this way. Also adding a little ammonia to the wash cycle will help to take out body odor and yellow under arms.

  12. I decluttered my closet when I decided I wanted to try a capsule (minimized) wardrobe, which is working VERY well for me, though I am not in the public eye and live a mostly casual lifestyle. I love oxyclean, too! And I make my own โ€œspray & washโ€, half hydrogen peroxide and half dish liquid. If its a grease stain make a paste with that mixture and some baking soda, spread that on the stain and let it sit a while. Then wash normally. Those really work. Donโ€™t throw out those concert tees! Or anything else that has great sentimental value. โค๏ธ

  13. I recently cleared my wardrobes.. and apart from my donations, we also have a recycling container at our local refuse centre that takes bags of damaged clothing to be turned into rags for industrial use.. so, saves it going to landfill!

  14. I'm getting better about not buying things I'll not wear. And, donating always makes one feel good, I think—-the win/win thing!
    Heather, I know you spent time in a women's shelter w/ your girls. Thanks for remembering them and suggesting that people support them!!

  15. I've bought two expensive tops from a department store few years ago, my size was bigger and I'd enjoyed wearing them very much. Now that I've slimed down a bit, they're too big for me. But due to their values, I find it very difficult to let them go (even though in your IG post, I told you what I said to my husband). I also have a silk top that I like very much, but had never got an oppirtunity to wear it.
    Thanks to your video, I have decided to let go of these 3 tops, so to achieve what I have been doing with my other clothing donations, to bless others.

  16. Great to find a YouTuber over 50, really excited to come across your videos. Thanks for your content. Hi from Australia.

  17. Good tips, Heather! I have to declutter my closet now! I usually donate my clothes. I also brought a few pieces to a consignment store ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’—

  18. Hurricane is so adorable!! I have an Australian Shepard mix that is about the same size.
    Many years ago, when I was several sizes smaller, I lived in a shelter. There was a clothes bank we were taken to once a month. There were TONS of expensive name brand clothes. I just finally got rid of my final piece, I know it will never again fit me. A beautiful, classic style, brownish, silk Oscar DeLaurenta shirt. I have been busy, slowly but surely. Your videos have really made me feel like I have someone supporting me

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