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  1. Was there in january. loved the city and photo ops that it provides. will come back. thanks for the nice memories.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments so far – I also put together a list of the places we stayed at: https://www.back-packer.org/best-hostels-and-hotels/#colombia

  3. welcome to Colombia..a country of beautiful landscapes, friendly people and amazing cities … this country has changed a lot since the 90s … welcome

  4. I see your spanish is getting better! By the way thanks for coming back to Latin America, we truly appreciate it

  5. I don't know why I felt insulted when you mentioned 'the importation of African slaves'… and you show two of our Cartagenian women… Sounds disrespectful, especially after saying that Cartagena was a 'major port for the exportation of silver to Spain'. I think is because you, unconsciously, consider both as merchandises… but is also because I have been to Germany and I know how racist you guys can be. I'm glad you are having a good time in my beautiful Country.

  6. Thanks for delivering this documentary of your experience. Such a shame you didn’t make it to Barranquilla, Colombia’s Northern Region most important city

  7. Love your filming style and steady hand work. Also the post editing is great! Got a sub from me and looking forward to watching your fun educational vids!

  8. I really enjoyed this video! Thanks for the information. I wish you mention the prices of the hostels, food, boat trip, etc. Just to make the video more complete. 😉I love traveling. Colombia its a beautiful country. For sure I will be visiting Colombia soon. 😊

  9. Excellent and resourceful video. I was wondering if anyone knew about traveling from Cartegena to Rincon, and how to get to Santa Cruz de Islote?

  10. i recently made a vlog and i'm super new to this. I really love how smooth this was! Great content and smooth transitions!

  11. Where exactly is the spot on the 1:07 – 1:10 of the video? That spot looks simply perfect to chill after few days of exploring Cartagena.

  12. Hey I forgot to ask – the islands around Cartegena are the beaches there better than the one in Tyrona or Palomino? As well whats the cost for 2 people on the boats between the islands?

  13. Cartagena is such a unique destination. So glad we went. We travelled with two small kids and just uploaded a video about our time there.

  14. I am colombian, looking for a good video to show my foreigners friends the highlights…. and, this is an awesome video. I would say, if you wanna go to southamerica and dont have enough time, go to Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

  15. I'm hoping to see this area of Colombia this coming summer!! We are native spanish speakers, our kid isnt so we hope everything will go well.

  16. If you remember Pirates of the Caribbean youll know why this city has walls. "It was supposed to protect the anchorage and the Bahia de las Animas, a water lane into Plaza de lar Mar (current day Plaze de la Aduana), but the fort's battery had limited range. Then the French pirate Martin Cote struck in 1569 with 1000 men, ransacking the city."

  17. Schön, dass du in meiner Heimat warst! Gutes Spanisch auch! Grüesse aus Kolumbien und komm wieder mal! 😉

  18. If you come to cartagena just text me, i can help you with the hotel, prices, Food and everything i'm from here, SOY CARTAGENERO

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for this video series…we spent the weekend watching your videos and planned and booked our entire Colombia trip completely off your trip! I do have a question, we are heading to Isla Grande but need to leave in the morning for a flight (our hotel has a boat but it only goes to Cartagena late in the afternoon). I see for your trip you did the same thing and you hired a private boat, I cannot find a service that offers this, how did you find your private boat? Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!

  20. The Spanish architecture looks different than in Mexico (Puebla is amazing btw) with the columns and balconies. Maybe it was influenced by a different time period or region of Spain.

  21. I’m sure it’s a beautiful country with nice things to do. It’s just with my luck, if I decide to go, they would be right in the middle of a revolution and all the banks and businesses would be nationalized!

  22. Great vid covering so much more of the city than I enjoyed during a much shorter stay in country for Carnival in Barranquilla. My own experience walking along the fortress wall was an amazing being able to see down into much of the old city while looking across the water at the skyline of the new city, truly breath taking! And the fresh seafood enjoyed satisfied in so many delectable ways Viva la Cartagena Colombia

  23. Excellent Video. Helped me alot planning my trip. Only thing i wanted to ask you, how many days have you gone for cartagena and Medelline? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much 🙂

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