Hambone Blues Jam

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  1. I loved the video I just wanted to add that Armenian cuisine has a very large assortment of delicious and mouthwatering food but Armenian people during centuries and after the genocide in 1915 spread all of the world and they started sharing cultures and cuisines as well so it's normal that in other countries there are Armenian dishes and in Armenia non-armenian dishes though

  2. Burek? We live on burek. We own a life to burek stores. NJAM NJAM
    Just a fresh cheese for filling, noothiiing else in big oven plate…s i m p l e

  3. Thank you for this, it looks mmmm👌, I will make it.
    This is something good bcs you are not going to get weigh if you avoid yogurt or any drink while you eat it. I always loose kg when I eat it every day.

  4. That looks very tasty!! We don’t care about your sexual preference. Not sure why you would even mention it. This channel is about FOOD. Thank you for sharing your recipe 😊

  5. In Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦 we have pies called pita. Burek is one with meat inside, and the ones with spinach is called Zeljanica

  6. Wait who’s Armenian in the family -did he live there before? I thought he said his dad’s side is Arabic Assyrian and mother is English. Unless I missed something?

  7. I'd like to see a video that shows how to make them with the flaky dough (similar to puff pastry dough, but not quite) that is more commonly used, to my experience.

    These are made across the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and various names and fillings can be used. My favorite is the cheese filling, (without spinach). I also prefer the dough that I referenced,, not Filo dough.

  8. It looks really good. There are many videos of Korean food on my channel. Please come and see me.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. This is how they shove it down your throats, DUDE NO ONE CARES IF YOU'RE GAY OR NOT, just make your food and pray people will like it…
    You never hear how straight or victim mentality stories of other chefs… For f sake

  10. food helps you connect with being gay ? thats the biggest fucking reach maybe youve felt like an outsider because find every excuse not to include yourself cause you wanna be extra

  11. A Bulgarian here, so we call all "yellow cheese" kashkaval and "white cheese" we call sirene.We basically have 2 different words.And milk products here and meat are always good quality from our farmers so…eat borek and banica and be happy Balkan people heh

  12. Borek is from turkey we have thousand different styles, the fact that you are using a ruler to make it just shows you dont know anything about it, labelling it from armenia is just funny

  13. I wonder if he’s new in tasty, I never seen him before but if he’s not new here then uh let me know?

  14. sorry to disappoint you but borekas is not Armenian
    i ate it in israel, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania
    I think Turks invented it
    my grandma was Turkish, used to make it all of the time

  15. Omg spinach and cheese my favorite combo maybe some mushrooms would be great too I will have to try this for after the tishabav fast thanx for sharing luv

  16. Armenian rant checked. Queer rant checked.
    Its a cooking video.

    Borek has been in from balkans to caucasus to middle east since eternity. You even used bulgarian cheese in your recipe. Borek isnt even lahmacun which is also popular but was favored by armenians.

    Im a queer half armenian.

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