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Chinese citizens thanking S. Korea for emergency assistance

Chinese citizens thanking S. Korea for emergency assistance

South Korea is providing emergency
assistance to help China contain the spread of the corona virus outbreak
citizens there express gratitude and emphasize the gesture reflects the two
countries deep friendship Oh jung-hee has the full story as South Korea sends
China relief goods to help it fight the coronavirus ordinary Chinese people are
expressing their gratitude online earlier this week
the South Korean government decided to offer two million masks and 100,000 sets
of protective clothing and goggles to help contain the epidemic in China news
of that assistance was carried online by China’s State newspaper hunter shapow
and news portal Nettie’s it’s also been reported in China that South Korean firm
hyundai motor company is offering medical relief goods worth 5 million
Chinese win and 10 million win in cash for pneumonia treatment reacting to the
news and online comment sections Chinese citizens expressed their thanks saying
Sora’s assistance shows the two countries friendship and there’s more
help on the way Seoul’s foreign ministry announced Thursday that it’s offering
emergency assistance worth another five million US dollars a couple of South
Korean associations comprised of people who’ve studied in China will buy
products that are needed in the affected areas and the government will fund it
sar says the assistance reaffirms South Korea and China’s deep bond o Jang Yi
Arirang news

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  1. All the countries and their news are lying. This is a pandemic and its too late to contain it! The kill rate days ago was 15%…https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30183-5/fulltext

  2. Thank you for what?!?

    You're still practicing the same nasty serial eating habits that you now find yourselves in.

  3. They only sent this because fkn China (CCP) didn’t let them evacuate Corean citizens without something in exchange 😒 don’t get it twisted.

  4. Thank you, for your concern and support to Chinese People, I'm Proud of your significant human contribution. God bless you. South Korea.

  5. Those commie China does have split Personality Disorder. Not too long ago, Chinese Media Call for Boycott of South Korean Goods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVMakDTrW-s

  6. Let's not lie, South Korea and China have always had a love/hate relationship due to Korea disagreeing with China's lack of human rights etc… but co-operation is key and what Korea is doing is fantastic, I believe China would do the same if Korea was in this position, it's a great way to strengthen ties between two nations who have (let's be real) never really agreed on everything

  7. here in us , we are not afraid of the virus !

    we have everything we need to protect us against.

    we have avengers, we have superman, batman and …… pelosi ?

  8. stfu china… dirty habits.. dirty communist regime. Moon Jae In bends over for China. China wouldnt let S Korean citizens leave without getting something in return.. blackmail.. China wouldnt even let Taiwanese nationals leave as requested by the Taiwanese government…

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