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Curses for a Nation, Isaiah 3:1-12

Curses for a Nation, Isaiah 3:1-12

and with that I want to give everyone an
update on Pastor JD especially for our church online and his updated status is
this he is good to go and Lord willing we’ll be back in the pulpit on the 1st
of December for communion Sunday which is next week there will be no teaching
this Thursday night due to Thanksgiving and remember who we’re actually thinking
as well by the way but he’ll be back and he wants to thank everyone for
your prayers I thank you for those prayers because as I said whatever
happens to him impacts me not trying to be selfish I’m just saying but keep him
in your prayers I did see him last night so keep him in your prayers that he’s a
hundred percent cleared up and that he would come with power and passion as he
always does and providing us that good food that mana of God’s word our passage
for this morning’s teaching we would find ourselves in the Old Testament in
the Book of Isaiah chapter 3 verses 1 through 12 which is a bit of a read but
prayerfully we’ll we will all get through it so I asked all that can stand
do so for the reading of the Scriptures this morning Old Testament we are in the
Book of Isaiah chapter 3 verses 1 through 12 and the Word of God reads for behold the
Lord the Lord of Hosts takes away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stock and
the store the whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water the mighty man
and the man of war the judge and the prophet and a diviner and the elder
verse three the captain of fifty and the honorable man the counselor and the
skilful artisan and the expert enchanter verse four I will give children to be
their princes in babes shall rule over them the people will be oppressed every
one by another and everyone by his neighbor the child will be insolent
toward the elder and the base toward the honorable when a man takes hold of his
brother in the house of his father saying you have clothing you be our
ruler and let these ruins be under your power in that day verse 7 he will
protest saying I cannot cure your ills for in my house is neither food nor
clothing do not make me a ruler over the people and verse 8 for Jerusalem stumble
and Judah is fallen because their tongue and their doings are against the Lord to
provoke the eyes of His glory the look on their countenance witnesses against
them and they declare their sin as Sodom they do not hide it woe to their soul
for they have brought evil upon themselves say to the righteous in verse
10 that it shall be well with him for they shall eat the fruit of their doings
woe to the wicked it shall be ill with him for the reward
of his hands shall be given him in verse 12 as for my people children are their
oppressors and women rule over them all O my people those who lead
you cause you to err and destroy the way of your paths please join me as we pray
for the blessing on this morning’s teaching Father in Heaven we have before
us 12 verses that we need you to bring clarity to and help us to understand its
meaning and how we can utilize it to be better witnesses in a fallen world and a
fallen nation so Lord bless your people this congregation this morning provide
us with the power of your might to understand in heed your words in the
mighty name of Yeshua Jesus the Christ we pray amen please be seated and thank
you bit of a read yeah necessary though the title for today’s teaching is curses
for a nation and what we have just read contains several judgments and or
associated curses that the nation of Israel or in this case the southern
kingdom of Judah would face and were told why it’s because of their tongue
and their doings were against the true and living God it’s clear in the
Scriptures and in these verses were provided with astonishing details about
the course of action that the Lord would take because of their rebellion against
Him and while many scholars and people who read this passage is in the
Scriptures would say you know God was merely talking to
the nation of Israel talking about the judgment that he would do on his people
at that time for their disobedience yes that is true but also believed that
these curses as they begin to occur is a prophetic warning to any nation that
once knew God I believe that’s a fact when the foundation of your makeup was
based on the Word of God so with the Lord’s permission we’re going to explain
the text from His historical standpoint and then expound on these verses in
front of us in order to extract the truth practical and also spiritual for
the application that we could have and examine some current situations that we
see that I and many of us believe that the United States of America has headed
down the same exact path we witnessed these curses of our nation right now
today both subtly and overtly we could clearly see them taking shape
so some history about Isaiah in this time period discussed in our text Isaiah
the prophet whose name actually means the Lord has saved he wasn’t by himself
by the way either he had a wife two sons fact his wife was a prophetess think
about that household being of one you know they were prophet and the
prophetess that’s amazing and this time pair was roughly around 722 BC and
Northern Kingdom known as the Kingdom of Israel had already been destroyed and
now starting with the prophet Isaiah every sub-sequential prophet will be
speaking about the kingdom of Judah the southern kingdom and most scholars
believe that Isaiah’s ministry his active ministry lasted from about 740 BC
until 700 BC what’s interesting because that number is 40 years which is often
the number of testing other scholars believe his entire life was about from
760 BC to 673 BC about 87 years or so but it is agreed that he was from a
royal bloodline as the grandson of King Joash also Isaiah is the most quoted
prophet in the New Testament and rightfully so he’s often referred to as
the messianic prophet as he speaks about the coming of the Messiah in fact in the
book of John chapter 12:41 the Word of God says that Isaiah saw the Lord’s
glory as the Word of God reads as verse 39 therefore they could not believe
because Isaiah said again he has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts
lest they should see with their eyes lest they should understand with their
hearts in turn so that I should heal them in verse 41 these things Isaiah
said when he saw His glory and spoke of him Isaiah saw the glory of the Lord
just as John says in his gospel that they beheld His glory which they did and
when you behold the glory of the Lord it will change you think about the Apostle
Paul and tradition has it regarding Isaiah
that his life will come to an end by being executed in fact they say that he
was sawed in half all for speaking the truth the words that we have in our text
spoken by Isaiah so poignant it’s so detailed and each of them without
question came to pass as foretold and it will repeat itself by the way sadly he’s
a prophet 100% accuracy in order to be a prophet but even though the people
knew he was a prophet the majority of them could care less about what he was
saying and the reason why because God had become irrelevant to them God’s
irrelevant and not just irrelevant because of some pagan group within the
nation but God became irrelevant by a once god-fearing nation who suddenly
became seduced by small groups as well as other godless nations because of the
world they loved the world more than the
Almighty God that same God that they claimed to love at one time now is
irrelevant and the results of their actions would eventually lead to what we
have captured in our text for this morning and notice verse 1 that God will
take away their resources here was a nation that was once completely
self-reliant in fact everyone came to them self reliant now they find themselves
depending on other nations instead of depending on the God that they claim to
serve and this did not happen overnight it was a gradual process and even though
it was recognized that something was wrong they still did not look up
they looked out this was taking place in Judah even after they saw the Northern
Kingdom destroyed and they knew why it was destroyed yet they would follow suit that lesson wasn’t learned and even in
our first verses there is a major take away right here and I believe most of you see
where it is that but let’s personalize it the dangers
associated with prosperity very real right very real you know what else is
real is believing that the ills that happen to someone can’t happen to me
that one never happened to me the Northern Kingdom fell we’re not worried
about there we didn’t like him anyway it can never happen to us
we’re prosperous but Moses foretold about this gave a warning to the nation
of Israel captured in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 8 in verses 11
through 14 the Word of God reads beware that you do not forget the Lord
your God by not keeping His commandments His judgments and His statues which I
command you today lest when you have eaten and are full and have built
beautiful houses and dwell in them verse 13 and when your herds in your flocks
multiply and your silver and your gold are multiplied and all that you have is
multiplied when your heart is lifted up and you forget the Lord your God who
brought you out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage bottom line is
that forgetting about God comes with consequences and perhaps because of God’s mercy and
His grace towards us when we forget about him during our times of prosperity
He removes that prosperity in order for us to refocus our lives with Him at the
center of it and whether we like it or not that right there is true divine love that’s love do many of us see it that
way perhaps not something gets removed and we pout instead of saying oh perhaps
it has me captivated God needs to take away those prosperous distractions
if those distractions are taking us away from God and I think we would all do
well to pray these verses captured in Proverbs chapter 30 verses 7 through 9
on a daily basis in fact as the Word of God reads two things are requests of you
speaking to God deprive me not before I die
remove falsehood and lies far from me here it is give me neither poverty nor
riches feed me with food allotted to me some translations say convenient for me
lest I be full and do what deny You and say who is the Lord or lest I be poor
and still and profane the name of my God now we’ve talked about this before and I
believe we need to talk about it more often because there is a place that we
all need to be comfortable with and that is that place that will always keep
Christ in the center of our lives despite what we have or what we don’t
have that should be irrelevant feed me with
food convenient for me why give me something I cannot handle because this is what I would do
I’ll forget about you you would become irrelevant not only do we do that in our
personal lives but apparently we do it also as a nation and we see that do we
not what we need to do is keep Christ so close to us that the moment He’s one
inch away we feel it that to me is called safe living and that’s where I
want to be at but many Christians can’t look beyond this world because this
world is all they have professing Christians that is this is it they can’t
see past it and that’s a problem and I believe that’s a very dangerous place to
be at when you cannot look and see that all of this will come to a end Christ is
the answer as a Christian because is it possible that because some of those
professing Christians or I would say even all who cannot release the world is
it possible that they would be left behind at the rapture because they truly
do not believe well the Bible says many deceive are deceived of themselves so
the possibility of this occurring is real and something that we have to keep
in our minds and in fact we can all find ourselves from time to time
serving the enemy and that’s why we have to be vigilant moving on
captured in verses 2 & 3 of our text order God is very detailed on what else
would be taken away from the southern kingdom because of its rebellion against
the true and living God and the list mainly speaks to its leadership and
that’s leadership in the military spiritually economically and secularly as
well that’s the one that really points out to me very interesting detail notice
in verse 3 that says the expert enchanter will also be removed now we
know that enchanters and wizards and witches and sorcerers all forbidden
right all of that’s forbidden so what does this speak to think about it this
is added in that list so what it speaks to is that these enchanters were infused
in their culture if not there would be no reason to remove them as well when
they were directly told not to have this mess in their nation yet they are still
there it also speaks to this kingdom as they became less reliant on God they
came became more reliant on enchanters any false God will work any enchanter will
work and that’s where they were one commentator says this the dissolution of
society and the abandonment of the true and living God is always the signal for
superstitions and an obsession interest in divinations hence the words
soothsayer and or enchanter in other words the removal of God will always
bring in demonic influences period do we see that let us not be fooled about our
country we’re not becoming more atheistic per se but more reliant on New
Age spirituality that’s what’s happening and this new age is nothing new it has
all been remastered and what it is let’s define it a collection of beliefs and
practices aimed at bringing enlightenment it is designed to raise
self consciousness to a higher state and then combined with the divination and
other occultic practices in order to elevate one’s spiritual condition to a
level of self divinity and this movement today accepts every belief system out
there except those Christians who believe that Christ is the only way you
can’t be a part of this but if you’re a Christian and say that there’s multiple
ways like many of them do oh yeah come on in become self-aware free your mind
and be your own God is in the church and backed by many
church leaders you know they teach they teach that Christianity is outdated
so they merge it with things such as yoga inside the church now here it is oh
I do yoga listen if you’re doing yoga do yoga that’s what you do do yoga it’s not
gonna happen in this church Yoga just look it up and I’m not saying that the
stretching is bad for you and what not come on listen I’m not gonna be dogmatic
about it but know the history of it please at least know your history before
you do something because you could get led down a path that’s not right for you
that’s the main issue here yoga in the church are you kidding me
and it’s funny do you know that yoga the actual word translated in the English
means yoke now you think on that yoke means attached to but anyway again not to be dogmatic but
this is what’s coming into the church and what they do is they take Scripture
and then it twists it they’ll say things like this the Bible says the kingdom of
God is within you and because of that you need to understand that you are god
you just have not yet tapped in to the god that’s in you but when you do you
can ascend to heights beyond this world and even meet God your equal with God it
says it in your Bible that’s what they do now the Bible encourages meditating on
God’s Word but not emptying your mind for self-awareness to be equal with God that is completely idiotic
and as Christians we need to understand this garbage does not belong in the
church if you rely on anything anyone else other than a true and living God
all I can do for you is say good luck because that’s all you have just like the southern kingdom believe
it in those enchanters they put their trust in them and they was brought down
to nothing how is it possible that you can say you love the true and living God
with all your mind if you empty it out for some garbage such as this inside of
the church specifically the Word of God captures the fulfillment of this
prophecy in the book of second Kings by the way chapter 24 verses 14 through 16
in the details that Isaiah spoke of were done with a hundred percent accuracy
some 104 years later and I put that there so you can have it in your notes
to go see it for yourself but the signs of the coming judgement were clearly
seen they were seeing before this Babylonian captivity knew something was
coming based on the condition of their nation and the first of these signs of
course are captured in the book of I mean in verse four of our text and we
need to pay attention to this and see how it does resemble in parallel what we
ourselves are going through look what is captured in verse four God says that I
will give children to be their princes and babes shall rule over them these are those who would quickly rise
to power but yet not have experience there would be young in nature and this
is all by God’s hand by the way and it’s not like there was any resistance it was
almost like yeah let’s get them in office they look the part and they’re real hip and besides they’re
young and guess what the law we don’t have to worry about them imposing and
enforcing that law on us anymore because they could care less about it just like
we really don’t want it anyway there was no opposition of a large degree it
wasn’t they enjoyed that lackluster leadership they wanted it these are the
younger and in no doubt more godless individuals that are now in positions of
influence placed in charge and you know what they do they surround themselves
with more people that know less than they know godless young leadership is a
curse for a nation in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 10 and verse 16 the
Word of God reads woe that means curse to you O land and when your king is a child
and your princes feast in the morning curse to you but this is what they wanted when this
type of leadership gains control only chaos will ensue only chaos we would do
well to learn from the animals really well many years ago I was watching
National Geographic and they were trying to build this zoo in Africa so what they
had in there were two young bull elephants and then the rest of the
animals that were given to them and so forth well the two young bull elephants
kept killing the tigers and everything else they could trample on and it was just
running I mean and they had female and it was just going nuts crazy so what do they do they
grab a elephant gun and killed both of them and brought two more young
elephants in figured that they might have a problem the same thing happened
so they killed them too finally an elderly man comes up and says you know
what the problem is you need adult male elephants in here so they brought the
adults in there and everything calm down but us do we learn from that did they
learn from that just bring in all the youngsters quite sure everything will
work out well until you’re trampled on and don’t let someone try to twist the
Scriptures on you such as what the Bible says in chapter 11 and verse 6 in Isaiah
it says a little child shall lead them people love to grab that piece of
scripture and run out and say a child shall lead therefore a child shall lead
this is talking about the millennial kingdom and in regards to this the wolf
also shall dwell with the land meaning that during that timeframe there’ll be
such peace that a child could even lead a wolf that’s what that means woe to you
O lamb and your king is a child that’s what this text speaks up and that child
is not speaking of a little child by the way it’s those young and experienced
undiscerning ungodly leaders just like in our text that were reading this
morning as well but it gets worse for us five of our text we’re told that the
people will be oppressed every one by another and every one by his neighbor
we’re also told that the child would be insolent toward the elder and the base
toward the honorable in each of those as they were witness in this should have
been a warning for the nation to turn back to the Lord they should have seen
it as a warning and this being oppressed by another and everyone by his neighbor
speaks to everybody doing whatever they wanted to do believing that their view
was right in the first place you can’t tell me what to do I’m right and when a
society continues like this it turns into anarchy that’s what happens the book of Judges chapter 17 and verse
6 the Word of God says in those days there was no king in Israel everyone did
what was right in his own eyes that’s speaking of the judges timeframe but the
point here is that this is what happens when you have no stable leadership everyone does was right in their own
eyes an absent of having a foundation of truth everything is relative everything’s relative
and then the weak leadership you know what they do they attempt to satisfy the
most popular beliefs and that brings in more ridiculous thinking and you talk
about having respect for elders and honorable people respect for them
the thought now is for what your view does it mean anything to me why do I
have to respect you you should respect me the way that you want to be respected
there’s no difference between me and you I know just as much that’s the mentality
and that’s sad and the children of Israel should have known this is not the way
that God told us to be they were commanded by God commanding on how to
treat elders and you know what we are too captured in the Book of Leviticus
chapter 19 and verse 32 the Word of God reads you shall rise before the
grey-headed and honor the presence of an old man and look was attached to it and
fear your God I am the Lord this is where that saying comes in respect your
elders but here the gray-headed and the best
explanation I can give that I think we’ve all seen is you look in England in
the UK and how the magistrates put on that gray wig right and when he
steps in you hear all rise respect it’s sad that many Christians
have less respect for elders than a gangster I’m serious
a gangster at least so come up and say hey sir
how you doing could you come off that wallet before I bust a cap in you it
you’d be like oh you called me sir well thank you take my wallet can I take you
to the bank I mean it’s more respectful from then than it is many Christians and
we don’t train our children this way to respect the elders and I will tell you
what every child every child teenager or whatever if you are so blessed to live
out your life you will grow old and I encourage you to take heed to those
words verses 6 and 7 very interesting as well and they speak
to what happens in the end state of a social decline and we can see this from
the southern kingdom that things would get so bad no one would even want to
lead it’s like resources are gone don’t give me this mess me trying to lead this
it’s futile it’s not even worth it it’s not even worth it it is that bad and it
also speaks to the qualifications of a leader they would be that low to be
qualified to lead and that will be seen throughout the years you would see the
standards decline over the years from being in certain positions and now all
that’s required is you can have some nice clothes maybe small certification
that’s all you need what do you do I’m a basket weaver oh man you need to be
president that’s how bad it gets and even though
they have clothes on the outside which looks like they’re prosperous the truth
be told they’re living in poverty every man is fending for himself
and that’s what we see and everything that we’ve talked about so far all of it
has been and or is now taking shape in America and it’s no secret there is no
secret to this so what’s the point why don’t we just keep talking about it then
what’s the point why are these messages sort of repetitive well I’ll tell you
why I believe that each of us are charged with sounding the alarm and that
alarm needs to be sounded daily in my opinion it’s a problem here we need to
expose it and speak to all of these things when it matches up and lines up
show it in the Scriptures do you not see the parallels we should not dismiss it
all many churches do we need to expose all of it what about this right here
this is a poll taken back in 2015 by Barna research which states that only
listen 34 percent of American adults believe that moral truths are absolute that’s one-third only one-third believe
that moral truths are absolutes and the other two-thirds that do not believe it
many of them are in the church moral truths this is said and because the flesh is so
vulnerable I want to mention this one as well
40% of professing Christians believe that and I quote any kind of sexual
expression between two consenting adults is acceptable 40% what does that tell us professing Christians practicing
Christians and as such when we have no absolute morality then sin becomes
relative as well or even non-existent and since there’s no sin to address we
all just rail against the Lord becoming our own gods in the process free in our
mind filling it full of sin judgment will follow judgment always follows the
curses period captured in verses 8 and 9 of our text once again we’re told
exactly why the judgment would come why it would come it was because of both
what they said and also what they did what they were saying and doing railed
against the Lord and it all boils down to being defiant and living prideful in
sin we are all sinners and we all still sin but there is a difference when you
say yeah I believe in God right and everything you do points in the opposite
direction and at the helm of this prideful sinful living was idol worship
self-indulgence or greed and of course sexual immorality and the Bible tells us
none of it was hidden it was all out in the open for everybody to see in fact it
was often encouraged and widely accepted it’s okay just so long as they love one
another everybody can do whatever they want
and again we know that God would eventually judge these acts by judging
the entire nation that’s what he does and if God changes not what makes us
think that we are exempt in America fact of the matter is we’re not exempt
and in verse 8 all we have to do is overlay the word Jerusalem with DC and
Judah with America and you would have this for DC stumble and America is
fallen because their tongue and their doings are against the Lord to provoke
the eyes of his glory is this our future I believe this is exactly what we’re
facing and please understand America as imperfect as she is and how scarred her
history may be this nation has been truly blessed by the true Living God and
everyone can see it but what do we do now we mock God and we
laugh at the thought of God as we continue just to live and dive in
all the sin we want to playing games thinking that there will never be a just
reward at all for us as individuals I’m not worried about it
everything’s going fine whatever as well as a nation but you know I really thank
God for verse 10 changes everything for all those who have put their trust in
the true and living God we are clothed in His righteousness and again
the Word of God reads in verses 10 and 11 say to the righteous that it shall be
well with them for they shall eat the fruit of their doings and this does not mean
that all the circumstances that we’re going through are going to change if any
of them change at all it’s not promising us on this earth that all this stuff is
just going to correct itself and will run off singing Puff the Magic Dragon
it’s not going to happen but what it does mean is that in the end the
righteous those clothed in the righteousness of Christ will be
justified and that alone should be enough especially when you compare it to
eternity but on the other hand woe to the wicked
it shall be ill with him for the reward of his hands shall be given him and
please take notice that this is a reward giving to each and it’s based on the
actions of the individual I’ll point that out because all the verses were
focusing on the nation and now it makes it personal it drawls it into a personal
responsibility that each of them had as well as us have today we can’t just
stall and say I’m good in other words we live in a nation we’re all going to be
held accountable and there is no way to escape it no way what are we doing with
our time are we showing the truth in the right way and now we reach our final verse for our
learning and this is one of the most contentious verses in the Bible and as
always I encourage you to do your own study on this verse alone as well as any
other word that comes from behind any pulpit study the Bible on your own now
we do not have time this morning to do an exhaustive look into this but I’m
going to speak to you for what the Lord is revealed to me so the Word of God
reads in verse 12 as for my people children are their oppressors and here’s
the contentious part women rule over them all my people those who lead you
cause you to err and destroy the way of your paths a lot could be taken out of
this first of all I do want to point out that as for my people my people listen
even all that stuff they were doing because they have a everlasting covenant
with God see what he does he takes possession of them my people still his
people will always be his people and I want to make sure that’s up front
America does not have an everlasting covenant with the true Living God what
does this mean in the context of an women rule over them what does that mean
and the answer is it means what it says but not the way that we may think it and
that’s what we have to dig into it and which makes it more complex if you will
is that the Septuagint reads it differently not differently in a sense
that it complements but it actually changes the context a bit and I want to
make that known so here it is in the Septuagint this is the translation O
my people your exactors strip you and extortioners rule over you
O my people they that promise um excuse me they that pronounce you
blessed lead you astray and pervert the path of your feet do we see the
difference there’s no reference here to children although that’s not the issue
because there’s references to children and the earlier verses it’s the women
aspect that’s missing here in the Septuagint and in order to make it read
like this you do have to slightly change the Hebrew text but again that is just
the way it is a slight modification and this is what you get in the Septuagint
now while in the Hebrew it reads like this again you’re going to be reading
from right to left if you’re looking up there you can see it my people their
oppressors children and women rule over them my people those who lead you cause
to err and the way of your paths destroy so the only other version that does not
align itself with this is again Septuagint and there’s this New
Jerusalem Bible out that aligns itself with the Septuagint that does not have
women rule over you and I put that in there just so you understand that this
is out there but I believe what is captured in the Hebrew is exactly what
it is and it is not to be looked at as a diss on women because it is done this is
a curse on ungodly men this is what it is and of all the points that could be made
about this all the commentaries because there’s a lot of them including specific
commentary strictly for women you’ll find it and you’ll see how this
disparity causes arguments we’re gonna just blast right through all of it
here’s what the Lord spoke to me this is what it is when looking at the
Bible in its totality the entire Council of God I conclude this that this
statement regarding women rule over them is being used to describe the curse of
the character of ungodly men I’ll show you how to get there women are often
described listen as the weaker vessel not lesser vessel not less educated not
less confident not less capable let’s get that up and open this is pertaining
to their physical makeup and those noticeable distinct differences in
strength but now with this curse that’s imposed these noticeable distinct
differences will be infused with ungodly men meaning that the ungodly men would
now exhibit weakness and traits that are associated with women and this would impact the way that they
would become in charge and how they would actually lead and how they would
act and because of that the surrounding nations in that culture when they saw
that weakness oh man it enticed them to invade that’s what this speaks to those
traits the character so this statement women rule over them is that expression
of character not abilities just like when the Lord says gird up thy loins
like a man a distinction you’re supposed to be a man there’s a difference between
you and the woman and it’s noticeable not one man in here can say that they
don’t notice when another man is another type of way you can sense it because
they character speaks to it this is what that speaks to there is a
difference between a man and a woman despite popular belief there is a
difference and when you feminized a man it is a sign of weakness and I will tell
you this when you feminized men across the spectrum it is a curse on a nation and this we also clearly see in our
country today behold what GQ magazine claims what the new masculinity looks
like if you don’t know this character up here his name is Pharrell he actually
did the score for the cartoon movie Despicable Me all those songs on there
remember that song I’m happy you know what song I’m talking about yeah
that joint he also has a song but they’re pretty girls he just became one the new masculinity now men wear dresses
all the time we see them but when you put it on the magazine and say this is
the new masculinity what are you telling people this is our
nation and it’s a shame God has set things up a certain way and when we
reject God and force His order of things out then curses will eventually come in
and those curses will eventually destroy a nation that’s the way I see it Despicable Me this clown that’s
despicable and remember America is not under any covenant with the true Living
God and if you are not saved that destruction that’s going to come upon
those nations including ours will be your destruction as well and that’s the
facts but if you’re not saved you can be saved today we see all of this stuff
unfolding right before our eyes and nobody has an excuse to say they did not
hear it and or see it and if you’re not saved guess what this is as good as it
gets and if you’re a man might as well go buy you a dress today it could be coming to
that the Bible is clear on what’s to come and what’s to come is beyond
description on how bad it’s going to be but through Christ we all have an
opportunity we could be clothed in his righteousness
and bypass all this garbage by the gospel and the gospel of Jesus Christ is
that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was buried
and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures it is indeed
ABC simple to be saved first thing acknowledge that you are a sinner and in
need of a Savior who is only Jesus Christ
Romans 3:10 says that as it is written there is none righteous no not one verse
23 says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God that means
nobody is going to get into the kingdom of God
absent being clothed in Christ’s righteousness chapter 6 verse 23 that
where God says for the wages of sin is death that’s earned by the way you get
paid wages but the gift of God is eternal life that’s a gift that’s given
by the way in Christ Jesus our Lord that’s the A the B stands for believe
important word and the C confess with your mouth both of them are captured in
Romans chapter 10 verses 9 and 10 the Word of God reads that if you confess
with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has
raised him from the dead you will be saved for with your heart one believes
unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation that’s
how one can be saved and not be eternally impacted by these curses it’s
the only way to ensure that you do not receive the death sentence that we all
deserve the Word of God specifically says in 2nd Peter chapter 3 and verse 9
the Lord is not slack concerning his promise it will come all of them as some
count slackness but is long-suffering towards us in America I would say long
suffering but time is running out not willing that any should perish but that
all should come to repentance repentance his long-suffering will indeed cease and
judgment will begin it is all of our choices it is your choice to either
choose Christ or curses why don’t we stand so to pray loving Heavenly Father your word is true
and despite my inability you will always come through Lord I pray that everything
done here was pleasing in Your sight in Your sight alone I asked that Your
Spirit take control and bring that Word to life in every individual in its own
unique way help us all to see and be better stewards of Your Word the time
that You’ve given us that’s running out to continue to speak Your word boldly
show the signs of this ignorance that we see and the coming doom to follow thank
You Lord for all that You’ve done bring in our path people who don’t believe and
give us the courage to speak of Your salvation and in the mighty name of Yeshua
Jesus the Christ we pray Amen

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  1. TO ALL WHO ARE HURTING AND DESPERATE – Please read – this is for you.

    It has been said, “That the darkest hour is just before dawn”. When you have lost all hope, and all you see is darkness, remember, never let your life be defined by
    desperation and hopelessness, grasp this one moment in time, reach out to Jesus, He does His best work in dark places. Let the light of Christ shine
    within you. The very fact that you exist is God’s testimony of His love for you. Never give up, your finest day is yet to come, Receive Christ now, He is
    the caretaker of your soul. The Gospel message was created for you. The simplicity of the Gospel, – Here it is  A=Admit you are a sinner (REPENT)  
    B=Believe Jesus is Lord   C=Call upon His name.  This is your Blessed Hope, your only hope. At least give Jesus a chance. The devil wants to destroy
    you, Jesus wants to rescue and restore you. Jesus is calling your name, please come home to me, I am your Father waiting with open arms to receive you.  Read: 
    Isaiah 41:10, always remember that your Prayers’ Matter to God, He honors them. My prayer today for each one of you who reads these words, is that
    God would remove from you all feelings of despair and hopelessness’, and restore you in the arms of Christ Jesus. Remember the devil is a defeated foe and
    you are never alone, Christ is always, and I do mean always, by your side. I send you my personal invitation to receive Christ now. AMEN.

    “It’s only when you put your trust in Christ and respond to His invitation that you understand what life really means” (Ravi Zacharias)

    REPLY: to me, if you would like me to pray for you, about anything.

    Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Listen to this song “Amazing Grace” I chose it for you.


  2. Last days are here!
    Ecclesiastes 8:11
    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do

  3. Thank you pastor mac GBY pastor JD and glad your doing better. Do you think it had anything to do with Monsanto spraying that banded substance on one of the crops in Hawaii?

  4. Enlightened- Eve thought she would be too. The deceivers oldest trick…getting you to believe God is with holding from you.

  5. Brother Mac. Thank-You for your diligent , spirit lead study and for your dynamic presentation, Thank you, too for your being ready to speak for your savior and his word…. Isa 3:13 But now the Lord will stand up for judgment, and will enter into judgment with his people. 14 The Lord himself shall enter into judgment with the elders of the people, and with their rulers: but why have ye set my vineyard on fire, and why is the spoil of the poor in your houses? 15 Why do ye wrong my people, and shame the face of the poor? Truly this speaks to Israel today…

  6. Thank you for the update, we've been praying for and wondering about him. Thank you Lord for answered prayer. That makes the FORTH answered prayer in about 24 hours. I absolutely LOVE to watch God work.

  7. thank you pastor for informing us that jd is doing well. I pray for his quick recovery from Athens, Greece. Blessings to you and the whole church attenders.

  8. Pastor Mac
    The Lord bless thee and keep thee. The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace.
    Thank you for this timely lesson.

  9. At minute 19:37 you state the question I have asked pastors and laypersons alike for over 25 years. How many who proclaim to have been saved, really are? It is a disturbing thought and the pastors with whom I have brought this up also share my concerns. People, ALWAYS keep your eyes on the prize. It doesn't exist in THIS world…

  10. Hi Pastor Mark good to hear that Pastor Farag be back next Sunday so good to hear and I listen so awesome preach as always God bless Amen

  11. Thank you Heavenly Father for Pastor J.D. getting well. And, thank you Lord for Pastor Mac keeping us in the Word of Faith in Jesus Christ.Amen : )

  12. Please pray for my family. My beloved cousin passed away of cancer one week ago. Now my (ex)sister-in-law, Janice,
    who I consider to be my sister, mother of two of my nieces and one nephew, is in critical condition. She went into the hospital Monday to have part of her colon removed and there have been complications since. Here is the most recent message I received from my niece:
    My heart hurts so so much seeing her like this 😢 They had to start a heart med, just now, because she keeps having her heart rate jump up. She had a reaction to blood transfusion last night. They are also going to start feeding her through a tube. She’s not ate anything since Tuesday. She is on glucose as well. They are going to try weaning her pain meds. She just sleeps and if she does talk it’s jiberish. I’ve tried waking her with no luck. She looks absolutely awful😢 Her sleep apnea along with meds makes her struggle to breathe. She’s on 8 liters of oxygen.
    Please keep Janice and her children and her 9 grandchildren in your prayers. Say a special prayer for her granddaughter, Ciera, who is 16 and struggles with type 1 diabetes and depression. She had to attend 2 funerals this week — my cousin's and a friend of hers who committed suicide. She doesn't feel like she can handle anything more.

  13. Thank you Pastor Mack!!! What a strong 💪 word that is needed for our time right now! Praying for Pastor JD in Jesus Holy Name 🙏🙏🙏

  14. EVERY religion (Eastern Mysticism, Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Atheism, Jehovah's Witnesses, even Judaism) all borrow from the original, God and His Holy Bible. They may accept part of the Bible or people in the Bible but add to it, modify it or change it to fit their own viewpoint or opinion. Each can not hold a candle to the Christian Holy Bible. Thank you Pastor Mac and God Bless!

  15. Pastor Mac, I love the thoroughness and precision with which you preach God's Word, and your passion for God's Word. Thank you for referencing the Hebrew text, which is always a good thing to do! I wish I knew how to read Hebrew, and would certainly appreciate hearing it referenced more often by pastors. Thank you so much for your sermon today! It was most enlightening.

  16. Praise Jesus that Pastor JD is doing well and keeping him in prayer!Thank you for the great preaching and God Bless you all!

  17. This passage in Isaiah is what’s happening in America right now. I’m worried about the harvest shortage this year and the potential for a shortage next year because of the missing bee population and massive flooding in the Midwest. We basically have idiot childr3n of idiot parents running congress right now.

  18. Blessings to you all, and greetings from Chicago. 🙋 Thank you so much for updating everyone on Pastor J.D.! It's a bit "worrysome" when our brother is out for so long. Praise the LORD that he's doing well! The online brothers and sisters are eagerly looking forward to his return. 😊 Thank you also brother for faithfully filling-in for him in his absence! May the LORD bless you and keep you. May the LORD cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the LORD lift His countenance to you and give you peace.

  19. I am delighted that J. D. is doing well.
    I am not familiar with your translation but I know there is more than one Jesus in scripture.
    Most scriptures worship the Jesus in John 7 who says:
    Jesus said he was not going to the feast…he waits…and goes.
    The Jesus in another bible told his mocking brothers that he was not yet going to the feast…he waits..and goes.
    One of the two lied and therefore cannot be the way, the TRUTH and the life.

  20. Virgil Stuck, when are you going to address the Mandela effect??? https://www.facebook.com/EYA.TRUTH/ or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7OMKe4XKTvSqvCxQKhuvw/

  21. I practiced yoga for 9 yrs. Thought it was all okay bc it was in a gym and it made me feel so great. One Easter Sunday while in deep prayer, God told me to stop doing yoga. I stopped! Now, it wasn't easy and still to this day I miss practicing, but I now understand how deceived I was being. Stay away from yoga.

  22. Sounds like America now!! I almost didn’t listen because it wasn’t J D, but I’m glad I did!! Good preaching!!

  23. My wife and I are enjoying spending this time with you pastor Mac. Thanks for stepping up as usual and being that vessel we are required to be for the Holy Spirit ready to serve Him. I keep not just J.d. in payer but you and all the congregation. I love you all
    God bless us indeed in the name of
    Yeshua Ben YHWH,
    Jesus Christ our King amen

  24. Thank you Pastor Mac your doing excellent work in tending to the flock. Your sermon helps us understand why God is long suffering and patient towards us. Because it bearings fruit in due season! Praise Him for His love and glory. We miss you Pastor JD

  25. God bless you!! Thank you for the update. Prayers continue for a full recovery xxxooo Happy Thanksgiving everyone 😚❤❤❤

  26. I always listen to you pastor. You are straight and forward. Telling the truth of the Bible as it is. I like that a lot. We need preachers like you in the world, which has gone from bad to worse. Thankyou, God bless you.
    If only people would listen.

  27. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock………If your a believer in Jesus Christ…..its time…….this for you PERSONALLY…..https://youtu.be/a8vcVWuiJGQ https://youtu.be/a8vcVWuiJGQ

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