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Deck/Patio Drainage for Inground Swimming Pools 101

Deck/Patio Drainage for Inground Swimming Pools 101

Cristian: What’s up guys? Cristian here with River Pools. Today we’re talking about deck and patio drainage
for your inground swimming pool. We’re gonna give you the 101. This is Two Minutes in the Pool. Cristian: Okay. Deck and patio drainage. The 101 for your inground swimming pool. We’re going to answer a few common questions
in this episode. Cristian: If you find the information helpful,
give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook
and Instagram for more educational pool content from us here at River Pools. Cristian: Now the questions we’re going to
answer are, how much slope should your patio have? Which direction should your patio slope? And what do those drainage systems … what
are they capable of? How do they work, exactly? That’s the information we’re going to cover. Let’s set that two minute timer and get going,
shall we? Okay. Cristian: Hey, Siri, set a two minute timer. Siri: Okay. Two minutes and counting. Cristian: Let’s go. Okay. So how much slope should your patio have? Question number one. Basically there’s a simple rule. Your patio should slope one quarter inch per
foot. Cristian: So you start at the pool and you
go to the edge of your desired ending point for your patio and for every foot of length
in that direction, you should have a fall of one quarter inch. Basic geometry. Cristian: Okay, let’s go on to question number
two. Which direction should the patio slope? So the general rule here is that you want
your water runoff, you want your patio to slope away from structures and towards the
soft scape, the grass, the flower beds, and those things on your property. What you want to avoid is that water running
off of the patio and then pooling and getting caught somewhere. You always want to give water a place to go. Cristian: In cases where your patio is up
against your home, you could do two things. You could have your patio come away from your
pool and have your patio come away from your home and create a valley of sorts in which
a drain can be placed, or that whole valley could be pitched and run away towards a spot
neutral from the home and the pool. Cristian: Most commonly we’re going to see
some sort of a deck drain placed between the pool and the home where the patio meets. So generally you want to get your water to
run away from the pool and away from your home and give it a place to escape to without
getting caught up on your property. Cristian: All right, so now let’s talk about
deck drainage systems and how do they work? Well, there’s really two types of drain systems. We’re talking about strip drains and basically
these are linear drains and they have a cap on them and they really just cover up a trough
that’s placed inside the concrete, allowing the water to run away and go where it needs
to onto your property. And then spot drains are just simple round
drains that we’ve all seen, you may not have paid attention to, but just round that look
like floor drains placed wherever that water seems to pool on your deck or where the deck
was designed to slope to, allowing the water to drain away under the deck underground,
away from your pool and your home. Cristian: I’m Cristian with River Pools. That’s the quick 101 on how to handle pool
drainage and slope for your pool patio. We’ll see you in the next episode of Two Minutes
in the Pool. A. Technically the timer’s gone off, my watch
is over here buzzing, beeping, but no jingle. I don’t know what happened this time. Look, I didn’t beat the clock if I’m going
to be honest.

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    I really appreciate your tutorials it’s help me learn a lot about my pool buying process and I love the fact I don’t have to hear your phone go off at two minutes on every video! The Apple Watch was worth it!

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