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Colorful Kitchen Accessories | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Colorful Kitchen Accessories | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, why not decorate your kitchen with candy?
It tastes good too. You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the
work is far from over. We’re about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing
all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. You know, my
whole thinking behind this house and particularly this kitchen was to introduce this idea of
farmhouse chic. You know, where you have elements of a farm, but you also have some really cool,
new, fresh ideas going on — like bold color. You know, there’s ways you can accessorize
a kitchen that make it really more than a place where come and get a sandwich or you
eat or you wash dishes. I mean, it ought to have some style, right? And you can do that
by adding just a few little decorative touches in the way of accessories. Like, for instance,
this really gorgeous cookware in lots of different colors. Hey, let the color pop. One of the
reasons we did all white in here with that really dark brown floor and these butcher
block cabinet tops was that we have a neutral background to hang color throughout the room.
Of course, I use a lot of white dishes as well. Which reminds me, you know, it doesn’t
have to be a dish that you use everyday. Take, for instance, over here, I’ve got a beautiful,
old, vintage soup terrine that I found. Hey, I might use it two or three times a year,
but it looks great sitting up on the open shelves. You know, using open shelves like
this is a great way to create visual interest. And, hey, speaking of vintage, I’m jazzing
things up with some old things like this scale in the corner or even this classic old mold
in the shape of a lamb. Hey, it’s perfect, particularly when it’s juxtaposed with some
really cool dishes like these with polka dots. Look at the colors in these, look at them
really closely. I wanna show you what I’ve done over here with some apothecary jars.
So all you have to do to bump up the color is, well, coordinate it with a dish you might
happen to have. I’m taking the polka dots in this example and matching them with candy
in these apothecary jars. Hey, jelly beans, orange slices, blue M&M’s, and licorice — they
all work with this. Hey, another thing you can think about is adding some house plants
in the kitchen. House plants don’t have to be relegated to other rooms. A kitchen’s a
great place because there’s a lot of water in the kitchen, it raises the humidity, they
love it. And why stop there? Why not think about your kitchen towels, coordinate them
with the room? Do something colorful and something that boosts the charm factor. I just love
these chickens. So, are you seeing how things are beginning to come together? It’s been
quite a process finishing out this house. But bit by bit the puzzle is, well, coming
together. Make sure you share this with a friend if you like it, and subscribe to eHow

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  1. Cute ideas Allen! One must be disciplined to reside within a room with so many confections! Cottage gets sweeter and sweeter!

  2. With a "sweet tooth" like I've got those candy wouldn't last 3 minutes around me. lol. But I'll admit they do add that punch of colour you mentioned, very vividly I might add. Nice touch.

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