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Computer Organization and Architecture Lesson 1 – Introduction

Computer Organization and Architecture Lesson 1 – Introduction

Computer Organization and Computer Architecture is the way we look at how components in a Computer system behave, and how they are designed. It looks at how different Components need to behave to process Digital Information. A Computer System is made up of different layers, and you can think of it like an onion. And just think of this idea conceptually for
now. It will expand as we progress. These layers include different aspects of
the machine, such as the low level hardware, or the Operating System, or the Application Layer. The term “Computer Organization” refers to hierarchy of these layers, and the problems associated with how each layer is partitioned, and implemented. And by Partitioned, I mean how each layer
is divided up into sections. The term “Comptuer Architecture” in this context, describes the Interfaces between the Hardware, and the Software. And by Interface, I mean a shared boundary in which two separate components of a Computer System exchange information. In this example, I am showing an interface where the two layers are using a component to communicate with each other. With Computer Architecture, The primary focus is on structure, and behaviour of the computing system. We will go into more depth as this
series progresses. And start to see how these things relate to software performance, and what impact they have. Thanks for watching the video, and be sure to subscribe!

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