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Customer Care Associate | El Dorado Furniture Careers

Customer Care Associate | El Dorado Furniture Careers

♪ [ upbeat music playing] Hi. It looks like you’re interested in
becoming a part of the customer care team at El Dorado Furniture! El Dorado
strives to provide five-star service to all customers, so let’s find out what it
takes to be a great customer care associate. Here to tell us more is Chris.
Hi, Chris! Hi, Melissa! How are you feeling today? I’m feeling pretty great, excited to learn more about the customer care team. Awesome! Our ideal customer care
associate is someone who can make a great first impression, is dependable,
adaptable, and has excellent communication skills. You know the role
is so vital here. We want to make sure that we’re providing the best customer
service in the furniture industry so this includes, among other things,
answering any questions or addressing any concerns that a customer may have. I can see how being dependable and approachable are qualities that are important to succeed as a customer care associate. Yes, regarding the issue of
dependability, you know our schedules fluctuate here so you need to be able to work holidays and weekends. However, El Dorado does its absolute best
to accommodate for its employees so if you need a day off, they’ll work with you. Wow, that’s great! So as a customer care associate, what would my day typically look like? Well on a usual day, customer care associates will count the drawers, check and answer emails, contact vendors, confirm deliveries, and
most importantly, come up with the best possible solution for when a customer’s
concern arises. Wow, so I assume you must be good at
multitasking. Most definitely! But what helps the most is that here at El Dorado, we are a team so whenever you need help with anything at all, you know there’s
always somebody there for you. My favorite part about working for El
Dorado Furniture and specifically my position, it’s the people. Not only the
people that I get to work with every day, but also the customers that I get to
interact with and build a relationship over time. The most fulfilling part of the customer care associate position is when you call the customer to confirm the delivery and the customer is just super happy with the merchandise they just received or when they come by the store and they’re
buying accessories for their previous purchase and they show you pictures of
how the merchandise looks in their home and they’re just so happy with what they
purchased, I think that’s the most rewarding part. I think a key trait to being successful is definitely to be driven and to show pride in your work,
especially in an area where you work as a team. I think a key trait to have in this position to be successful is consistency. Over time, your ability to perform tasks that are more advanced will be tested
and your ability to do it consistently will be able to take you to different
places in the company. The sky is the limit. You grow as much as you want to, as long as you have the determination, the
dedication, and the willpower to succeed, this company will let you succeed. There’s no stopping you, it’s all up to you how far you go. If I could describe El Dorado Furniture in one word, it would be happy. That’s just a feeling you get
as soon as you walk through the door, whether you’re an employee or you’re a
customer. The overall goal for the operations team is to ensure the customer has a pleasant checkout experience and that we always offer that five-star service. We hope you have a better understanding of what to expect on the daily job as an El Dorado Furniture customer care associate. Apply now and we hope to see you soon as part of our El Dorado Furniture family! ♪ [ soft music playing]

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