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Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer yet again I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy here are the rules you must completely use the food given you can only add to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish the previous times both of the items I don’t usually eat or cook so this time hope for the best right let’s see what’s in it [Music] spam its shkoder II it’s fuzzy it sounds like comic I hope you like it’s like spam [Music] [Music] like Volvo meet a path they award so here’s what I got Parmesan cheese mozzarella cheese breadcrumbs why onion chicken broths marinara sauce in arborio rice garlic lemon and parsley from the pantry I got its flour white wine black pepper salt and butter let’s get started make it fancy okay I’m going to set up my station I’m going to get my equipment and my special knife also I chose low-sodium chicken broth because spam is very salty so I chose arborio rice this rice it’s perfect for what I’m making right now 1 cup 1 cup of white wine it seems like you’d like to [Music] I like using alcohol yes I’m gonna start cutting onion my knife is a little dull I have to take my lady to the spa maybe after this year I’m gonna call another half so sharper the knife less likely you gonna cry and golly sometimes it’s difficult to peel garlic skin and you can just remove the ender pearl and put it in the hot water and it makes it easy to peel so I want to just like do a small means another of my favorite tool aids scraper you can like scrape something in a cutting board and easy to transfer it’s important to heat up chicken girls going to melt butter and saute onions you don’t want a brown onion you just want to make a translucent so I’m cooking in a medium heat gonna take about five minutes the garlic and saute just fragrant about one minute add a little bit more butter and melt it I’m going to add rice toast this rice until the edges a little bit translucent my chicken stock is boiling so I’m going to lower the heat I just wanted to keep it warm and I’m going to add the white wine bring it to a boil so alcohol is a plate rice absorb all white wine and it’s become a good flavor so I’m starting chicken broth one cup at the time so rice is Rory absorbing chicken stock you want to stir it constantly because you don’t want to burn on the bottom I’m adding Parmesan cheese which is very salty look at that easy we’re gonna add more I think it need a little bit seasoning so I’m going to add a little bit salt black pepper lemon zest and a little bit of lemon juice okay so we are going to chill this in a refrigerator and they’re cool to touch and you want to spread in kind of like Spain layer so it cool down faster go to refrigerator now spawn time come out did you get the sound so I’m gonna just cut this very very thing it’s very easy to cut it’s very soft I think it’s love and hate some people love it some people doesn’t like it at all so my goal for this dish is everyone eaters will love this dish ooh nice sound I want to get the nice brown color yeah hi what do you do guess what I’m cooking great are you trying to make it fancy yeah make these fun C’s I’m not a spam fan I don’t want to shock anyone yeah yeah say I’m just saying yeah I mean like I make it delicious don’t ya you should come back and try it what I make okay I’ll do it anything for you good luck thank you for stopping by I don’t want to make it greasy so I’m going to bring sheet pan and put some paper towel I’m gonna squeeze lemon so this it’s done and I’m gonna just go it I’m going to chop some parsley I have a pot of oil to fry heat the oil until 370 I like a little bit green in it and it kind of have a nice fresh flavor butter some spam and I’m adding mozzarella cheese oh my everything mixed time I feel like this one’s kinda a nice pink color gives a nice pop to it and it’s kind of pretty right now I’m going to form them into balls and I like ice cream scoop the sides is even if you like anything round it’s kind of cute almost there now I’m going to call them with flour egg and bread crumbs so this hand it’s just egg and this hand it’s just flour because when you touch egg wash it’s very you know kind of dirty make sure your rice bowls is fully coated with bread crumbs my finger it’s double fine final stretch heat up marinara [Music] this episode is all about found oil is 375 I’m going to start frying you can fry like I would say 6 at the time you just want to fry until golden brown probably 5 minutes you just wanted to make everything it’s warm and nice so cheese melts you know crispy outside that’s why you’re looking for so I got some basil leaf I found I’m going to fry it for decoration so I’m going to just try it one for myself nice do you see this look at that wait in time so arancini is very delicious sweets eating marinara so just put the drop of marinara and and we are done [Music] oh very fancy don’t you say that you don’t like fun I love this remix fan it comes in a can I’m not a fan but this is my jam mix it with rice fried up nice but on to Basel didn’t think twice she had a fancy odd that a dancing make it fancy a fictive fancy maybe buzzing I think you like it good very good yeah you made it fancy see to make it fancy I don’t Jeannie you can break it and observe it if you want to [Music] it’s good ok do you want to do them no thank you [Music] that’s a lot yeah great did I make spam confit he made it fancy yay do you wanna dance thank you for watching I hope you like it and I totally encourage you to make at home and if you make it please tag me on Instagram and comment below make it fancy [Laughter] [Music]

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