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Dear Ryan – Army of Lamps!

Dear Ryan – Army of Lamps!

Dear Ryan, can you have a staring contest with your lamps and fans? i know what you’re trying to do you’re trying to shine the light in my eyes so i blink, and your trying to blow win in my eyes so i blink! well geuss what its not happening, not today Lamp/Fan: Awh again? We’re never going to beat him… Dammit can’t we just win one!? ow ow fruits It’s time to wake him up.Gaspits time to wake up Gasp its time to wake up gasp its time to wake up gasp i think im in limbo! oh, um, i guess not then. The wind makers come inth to our Kindom! and try to taketh our freedom! Nay we shan’t not lay in here like a bunch of boulders in a Creek on winters day. we shall never say nay, like sir beeps alot would say we shall fight to be free, thou shall stand beside thee, one who art thou of thee, who art thou accept after sea So who’s with me! Umm, excuse me could you repeat that? because no one can understand what you’re saying Oh it means we’re gonna go fight the fans. ohh.Battle crygruantLittle lamp! i think im done for Ryan Don’t you talk like that, you’re gonna pull through this Everythings getting darker probably because its getting late and none of you are plugged in right now my bulbs are burnt out, just go on without me we’re gonna go home, you’re gonna light up all my rooms, I’m going to keep turning you on every night G..good bye Ryan dont die! Nooooo! Gasp what a wierd dream. Lamps fighting fans?.. that’s not even realistic. Yeah, we would never fight, we’re friends Isn’t that right faaans? Wait what? Gasp we did it!, he finaly blinked see we used inception too, like you did earlier in the video, so we can distract you is that what you think?, its time to wake up little lamp what!? Dammit! We shall not lay here like pebbles on a creek on – or something like that.laughsWhy don’t you say boulders We shall not lay here like a bunch of pebbles on-laughsgruantslaughsOw

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  1. 2013:nope

  2. 3:22. Two cheap Massey desk fans on the far left and right, unknown cheap table fan on near left, Hawaiian Breeze table fan on near right, and an upside-down Holmes 20" box fan in to center. Now, that's fan knowledge.

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