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CONCRETE LAMP – HOME DECOR (English subtitles)

CONCRETE LAMP – HOME DECOR (English subtitles)

Hello! Welcome you to another DIY video! I ‘m Vivi and i am going to show you how we can build a lamp with an “industrial” style using a glass jar and some concrete. I’ll spread some silicone on the spout of my jar and I’ll stick it on the bottom of a bowl. Initially I’ll apply some petroleum jelly into the bowl, so that it comes out easily when the concrete dries. Now I’ll make the mix using a cup of concrete, three cups of sand and adding slowly the water. I’ll pour the sand mix concrete into the bowl. (Vibrate the bowl to release any air bubbles, then let the concrete cure.) I’ll leave it for 48 hours. Once sufficient time has passed, I remove the concrete from the bowl and I repeat the process from the other side of the glass jar. I’ll use two equal-size pieces of scrap wood to maintain separation between the halves. Then, to fit the bulb and socket into the lamp, i’ll make a wooden base onto the jar’s spout. You can also make this base using many layers of cardboard. Our project is ready! Easy, fast, impressive! A distinct “piece” for home or workplace and mainly made by yourself! I would be pleasured if you would share your experience of making the project I’m suggesting you! Do not forget to leave your comments, to click “like” and sub to help me! You can also find me at facebook and Instagram. See you next week with a new project! I wish you a pleasant week, take good care of yourself and put your imagination to such good use! Bye!

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  1. Καλός το κορίτσι, ωραία κατασκευή, μόλις βρω χρόνο θα δοκιμάσω να την κάνω. Thank you.

  2. Πολύ ωραία και εύκολη ιδέα μπράβο Βιβη
    Παίζει να το φτιάξω αλλά όχι με λάμπα αλλά λεντ ταινία

  3. Μπράβο Βιβή υπέροχο όπως πάντα!!! Που τις βρίσκεις τόσες ιδέες!!! Χα χα α α α πρεπει να έρθω για ενα σεμινάριο ιδεών!!!! Χα χα α α α χα χα αχ

  4. Υπέροχο Βιβή!!!! Πολύ εύκολο στην κατασκευή και κολλάει απίστευτα με την Industrial διακόσμηση κάθε χώρου όπως είπες! Εύγε!

  5. Πολυ καλο Βιβι….αυτα τα μπολ απο που τα εχεις παρει; ευχαριστω πολυ.

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