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Center High–Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) Camera | Ford How-To | Ford

Center High–Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) Camera | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Your vehicle may be equipped with
a convenient camera that can be helpful when hooking up a trailer and
more. Let me explain. The center high mounted stop lamp camera
is located at the rear of the cab and displays views of the truck bed area, while also allowing the driver a higher
perspective from behind the vehicle. This can be a benefit when attempting to
hook up a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer. To turn it on, when shifted into reverse, a 360 degree view will
display on the center screen. Touch the expand button, here. Then touch the high-mounted camera button. When you do, the image also gives you
a dynamic guideline to help locate the center of your vehicle for
lining up a trailer. For a closer look, you can zoom in on
the image by touching the + button. For added convenience, there’s also a LED
cargo light to help illuminate the rear area when hitching a trailer at night. Just press the button located to
the left of the headlamp control, here, to turn it on. Or the light button located
in the rear box, here. Any questions? Go to Owner.Ford.com. [MUSIC]

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