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Charge Your Phone With A Lamp

Charge Your Phone With A Lamp

– So, another video. Do I still have to do the
“what’s up guys” thing? Is it a trademark, if you will? What’s up, guys. Lew here, and I’m still making videos whether you like it or not. Today we’re talkin’ about a lamp. This is a weird one. You’re like, “A lamp? “Lew, not tunin’ in for lamps.” Well, this is not your
everyday average lamp. I wouldn’t bring that to you. I would only bring you a lamp
if it did somethin’ special, and this that lamp. This lamp will charge your phone. I think it’ pretty cool, so let’s go ahead, find out what this thing is all about. This is a very important part of any lamp. It’s a lamp shade. Little wrench. The actual electronic part of the lamp. That’s it. That’s the cool section for all the cool kids. Now the reason that I like a lamp that charges your phone, I mean there are other
pieces of furniture out there like tables and stuff. But the problem with the table is a table is not something that
you normally plug in, right? So having to run something down there and plug it into the wall, now your table’s plugged in. I mean I guess it’s not a huge deal. But a lamp, on the other hand, well, that’s plugged in, anyways. Plus it’s got light. And if you got one of these, cool Phillips Hue Bulbs, all of a sudden now you
got different colors, you got ambiance. You’re gonna impress the ladies. Just ask Jack what happened. He put one of these little LED bulbs next to his bed, next thing you know he’s
got a new girlfriend. He’s been buying a new place. He’s going on vacation next week. That’s the kind of stuff
that might happen for you with a fancy colorful lightbulb. Jack, that’s staying in the video. I don’t care what you say. Should I look at the instructions here? I guess I have to, right? Uck. Oh, wow, there’s a USB on the front, too. Check that out. See that? So if your device doesn’t
support wireless charging, all of a sudden now you
still get a fresh USB. I like that, Ikea. Now you know as well if anybody stands a chance at putting wireless charging in everyone’s home, it’s probably the Swedish. They’ll convince you with
their Swedish meatballs. This video is off the rails in a way like almost like we’ve never been on the rails. He’s upset, he’s got a question. But he calls Ikea and everything’s better. All right, wrench time here. Man, check out this, this little wrench here. Bingo. You know what I do like
so far about this lamp beyond the fact that it’s super high tech? There’s a lamp in front. (laughter) What I do like about this lamp, it seems actually like
pretty high quality. This braided power cable,
that’s, that’s a good look. Ah, we take that off. Look at this friendly
little lamp right here. Bulb, I have a fancy bulb. They go all kinds of different colors. You have an app for it so you can control it from your smart phone. It’s a high-tech lamp. Let’s give it a high-tech bulb. 25,000 hours. I mean, how long is that even? Is that my whole life? This video’s not about bulbs. Well, it is, but it isn’t. It’s about the lamp. Let’s give this baby some juice. This is the moment of truth right here. What do you want me to do? So you want me to just. Oh, how cool. Jack. Just drop it on, you’re charging. Now imagine this thing is beside your bed. That’s genius. So the next thing is can you just be a lamp, too. Let’s see here. Yes, you can. (soothing music) So the lamp is now connected. You can probably, I don’t know if you can see this app here. With the Phillips Hue Bulb, you’re getting a dimmer essentially, which the lamp doesn’t have by default. Whoo, look at that. A little pink for you. Maybe some blue. Match the sweater. Go over to some red there. Green. Look at that. Holy smoke, see? Hello. So now I don’t know, we might have the highest tech, you can turn the light back on now. We might have the highest tech lamp on the planet right now. Colorful bulbs controlled by a phone, wireless charging, USB port built right in. High tech for you guys. I’m box therapy, people. You just got it. Coolest lamp on the planet? Quite possibly. Did you charge your phone
with your lamp last night? Maybe. After you got this, definitely. Go to school the next day. Guess how I charged my phone? With my lamp. That’s right, teacher. Here’s your apple. I’l take an A plus, please. Woo! I’m in this. Chase me. Ah! (digital music) He throws the knife at me?

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  1. "This isn't your every day average lamp" he says
    But his most recent video is very much about a lame everyday lamp that essentially does nothing.

  2. It doesn't work with iPhones, mine is iPhone 6 Plus and it needs extra thing more, charging cover :), I mean why can't the iOS people join the fun damn Sweden!

  3. Hey lewis can u make a video on unboxing and review on the new flagship killer smartphone      one plus three

  4. down vote for having to look at the instructions like some sort of woman…..thanks for the cookies grandma!

  5. When you're about to get that awesome light bulb but you find out you can't just get one, you have to get three and it costs $150

  6. Does anybody know if this lamp supports fast charging for Samsung devices? Bc I have an s7 edge, and I don't wanna get it to find out it only supports cable charging

  7. Coolest lamp on earth: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cloudylight/cloudylight-coolest-lamp-on-earth – Kickstarter only

  8. you can charge a phone with a lamp, but can you charge a lamp with a phone? also, the iphone seven is hijacking the jack, jack! subtle reference. been itching to use it. i know it's the wrong video, but who cares?

  9. This lamp is purtty dang awesome!! I love it, ACTUALLY-
    I love every single video from/on UNBOX THERAPY!! Thankyou so much lew, you channel brings me happiness!! And that's a great thing to be able to do

  10. A piece of wood? Or the coolest wireless phone charger?

  11. this sucks. I have " NORDLI " bedroom table but here in ikea iceland they don't sel Wireless charger named " MORIK" only JYSSEN so I have to bay make some thing to make hole bigger. you have to bay six thing for that you dint know that you need. they say after i bay this fucking table " you need jessen and fixa and some thing more".

  12. literally just today bought two of these with the wireless charging when I wanted the ones without and paid 160 dollars when I was supposed to pay 80 😂 I was rushing and didn't look at the boxes too well

  13. You plug the lamp into an outlet, where you can also plug in your phone charging cord. This lamp is pointless in charging your phone

  14. does it come with a different look tho … I really like it and it's more than perfect for my new gaming/studying desk setup … but I wish that it came with the public library desktop lamps kind of a look but nevertheless it still cool

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