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  1. This is something that I think 'architecture' has been looking to do for quite some time . . . BUT they DON'T want anything to go wrong. . . SO they've been progressing towards doing something like this . . . Eiffel Tower, Seattle's Space Needle, communication towers, etc..  Testing, testing, testing.  Can we do this?

  2. New York City ought to consider these for jails.  Your children are your children, New York.  NOT enemies.  When I used to look at the World Trade Center Twin Towers I would sometimes think that those might be a jail.  This would be perfect for a jail . . . to rescue your kids from an erroneous path.  Administration upstairs.  Exercise in the gardens.  Views of 'responsible life' from inside.  A fit and proper jail where people could see that children are the most important catalogue . . . not a burial ground.  And how about where the Jehovah's Witness people are about to place property for auction at the Brooklyn Bridge.  "Eminent Domaine" some more property and put THESE up!  New York City LEADING the world (within view of the United Nations buildings) as to how to respect life!  YOUR children 'feeling' their way through life . . . BUT having made a mistake . . . (NOT AN ISSUE).  OUR kids aren't throwaways.

  3. i hope ppl start inventing stuff so i can live long and healthy enough to see this bright optimIstic future without having a heart attack

  4. I think something like this can be done.  New York City ought to consider this for their jails on the Jehovah's Witness people land auctioned+ eminent domaine.  Only oneto preserve the uniqueness.  Gardens ONLY for staff and administration.  Above the gardens . . . administration offices.   In view of the United Nations for role modeling.  Stop treating the children like enemies.  I think it can be done . . . what with nor'easters and hurricanes . . . by putting three or four cores in each of the three.  People can look and know that their incarcerated children have NOT gone to hell.  Across the East River from the courts alongside the Brooklyn Bridge on auctioned Jehovah's Witness and 'eminent domaine'.  IF NOT for "The People" . . . how about for practice facilities for traveling revues.

  5. it would be awesome if a behind the scene video is made to show this beautiful concept and presentation is made. I'd love to learn how 😀

  6. We should go down in the earth not up. The surface should be clean and clear of buildings and let forest grown again like a giant park with fresh air.

  7. Omg this is so practical you can now build cities and building above forests and nature without even destroying it i wish this happens

  8. That's awesome. Keep it up. We all know that Rome was not built in one day and Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Great work!!!

  9. Outstanding presentation, design and graphic display.


    1. Winds.
    2. Thin structure oscillations.
    3. Usable and rented space is minimal due to thin structure.
    4. Excessively expensive platform.
    5. Throws perpetual shadows to nearby buildings.
    6. Aerial space invasion.
    7. Earthquakes, the structure is way too heavy on top.
    8. The steel structure for it is way too complex.
    9. Lift forces.

  10. =) I love that, may I use parts of that clip for my book trailer? I would give you credits & link in the description, of course!

  11. It is definitely very beautiful and interesting.
    However, does the author have any idea how much such a building will cost, whether it will be profitable and the housing prices in it will be affordable for the most people?
    Also, did the architect have developed sample layout plans to get a sense of its functionality?
    I personally am very curious what will be the price per square meter of the building and whether it will be paid by selling apartments and offices.
    The idea is very interesting and I do not want to be just a conceptual idea, but to get a practical meaning. This will show whether it makes sense in it or not.
    I'm convinced it makes sense, but I'd like to see the estimates.

  12. I see problems already, like the shadows of the structures and the reflections from the sun off the structures might even start fires, or at least be blinding! A nice colorful video dosn't make it any more viable! Is the water going to be pumped from the ground it is it all going to be self sustaining! Is there going to be a elevator for people and supplies or will they have to get on and off by helicopter?
    As stated, thus is just ones imagination!

  13. Um… is this a stupid contest? The amount of material to build a very very tall building without any width means you are using an atrocious amount of material for very little living accommodations. Plus the overall stability of such a structure seems terrible, Heaven forbid some strong rain or wind or worse torando, hurricane or tsunami comes along, the devastation to it, and everything around it would be terrible.Please leave architecture behind..

  14. For me it's better just a flower without the stick . Much safer and majestic . No need to build high tower . .i understand that the architecture want it to build in the city which is pack full of building and less space .

    But hey that is just my opinion . The design still look beautiful and mind blowing concept . Well done architecture

  15. very very bad, too much shadow casted on the people living under. this will lead to revolts and sabotaging the structures.

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