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Chores For Autistic Girl

Chores For Autistic Girl

– [Asa] Good morning! – Good morning! – [Asa] Y’all doing laundry? – [Priscilla] We are. – [Asa] Look at y’all. – [Priscilla] Yep. We’re working. – [Asa] Good job, Ab. – [Priscilla] Doing our chores. Come on. You know, spinning the drum. That’s the fun part. – [Asa] Oh, yeah. – [Priscilla] Good job. Keep going. – [Asa] Does this drum spin
like the one in the old house? – Yeah, it’s a really good spinner. – [Asa] Oh yeah? – [Priscilla] Yeah. So I didn’t have her do
any folding or anything. I just have her put it
on top and I’ll fold while she switches the laundry over ’cause it gives her something
she can be successful at. – [Asa] Yeah. – And very little direction. – [Asa] Mm Hmm. – So it’s like she’s doing it on her own. – [Asa] I love that she
spins the drum a little, pulls the clothes out and spins the drum. – [Priscilla] Keeping going. You’re doing fantastic. – [Asa] (chuckles) It’s so funny. You gonna fall in head first. Do you need help? You need help. You’re not tall enough, huh? Oh yeah. Okay, now push it all in. Push it all in. Keep going. – [Priscilla] You gotta
push it in so you can get the door shut. – [Asa] Nice. – [Priscilla] You gotta
put your dryer sheet. – [Asa] I think that’ll work. (door slams) – Okay, come here. Look. Let’s push our button. Can you hit power? Okay, and we’re just gonna
have a normal dry cycle. Come here. Hit start. (dryer powers on) Nice job. Thank you so much for your help! – [Asa] Good job, Ab. – [Priscilla] Can you pick up these socks? All your brother’s hang up shirts. – What’s up, guys. Welcome to the vlog. It’s Saturday! Abby, what you having,
some Reese’s puffs cereal? Some hurricane food even though we’re not having a hurricane? Yeah, so the hurricane changed its course. It’s going up the coast. So sorry North Carolina. Mom, I sent you a present, you’re welcome. It’s name is Dorian, take good care of it. Hi, guys. – [Priscilla] Hi. – [Isaiah] It’s really funny. – [Asa] Watching The Secret
Life of Walter Mitty, Isaiah’s all time favorite movie. He’s like, you know, you’re
basically Walter Mitty, like you seek adventure,
you wanna, I don’t know. – I mean, I’m watching
him do it right now. – Right, from your couch. (laughs) It’s such a relatable
movie though, isn’t it? It’s like live life. I’m done working for the day, almost done as far as
like work work stuff. I have a, I gotta send out some emails
for booster club things but like actual job work,
pretty much done with that. We got some like housework
and stuff but that’s not work. That’s stuff we wanna do. You know, gotta get the
dining room squared away. So we’re gonna be showing you
guys the finished dining room by the end of the vlog, promise. Definitely getting in the pool. Ab, you wanna swim today? Hey, you wanna swim? You don’t. Okay, well we’re going to, you can watch. (hip hop music) – ♪ Pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ ♪ You see the juvie I’m fitted up ♪ ♪ Hop in my car and it giddy up ♪ ♪ Secure the baggie I get the bucks ♪ ♪ Pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ ♪ You see the juvie I’m fitted up ♪ ♪ Hop in my car and it giddy up ♪ ♪ Secure the baggie I get the bucks ♪ ♪ Pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ ♪ I been on the flex since flex on ♪ ♪ Neighborhood all in your air drops ♪ ♪ I ain’t ever scared like bone crusher ♪ ♪ I don’t feel none ♪ ♪ My line doesn’t take no calls ♪ ♪ Feels like I don’t have no flaws ♪ ♪ Snakes in the grass cut no charge ♪ ♪ Your old squad, ♪ ♪ No brakes we go go go ♪ ♪ Don’t shade us, no no no ♪ ♪ Go high go low low low ♪ ♪ Like spinner in the 644 ♪ ♪ Cash money like 504 ♪ ♪ Go on like, two four ♪ ♪ No sleepin, no no no ♪ ♪ Pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ – [Asa] Hi. – [Priscilla] You’re smiling. – [Asa] Fun, right? – [Isaiah] Yeah. (water splashing) – [Asa] Hi. Are you having fun? You having so much fun? Are you having fun swimming? You’re all done swimming but
you’re having fun swimming? Cilla, are you enjoying your Saturday? – I am (laughs) – [Asa] Alright, so I’m
putting this beast together. This is part of my Father’s Day present. It’s the one that I picked. So it’s actually a pellet grill. I don’t know if anybody knows
anything about pellet grills. I’ve never messed with one
before but we’re about to learn. It’s a Pit Boss. Thank you for my Father’s Day present. – [Priscilla] You’re welcome. – I can’t wait to cook on it. I’ve never been like a hardcore griller, like smoking things and stuff like that. I was like, you know what? Try to up my game a little bit ’cause you can do smoking on this thing. You can bake on it. You can do regular grilling, like there’s all kinds of stuff you can do on this wood pellet grill. I’m stoked. It’s gonna be fun. Alright, I gotta get this finished. It’s already been like an hour
putting this thing together. Okay, so as soon as I put the camera down and stop recording, Priscilla says, do I look okay? Babe, you look so much more than okay. Like you look like a hero. You look amazing. – Aw, thanks. – [Asa] So and I know like — – I feel self-conscious. I’m in a bathing suit. – [Asa] But you look so good
and everyone’s commented how good you look lately. Everybody’s so proud of you. – Thank you. – I mean, okay, so 84 pounds? – [Priscilla] 84 pounds. – 84 pounds as of this morning, you guys. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Like you look, can I put you — – No, not, no! Not full shot, no! – [Asa] Oh, look at that. – No! – [Asa] (laughs) Look,
see how good you look? – Nope, I’m not there yet. Do not put that in the vlog. Just blur me out. I’m not gonna blur you out. You look amazing! You look amazing. – [Priscilla] Thanks. – You look, I’m so proud of you. (both laugh) – Isaiah, come lay on me so I can (laughs) – I’m self conscious, too. – Oh, boy. Look at you. – Hey. – [Asa] Fancy. Going on a date? – Something like that. It’s with her family. – [Priscilla] Family date. – [Asa] Oh, going out to dinner. – Dinner and a movie. – [Asa] Okay, have fun. – Thank you. – [Asa] What movie you going to see? – The Overcomer. – [Asa] The Overcomer? – It’s about a cross country runner. Why do they make so many movies
about cross country teams? There was that one a few years ago. – [Asa] Cross country’s cool. I ran it. – I don’t know if it’s cool. – [Asa] It was pretty cool when I did it. – Yeah, in like 1912 but… – [Asa] Go to dinner, shut up. – Alright. – [Asa] So, it looks like
we’re cooking our food with rabbit food. It looks like rabbit food in there. Those are the wood pellets. That’s what it cooks, with
clean burning wood pellets. It’s doing stuff. Oh, yeah! What we cooking for dinner? – Ribeyes. – Ribeyes? Nice. – Sound good? – [Asa] Heck yeah. – Okay, don’t mess ’em up. – [Asa] I’m not gonna, don’t mess, what you mean don’t mess ’em up? Look, it’s got little thermometers on here so if you wanna cook
different temperature, you can have two different temps going on with the meat probes. – That’s nice. – [Asa] Yeah. – [Priscilla] Like if
somebody likes it medium and somebody likes it medium — – [Asa] Right and it just
has the read out right here. – You are like all about
bathing suit shots today and I’m (laughs). – [Asa] You look great. – I feel naked! (laughs) – [Asa] No, you’re not. You look fantastic. (laughs) You got snacks? Holy cow. That’s a whole handful of snacks. – Cheers. – [Asa] Cheers. – Hurricane party. – [Asa] Yeah. – Not really, it’s not here yet. – There’s no hurricane coming. It’s fake news. Do you want a steak? Do you want the steak? Huh? Yeah? Come here. Steak! Steak, steak. Okay, I like it. I especially like the grill marks. That looks amazing. Okay, initial review of
the food off of that grill, that wood flavor is so subtle, right? – Yeah. – It’s so subtle. – [Priscilla] Neither
one of us like, like — – Yeah, I don’t like, like hardcore, like mesquite hickory smoked whatever but with that regular plain wood flavor? – Yeah. – Pellets, that has no added flavoring? It’s really good, really good. It doesn’t taste like
you cooked it with a tree but it still has that, like a
little bit of smokiness to it. That’s a good steak, Cil. I cooked ’em a little too long though. They’re a little more
done than I like them. – Oh, okay. – Not overdone. Just, they’re like medium well, you know? – Yeah. You like medium. – [Asa] I like medium. Hey, you gotta come help me. Yes, you do. You made the mess. Come help, come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. (grunts) I know. This way. We’re gonna go clean up the
back patio that you took apart, all the cushions off the couches. (grunts) And then we’re gonna do this couch too, k? I don’t mind it but you still have to clean it back yourself. Come on. (grunts) (slapping legs) (grunting) I’m not gonna make you do it by yourself but you gotta help. Give me that one right there. That goes here. Go ahead, put it up there. Put it right there. Fix it. You’re right, here. That one goes over there. Put it over there. (squeaking grunts) Take that. Ready? Catch. Good job! (grunting) Put those in the dirty clothes. (grunting) Y’all were basically
fogged out the whole time so you probably couldn’t see any of that. She did great, just so you know. Thank you. (squeaking) Go put that in the sing. (grunting) (grunting) Like this. This goes here. This goes here. Voila! (grunting) Done! All done. Come here. (grunting) Come here. All done. Take a bow. Bow. Good job! (chuckles) Good job. Are you wearing your bathing
suit cover up to go live? – Yep. – Okay. – I mean, you’re wearing pajamas. – I kind of feel like I’m wearing your criticism and judgment right now. (both chuckle) They can’t see my bottom half. – Well, I look cute — – You do look cute. – From the top up. – You look cute everywhere. We’re getting ready to go live on you now. If you haven’t joined us for
that, you’re missing out. Did you have fun? – Yeah, I had a lot of fun. – Isaiah came in late for
the live stream which is cool but he got to answer
some questions directly. So we did a cool thing tonight. We could see your faces
on the live stream. Like you guys asked us
questions one on one which was awesome and
we had some, oh my gosh, we had some amazing questions. – It felt more like a conversation. – Really good stuff. Yeah, that’s what we like about
You Now, it’s so personal, but there were some exclusive
Isaiah questions as well. You guys, Cilla, come here, look. – [Cilla] Oh! – [Asa] She’s all curled up. She’s sleepy. – [Isaiah] Dang girl,
that shirt don’t fit you. [Asa] Don’t be judging. It’s a pajama shirt! You should’ve seen you this morning. – Was it bad? – [Asa] Yeah, when I
went in to wake you up, you were completely sideways in your bed. – You woke me up this morning? – Yes, I did. – [Isaiah] Oh. – So he’s completely sideways in his bed and he’s like facedown. Don’t give me that, I know, I do that too, but sideways in his bed
and he’s facedown like this and I wake him up and
he goes, (gasps) huh! (all laugh) – I woke up twice last night. – Do we need to talk? Do we need to talk about people? – [Asa] No, I know. – So, Dad, the other day,
I wake up and I’m like Asa! Get off of me. He is turned sideways
in the bed with his head on my butt, like sleeping. I’m like — – He couldn’t find his pillow. – Like, I can’t move, he’s suffocating me. I was freaking out. (all chuckle) – [Asa] Our pillows suck. They’re not, we need to get new pillows. – So my butt is (laughs). – Yeah, your booty makes a better pillow. (both laugh) Alright, we’re gonna get this girl to bed. Isaiah was talking about his date. He had a wonderful time on his date. Alright, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye. – Bye! (buzzing) – You guys thought I forgot, didn’t you? You thought I forgot. I forgot. Priscilla reminded me and I was like — – He was like, I’ll just cut
that part out and I was like, oh no, we’re finishing the
dining room, you promised. – I did. Okay, you ready? Here it goes. Doesn’t it look nice? – I love it. – Okay, so we don’t have
anything hung on the wall. We’re gonna have stuff
hung on the wall, right? – Mm Hmm. – Put some art up there. – Yep. – Preferably Isaiah’s photos. He’s got a mission. He’s supposed to get some
photos to hang on the wall. – He’s super slow at stuff like that. I’m like, I don’t have time to wait. – [Asa] But yeah, we went with a gray. That was Priscilla’s idea
and it looks fantastic. – Yeah, I really like it. – [Asa] It’s a very subtle
offset between the white and the gray. I like it a lot. We did replace the light switch covers too so that they match the crown molding. They’re just, those are Amazon find. Awesome. – Yeah, I know. And — – [Asa] ‘Cause they were gold. They were gold and they matched
this gold spider chandelier that was in here so we
replaced it with this one. Priscilla picked that also. – Which also goes with
the one in the kitchen. – [Asa] Yep. – We got this off of Amazon, right? – [Asa] Yeah. – Wayfair. – Oh, Wayfair. Wayfair and this was, see this had, see this little tiny chip right here? That’s the chip I was talking
about where they refunded us like 200 — – $236 or something. – [Asa] Yep, that’s awesome. – And then I actually found
this piece at Homegoods and this was from my mom and Wayne for our house warming gift. So I love that. – [Asa] Yeah. – And then that is from you
guys as our house warming gift. (both laugh) It’s mail time. – All the mail we have to
open sitting over there. So we’ll be doing a mail time real soon. So we’re gonna do a dry bar over here. We haven’t found that piece yet. – Right, I haven’t looked
and then over there, I need to go to Cooper’s
Hawk and get my wine to fill up my wine bar. – We signed up for a wine of
the month like three years ago. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – And we don’t drink a lot of wine. We just don’t drink a lot but
we don’t drink a lot of wine so we have wine saved up at Cooper’s Hawk that we have to go pick up. – Yeah, I’m gonna have
probably 12 bottles. – It’s like a local winery. Holy cow! We gotta become wine drinkers. – [Priscilla] I know. – Yeah, so I hope you guys like it. This is, and we went with a big table because we wanna have lots
of people over for pots, pans and Priscilla cooking, you know? – Yeah, for the holidays. I mean, we wanna have people over. – Family and stuff like that. Everybody’s already kind
of scheduled their time that they wanna come down
and hang out and so, yeah, we’ll have lots of dinners here. – And I love this because we
have the old butler’s door. – [Asa] Yeah. – I just think that’s so cool. It’s very old fashioned. – [Asa] Yep. – And then we have the
french doors which I think, I don’t know, I just think
it feels so majestic, like welcome to my dining room, you know? I love it. It’s so nice. Aw. – [Asa] Glad you like it, babe. – Yep, thank you so much. You did an awesome job with the paint. – [Asa] Thank you. I worked really hard. – And this is painting over the wallpaper. Like it worked perfect. – [Asa] You can’t see it at all. – And guys, what was the paint you used, because you have to highly recommend it. – [Asa] Sherwin Williams Infinite. – So it’s expensive. It’s like $50 a gallon but
it took a half a gallon. – Right. She talked me into it,
the lady at Lowe’s did, but she was like, I was like look, ’cause I don’t really care
for painting but, Isaiah, this took half a gallon to paint. – Are you serious, that’s it? – [Asa] One coat, a half a gallon. – Because you put the primer on before. – Yeah, so if you’re looking
for some super high end, light gray paint, I have a gallon and a half left
over that I’ll sell to you. Let me know. (all laugh)

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  1. those same wood pellets can be used as cat litter. I use it in a at sifting pan and its better for me especially if you have allergies to cat litter dust.

  2. Priscilla I am over 300 pounds 5 1 and thinking about doing weight loss surgery, I probably will do it before the year's up. Your journey has inspired me so much, you are doing so well keep it up

  3. Hey Priscilla & Asa, I'm also in the market for gray paint and white trim. I went to Sherwin Williams paint store here in San Diego and asked for the color "infinite" like you said and they said they don't have this color. They mentioned that "infinity" is the paint brand, not color. Anyway, I would love to get the same paint colors you chose because it looks amazing. Can you help me out with the color name? Thank you!

  4. I live on the East Coast of North Carolina. We got hit pretty hard but one of my favorite places in NC (ocracoke) was destroyed.

  5. Cilla girlfriend you are have always been a knock out to me, but I'm 180 lbs and very self conscious about my body when I got with my husband 15 years ago I was 99 lbs I had just started putting weight back on cause I was recovering from drug addiction so if Asa wants to pick on you about being self conscious let but don't take it seriously just know he's doing it cause he loves you no matter how you look or feel about yourself and about him using you as a pillow my husband does that to I think that's just a man thing! And congrats on losing 84 lbs you are doing great and I would like to say your looking great!

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