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Cooking Gear PART I – Kitchenware | Cozinha de Acampamento Parte I – Utensílhos Cicloturismo

Cooking Gear PART I – Kitchenware | Cozinha de Acampamento Parte I – Utensílhos Cicloturismo

hey guys what’s up hi guys welcome to the second chapter of the series of videos that we talk about our gear and on this episode we’re gonna talk about our cooking gear and what we carry to cook our own food on the road the bicycle travel Department informed there is no rule about traveling by bicycle you carry your phone port and whatever you think is necessary the best year is it one you have hey guys so today we’re gonna talk about our cooking gear so one of the items that we decided to buy is this insulated bag to keep the veggies and the fruits and sometimes we cook a little bit more food at night and we put in a container and we carry it here so we have three containers that it’s inside so we have two small and one big so the big one sometimes we put rice and the small ones you put some veggies and whatever we cook it this helped us when we are traveling through like expensive countries so we don’t have to eat in the restaurant for lunch so this is one of the options that we found and it is really really good to save some money so you cook a little bit more food at night and then you put it here and you have for lunch you just have to keep in mind if the place is too hot what type of food that you’re gonna cook so we’re not gonna be spoil it and everything so this is olive oil you can carry whatever do you think is necessary but this we like to cook with olive oil this is a glass bottle but we pull we try to put in a plastic one because it’s easier to carry it’s not so heavy we have as well salt this is a container that we have been caring for since we started traveling that’s why it’s like this a really nice thing that we carry we call it our spicy socks and we have some spices here so I will open you guys should have an idea this is from Alex fly Express and this is for makeup we like to cook a lot and this is gives different flavor for like each kind of dish that we are cooking so it’s good because like as we on the road for a long time so you don’t get sick of eating the same flavors and the same food every day we have to chopping boards this is a plastic one sometimes the people think oh it’s too much but it’s really light it’s good because sometimes I’m cooking something and then Philippe you can help me to chop few things here and then I’m chopping and other things here so make it quickly and we have been using things we started as well and we uses a plate sometimes sometimes we’re just having breakfast and we put the bread here and we use as a plate we met a couple and they used like the delete from the top aware to use as a chopping board like like this this is a lead so they use this one as a chopping board it’s an idea so it helped it’s something that you don’t have to to carry an extra weight this is for our kitchenware so just a normal big container and what we have here is we have two nights so we decided to buy this kind of knife because it’s we can sharp the knife we have a sharp nadir as well we have this wooden spoon that we use it a lot as well so this is really good this espuma was a gift from a wedding you need Anisha so we have been carrying since then so it’s really light we use sometimes yeah like like a serving spoon so this is good but it’s not necessary it’s just because was a good we have a peeler this pillar is from Japan I like because the way that peels sits kind of spaghetti so it’s good for zucchini and carrots oh this is really good and light as well this is our they take detergent container because the containers that you find at the supermarket is kind of pokey so we put it here and it’s easy to carry this is an extra lighter for our cooking stove we have to choose bones and two forks to stain it to you so it’s good because there is no legs you cannot feel the smell and it’s easy to wash it’s easy to clean we also have two napkins which is really important for us it’s really nice to dry the dishes and when we you were cooking if you have to just you clean your hand and everything so this is the way that we found to keep our things organized and to give us some flexibility to cook we like to cook so we like to cook different things so I think we have everything we need for cooking and it’s not a row as we always says you can carry what do you think it’s good for you so this is what we think is good for us and it’s not so heavy and we are traveling into person so we can divide it everything and this is what we think it’s it’s good and it’s comfort for us when we think about cooking so yeah so this is pretty much all about our cooking here and drop it drop a comment below to ask any other questions you have you know and let us know what do you carry on your travel you know this is when you look like this it seems to be a bunch of tough but man we like to carry all of that we like doing this so this is our comfort we like cooking a lot we like to cook different things on the road and this is everything we thought we needed to be travelling for a long time and not having problems with cooking gear so drop drop us a comment below let us know what you you carry on your bicycle travels and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel because there is much more videos to come up after this all right but I spelled mundo thank you very much for that for your audience and yeah help us to keep doing this kind of work see you later alligator if you like this video and want to support us to keep creating this kind of content you can make a donation using PayPal donor bar or apoyo see

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  1. Oi Felippe e Mariana, conheci o cicloturismo através do Antônio Olinto, em setembro irei viajar pela américa do sul e central em uma viagem sem data de volta, vou vender meu carro e usar mais algumas economias.
    Acabo de montar minha bike, estou nessa fase de começar a organizar os equipamentos, obrigado por compartilharem suas experiências e tantas dicas específicas.


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