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Decking/Sheeting for Patio Roof Construction  | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep13 | Weekly Peek

Decking/Sheeting for Patio Roof Construction | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep13 | Weekly Peek

in last week’s episode we begin framing
the flat patio roof on Shae’s earthbag bedroom [music] Bryson starts off the week by topping
off the railroad tie entry posts I’m putting up the board [music] did you color coordinate for work today? yeah I did wow no he didn’t it was a coincidence how do you know that? you didn’t sit there for a half hour picking out your clothes maybe he turned over a new leaf He’s now making fashion statements how’s it look? A plus Bryson [music] now that we have the roof framed in at the top it’s time to put
some of the fascia on the outside or the rim around the floor this is all indented so that we can get up and down the stairs and then pops
out so we’ll have to figure out some sort of our raindrip system that will
keep the rain and falling here and head out that way one more there yeah one more step yeah, yeah that way that way yeah, keep going over there you figured it out good boy we’re filling in between the rafters now filling in bags fill you in because we are filling this in these rafters I’m an endangered species we’re all endangered species there’s only one of us every single person is a species to you we’re one of a kind Diesel dances with you dance with me yeah [music] the little shelving units worked out too [mumbles] okay dad what’s up? it’s not even Klingon that’s Steve Harvey once you guys got just one bag in between these joists they just tightened this floor up so much it’s amazing a little bit longer bag this time Mom okay no more Swiss cocoa for you no more Swedish fish no Swedish meatballs no Swedish tacos oh wait wait a minute we don’t have Swedish tacos we are part Swedish so we can say that You can say that I don’t have any Swede in me that comes from your mama’s side we have Norwegian and Irish and a couple other things but mostly we are Swedish I really
thought I was going down there for a second I would of got it all on film go play Paladins pick Pip is it a mouse or is it a fox? totally a fox recently we have been into Paladin’s the video game its in Beta right now it’s free to download I think it may stay free no we’re not sponsored we just like the game because we can play together and get a party going the name of the game for Call of Duty is kill everyone this one you have like a mission and something you have to do each character has a role and they are all needed it’s so much fun mom and dad keep running into our rooms is everything okay yeah, we just won the excitement of winning is is really fun we ran it on the livestream because
it was a lot of fun I wasn’t there personally I was sick but they were and
they had fun I already watched it] it’s our best livestream we’ve done yet definitely want to go check that out definitely the tail would be mousy if
that was the case it’s totally a fox I still think it’s a mouse It’s not a mouse. It’s a fox mouse it’s not a mouse its a mouse [music] so far so good I actually smell that drink it smells really good let’s get this done I want one I want one I can smell it with my nose your nose is
amazing [music] what’s up dog? [music] did you catch that? what? here we go three times in a row we wouldn’t even need cans you could sit here shooting little dirt things go go go no bad idea ready, here we go no way dad has been working
on his sarcasm cuz we have been we’ve been teasing him about it so now he’s
like alright I’m going to learn sarcasm so anyway let’s go see how he’s doing I don’t believe in sarcasm does that means your sarcasm experience is not going very
well there’s no such thing as sarcasm it’s a filament of your indignation the families are really good at sarcasm it’s one of the ways they express humor and
it’s so funny to see their reactions to me practicing with this idea of sarcasm
because well I’m not so good at it and anyway I’ve been playing with this idea
and trying but it keeps coming out snarky and and I don’t have the
hang of it yet No, I don’t practice it anymore you quit cold turkey cold turkey you were making vast
improvements we were so impressed people make fun of me everybody keeps laughing
at me for my sarcasm but I think it’s for the wrong reasons [music] he’s all in position foot up good boy [music] around the other way on that brick [music] Shae came out and she joined me so awesome [music] this is the first time she’s I think this is the first time that she’s used the nail gun don’t mess with me I need three more [music] good it’s a wood wench thingy ma bob to hold the wood in the place it’s a board straightener straightens up boards it’s a rafter twister placer is that like your board stretcher? similar to the board stretcher since this roof is a heart not everybody builds hearts every single cut that I have to make is custom so it has
to be measured and little mistakes done now and then but for the most part we’re able to get it all on but it takes a lot more time hey guys the last of the bagging? at least on this side [music] I am finding the center of the board and then I’m going to mark it draw a line and mom will cut it the patio part of the roof yep we’re a dad down today so
we’re having to go solo what we are supposed to do the grains are suppose to go one way or the other patterned up there so we have specific instructions
that we’re supposed to cut this in half and lay these down the middle so let’s
see how it goes yeah that was efficient A+ nice work guys here we go hey, what do you know dad measured these right okay Shae, you need something sharp to cut that? yeah see this board yeah okay we’re good this helps this board not to squeak how fast does this stuff dry? oh it’s almost instant yeah right it looks good nail gun? did you get the grains going this way? [music] these nails are called ring shanks who makes these names? I’m goin to call them ring shanks load her up hey mom do you want me to cut that? did I not cut it straight last time? okay come and do it not really but you know I was going to let you cut it because you looked like you wanted to cut it wait a second, maybe there’s a
reason he politely said that Alright, I can take a hint especially when you tell me straight out I don’t think we need it really it’s gonna fit I never had a learning curve I was testing new techniques you had to teach yourself to glue? yeah exactly but you did awesome it just up for debate it looks good up here Bry you did good awesome [music] yesterday Garen was sick today Bryson is sick so yesterday we had Bryson working on the building and today we
have Garen can you push yours out a little bit we believe in you Bree we have
been filling in the rafters with little mini bags don’t film me I don’t have my makeup on I see that you don’t have your makeup on man [music] what is amazing about these steps is just pinching them between the
bags makes them so strong I mean obviously we’re gonna do something on
this side but we can actually use these steps with confidence I’m pretty comfortable on these they’ve got that foot hanging out on the
other side and then these are supported by some bricks very very stable [music] thanks for being here stay tuned for
next Friday as we continue building on Shae’s earthbag bedroom dad is hoping to
get a start on the reciprocal roof we have a live stream podcast every
Wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific our subjects vary from A to Z but the best part is
conversing with you via YouTube’s live chat be sure to check out our patreon
page if you like what we do and you like to sponsor us be sure to like, comment
and subscribe thanks for being here and we’ll see you soon you see [music] to have to see our time-lapse camera upside down on a tree branch swaying in the wind because
that’s what real people do do you want to see mistletoe? you’re missing a chick comment below wow just wow our family moved from the city to the country thanks for
taking part in our adventure we have new videos every Friday evening if you would
like to help us out you can like this video share it subscribe or support us
on patreon see the links in the description cough it up it’s okay we’ve all been dealing with
sicknesses we have been [music] Keo? [meowing and purring] [music]

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  1. I've always loved this channel because of it's honesty with random bits of family information. Like the sarcasm and genealogy. But mainly I like the builds lol

  2. hey so I commented in a ealier video regarding your centre post it really isn't structurally stable for the static loads your applying, it's crazy to use doubled up rafters but use that as a post, love the vids tho.

  3. Looks more fox than mouse to me so i'd say its a fox like how often do you see red/orange mice with fluffy fox like tails exactly never

  4. Your building it too fast its like what am i going to watch when its done.

    Go teach your dad how to dad joke then he will have the best sarcasm.

    Also its good to know i am not the only one who is/was sick

    Yes i combined 3 comments into one i did this because i already posted 2 comments and i didnt want to post 3 more so combined 3 into 1

  5. It's definitely not a mouse, because of the tail and shape of the ears, but with the proportion of the ears to the skull, I'd think it may be a Ruppel's, cape, or fennec fox, rather than a common red fox.

  6. That center tree post keeps looking more and more unsafe. I really wish you all would check with someone about that, I wouldn't wanna see anyone get hurt. Please check with an engineer viewer or friend.

  7. Never thought I would like modern corn ey but I do I am 67.keep up the good work don't change a THING.and yes you can make fun of my Dislexic spelling.

  8. love every challenge y'all set yourselves, great lessons learned and ever-preasent improvements made along the way. get well folks

  9. That's one relaxed kitty! Bryson, your paladin is a Fennic Fox, Gary's looking very dapper and Shae… well, she's looking rather tomboyish.

  10. Almost all sarcasm comes out snarky. You're not exactly going to get positivity out of the premise of dishonest doublespeak as humour.

  11. one of the maps of paladins has portraits of an aristocratic family of whatever pip is in the spawn room also pip is clearly a foxy mouse .. or maybe a mousey fox :/

  12. Clearly, Gary is from that town where Steve Martin's character was the Fire Chief in "Roxanne". "Sarcasm. We don't do that here."
    That was a charming closing shot of the cat, who, despite the semi-plethora of dogs in the vicinity, obviously feels utterly secure.

  13. Paladin's will stay free too play, it comes from developers Hi-Rez Studio's they also make another great game Smite which is a Moba also free to play.

  14. You guys must be so proud of your children. You've raised an amazing family. And they'll go out and build amazing families of their own some day. What a great legacy. Keep it up!

  15. Be careful cutting between the saw horses, the saw blade can pinch and come back at you slicing you in half. I've​ seen it happen before.

  16. You guys are making progress so fast! Probably all that nailing from the rookie and the perceived progress compared to the massive Muse-Art Studio. Just for fun, please do a clip building the heart bedroom using the green screen so you have a frighteningly high or silly background. (Perhaps using a piece of the plywood set on bricks to be standing on and airgun nailing some prop railing boards?)

  17. I've been following for years and I notice that the rooms get more and more ambitious over time. Great stuff.

    Lately I've been considering a hybrid approach using bags with aircrete. You get more insulation and you wouldn't tap them down like with soil bags. You can finish them the same way you just could work faster and get better insulation. The whole structure would be much lighter. With a proper plaster pump you could do a continuous feed on the aircrete making it a very fast process. They aren't cheap but I did find one lately that runs around $16,500. It's not as heavy duty but would work great for projects like this then sell it when you're finished. You can usually get 80% to 90% of your money back making it cheaper than a rental.

  18. missed you guys! I don't get a lot of your notices anymore far too poor to pay to watch you sorry! but I did get this one and I had to go into a room and plug it in in my batteries not that good I can't get a new battery it's a very awkward place to sit but it's worth it to watch you guys cuz I love you all. I want to have what you have and take in foster kids that are just waiting to be adopted but are too old and nobody wants to who want to learn to garden and all sorts of different ways homeschool learn to teach what we're doing. but I want them to choose the lifestyle I don't want to force somebody into it. and I can't really show off the real me and tell adopt these kids because I just can't imagine them going you're going to take them someplace off grid and make them work in a garden and build their own houses together and la-di-da? I don't think it'll go over well with the state but think of the kids that wanted to be vegan cuz we're vegan and got stuck in houses eating cheap hamburger and macaroni and cheese when that's something that is disgusting to them. They were ignored and they really just wanted to be loved and live in a big garden and have their own little place cuz most these kids are going to be pushing 18 real soon so I think it's a great idea. I just have to muster up the property now I had somebody take everything I own so long story not for here. Anyway love you guys little vending they're some of it was just my cool idea plus I would love these kids as soon as I'm mad at me even if they had problems from their past I've worked with these kids in my past. And I'd be in love with them as much as if I gave birth to him so I'm kind of made for this. The rest is money and government yuck.

  19. How about using plant cellulose from bannas and bamboo impregnated with water activated ceramic that swell up and harden rock solid to form rolls you can ship to a home site unroll and cut and make panels to build with ounce the plant cellulose has been expanded and cured? You could even design posts that bind the ends of the material for an inner wall water down expand the wall let cure then run utilities then place spacers wrap outer wall water fown let cure. Then cut and place windows then fill hollow in between walls with earth. Do yhe same thing with the roof. All matterials made from plant left overs that would other wise end up in a land fill or burned. All building materials 100% recyclible. Torn down homes could be ground down to form new building materials. Novartis

  20. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” don't they say sarcasm is the refuge of the weak . But love your Channel . Me and my daughter Australia . β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

  21. Pip is totally a Fennec, a kind of large eared Fox.

  22. I love your builds. That being said, there used to be a lot more footage of the builds. Now there's a LOT of grasshoppers, pokemon, dogs, mouse-foxes, tin cans, and very little actual shots and explanations of the build. The weekly peek has also gotten a lot shorter. No question your family is awesome, tho. Wish mine had been like yours.

  23. Another fantastic update today folks !! Great family !! Awesome dogs !! A really enjoyable watch !! thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences

  24. looks like a fennec fox to me. also I think it makes perfect sense to call the nail that has ring patterns along the entire shank ring shank lol

  25. Ringshank nails are for retention of subflooring. The shank of the nail has β€˜ribs’ or rings. The gun shoots them in faster than the wood can properly spread apart so that when its fully into the wood, the wood tightens around the ringed shank. Very tight bond ensues. Regular smooth shank nails can work loose and cause squeaks even when the subflooring is glued….(you asked!)

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