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Danny Seo: Cork Mat | DIY Home Décor | Michaels

Danny Seo: Cork Mat | DIY Home Décor | Michaels

Hey I’m Danny Seo author of the book upcycling and today I’m going to show you how to
upcycle or recycle your wine cork collection I’m going to show you how to
upcycle or recycle your wine cork collection collection into something
beautiful and super functional. If I had to choose one product as my
absolute favorite I’d have to say it’s this wine cork bathmat it’s also probably my favorite
project that I did for Everyday with Rachel Ray. Now the first stuff you need obviously
is a huge collection of wine corks. Now you might be thinking um like right here is
700 wine corks you might be thinking that’s a lot of corks I definitely don’t
have that kind of collection. Well here is my insider trick become
friendly with local restaurants wine bars anywhere where they open up bottles of wines. Bring a big bag and asked them very nicely
if they can save the corks for you. You’d be surprised how many restaurants
will be willing to do that. When you’ve masked a large enough
collection then you want to go to Michaels and get some kind of unfinished wood
box to be your wine cork surface. This is a great big one uses a lot of corks
but its great for a great big bathroom But you can also get smaller ones this
is a lid from an earlier project that I did. And I was thinking like if I just have 4 of these 1 2 3 4
I could create a nice long wine cork bath mat. So many different sizes so many different
choices just visiting Michaels Michaels and you’ll definitely find
something that works just for you. Now one thing I like to do is line the bottom
of the wood box with some cork contact paper. And this stuff is so
versatile and very easy to find. There’s a nice adhesive on the back of the
cork and this waxy paper just peels right off. The thing I love the most is
there are lines on the back. You can measure the inside of your box
get the exact dimensions just copy it on the back of here use some sharp scissors to cut it
out and you’ve got a perfect line of every single time. After you’ve lined the bottom with cork that’s when
you want to fill it with your actually wine corks. You might be thinking that’s
a lot of glue that’s a lot of process But what I’ve discovered is that if
you just line them up one by one one inside of the box when you finally
get to the end the tension alone from all the corks pressing against each other is actually
more than enough to keep all of them upright in place very
sturdy here’s the last one. And you’ve got yourself an
instant wine cork bathmat. You know one of the things I love about
cork is that it’s naturally anti-microbial. And it’s also very great for bathroom use because
it absorbs the water from your feet so if you’re worried about mold and mildew and those kinds
of concerns you don’t have to be with actually real cork. The best part about not gluing them down
if one of the corks shreds over time needs to be replaced. Instead of having
the whole thing be ruined you just have to pick it out replace it with a new cork and you’ve got
almost as good as new a wine cork upcycled bath mat.

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