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Circular Patio Kit – How To – Menards

Circular Patio Kit – How To – Menards

In this series of videos we re going
to take this plain section of lawn and turn it into a beautiful backyard patio. One of
the main features is this stylish circular patio. We ll show you how to create one of
your very own. The best part of this project is that the circular patio comes as a complete
kit with the instructions and all the blocks you need. Before laying the paving blocks,
you ll first need to prepare the site. To learn more about site preparation, please
click the link on the screen, or in the description below. This 9-point-5 foot circle pac is made
up of 5 different shapes of blocks that will come all on one pallet in eight layers. Use
the included diagram to identify each type and to make sure it s placed in the proper
sequence. Start with the eight-sided center block, surround it with the eight pie-shaped
blocks and continue adding rings of block according to the directions. Check the diagram
periodically to make sure you re following the proper sequence and make sure the blocks
are spaced properly. It may also be necessary to occasionally smooth the sand the paving
blocks sit on. Make sure each block sits level on the sand. There are nine-rings total for
this project. When finished, edging is added to help hold the blocks in place. For this
project, since the circle is included as part of a larger patio, additional patio blocks
are cut and fitted around the circle pac. Paver locking sand is swept between the gaps
of the blocks to help hold them firmly in place. Make sure the blocks and sand are dry
at this stage or the sand won t fill the gaps properly. Then, wet down the entire patio
to lock the sand into place. You can also apply a couple of coats of concrete sealer
if desired. To stay up-to-date on all of Menards how-to projects, subscribe to our channel,

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