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Couple Reacts to Ben – Mercury Lamp | Immortal Songs 2

Couple Reacts to Ben – Mercury Lamp | Immortal Songs 2

Hello, my name is Max!
My name is Sujy! and today we have “Ben’ A fantastic singer from Korea that we have reacted to one time before as you saw we were not in the video Because our video got blocked, it’s no longer on YouTube, but we know her a little bit She’s 27 years old, but she look like she’s 15. She has a soft voice and kind of rock a little bit. The song she’s gonna sing today is “Mercury Lamp”, a very famous song by “Kim Yeun Ja” that we have seen few minutes ago. Unfortunately, we can’t react to this one because it’s MBC, but she was fantastic and what did you told me about her? Hmm… I feel like she (Kim Yeun Ja) sings a little bit like Song Sohee. it’s more like Song Sohee who sing liker her (much younger!) Yeah, that make more sense! That song “Kim Yeun Ja” did with that other lady “Kim Shin Yeong”, It was very fun to watch so… we don’t know what Ben is gonna do with it It’s on “Immortal songs 2” and that event was in Japan. It was not in Korea this time So maybe the quality is gonna be different and we read that she won the whole episode So I’m very curious to see what she did Okay, let’s get started! By the way, the song “Mercury Lamp” I think it’s about a girl that walk on the street and she has memory of when she was walking with her husband before She used to walk there and she’s having some kind of memory and she remember the lamp In the street and other thing and I think it’s about like about nostalgic about love About the past I think but I tried to translate from Korea to English So you guys please tell me what the song is about more precisely How’s it until you’re kidding You know, she’s singing like she’s really really young Like the voice it’s like it’s not the voice is like it’s not develop yet But then every time she bring power it’s like oh my god that cannot be a teenager because it’s like the control is insane so her control is like control of an adult grown adult But the timbre of her voice is really young Which is good because it makes her really unique compared to everyone that sing around her age really unique actually It’s really hard to find someone around that age with a voice like that I’m not so sure even when I speak I feel like my voice is different Yeah, you have kind of a weird voice too but I can’t sing! She would do well in a k-pop group I think Me?
– No not you, you won’t do well, lol! She would do well in a Kpop group I think because her voice I think could be appealing but at the same time If she go with a kpop group she’s gonna have to sacrifice some creative thing that she want to do so, maybe she’s better staying solo. Let us know if she was in the group before She’s already 27. So maybe she was. Yeah, I mean if her voice sound like that at 27 maybe when she was 18 It sound a lot younger. So it’s not a negative thing. I really enjoy her tone to be honest very good
– yeah, me too I love how she hold the note Yeah, and than she “aw” Yes, yes. Yes, and she (izzzzzzz) it’s really it’s beautiful Yeah, really a nice way of like interpreting the lyrics Could be an OST too.
– yeah right
Seem very OST style I think if the song was a little bit slower It could be perfect for like some kind of romance OST Even know like the first part of the song people were like kind of happy and then the second part people were crying So the song I think maybe take a dark turn at the end. I don’t know it looked like it’s great It’s great. Everyone is like hopeful and then it look like the ending is like oh God something bad happened Yeah, like you said earlier, tthe lady was thinking about her husband so maybe at the end her husband is not with her anymore Yeah, tell us about the meaning The song is giving me some kind of like “lounge” feeling I do not know how to say that You are in the living room and just like you enjoy some nice music on the radio, while eating with some kind of red wine I don’t know it give me a peaceful and relax feeling, but like you invite people at home for dinner And then you eat and you listen to her in the background it is the feeling she give me Not the kind of song you want to listen when you’re depressed or when you’re very excited It’s just like when your mood is normal and you want to listen to some nice music while eating with some family member or friend It’s the feeling she is giving me I feel like her tone is so cool. When when when I listen to it, I feel… more… alive… because I do not know about the meaning of the lyrics even like… I think because she has like some kind of baby voice too, but her baby voice is so strong! and it make everything so powerful, it make the song powerful, make the stage powerful Everything is powerful and make us remember it’s her it is “Ben” next time even I don’t see her face, I hear her voice I will know it is “Ben And if you’re wondering guys why we’re pushing water on ourselves because it’s 41 degree right now It’s only gonna get worse and we need to close the fan so you can hear us and not the fan but it is got damn hot But we’re like, oh “Ben”, she is gonna make our day a little bit better we hope and She did very good actually she won that episode and she deserves it if you want us to react to more from “Ben” I’m sure that there’s something rocking in her voice so if you know a song that she did where she sings more in a intense Rock style please let us know because we love that style and I feel like she has that inside her. I know she can do it Recommend us something okay everyone Than you very much see you next time

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  1. English, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Chinese CC available! This event was held in Japan and Ben won this episode!
    You can help us with better CC here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=P8I0K5pJbgA&ref=share
    Our Immortal Songs 2 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTsUnWTuL566cFXPDa8hllymtCQzhKwjT

    Sujy Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQsmCKwNbJS-GmCfFZ9i7Pg
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/RBwZWCQ

    Thx you for watching,

    Max & Sujy

  2. Did you do a reaction video with Ben that got blocked ? First time I heard Ben, I was blown away of her powerful voice in this performance:


  3. Ben!! You need to watch and react it! Ben, Yunminsu, Shinyongjae, Emsejune – Beauty and beast

  4. Please react to "В горнице моей светло. Шестое видео проекта #еще10песенатомныхгородов. Музыкавместе".

  5. Hello, I knew your channel by your reaction about Lee Sunhee "Fate". I was very impressed about your reaction. So I would like to recommend Lee Sunhee "Beautiful Rivers and Mountains(아름다운 강산)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyuptgiJJ3A
    This song was released at 1988 when Seoul Olympic was held. This song used as the last song of her 30th anniversary concert.

  6. this episode is the shows 400th episode anniversary and was filmed in Japan … Ben is known as the little giant on the show .. she had an all kill she was the first singer up and defeated all the others after … she went against some pretty heavy hitters such as Son Seungyeon .. and DongHa … it is her second trophy singing by herself (also has one for a duet) after years of being on the show .. an all kill is very rare on the show and it is a great achievement for her ..

  7. She does look and sound young. But her voice is very pretty. 🌹 I’ll take white wine instead of red, please. 😀

  8. Love the reaction and Ben’d Performance ☺️ Btw can you also react to Son Seung Yeon’s performance from the same special. Although she didn’t win it was still a powerful performance 😄

  9. 좋은 노래를 완전히 망쳐놨구나 편곡을 정말 게좆같이 했네요. 편곡이 너무 나갔다. 아주 좆같은 편곡이네요. 원곡을 들어보시기 바랍니다. 정말이지 편곡이 노래를 완전히 망쳐놨습니다.

  10. I would like to suggest a way how to make your reaction video…
    show the song twice times.
    First time just listen from beginning to end of the song without any interrupts
    and just show your feelings just on the screen as you respond + singing singer with the sound of the song.

    and second time say your opinions on the song part by part. then

    we can understand your opinions well according to the first time listenings of ours without other interrupts.

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