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Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty

hi I’m RIA I’m a pasty producer today I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fun see here’s the rules you must use the food given you can only add to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish let’s see what’s inside drumrolls jello I’ve never had a jello before I’ve heard of jello shot I’ve never had a Jetta even though I use alcohol for my cooking all the time it seems like it takes more than four hours to set so I’m glad we don’t have time limit this time in general I don’t like official color in my food artificial raspberry flavor is a little bit of pudding for me so I want to add something fancy I got a few ideas it could be tricky but I’m excited to make it fancy here it’s what I got heavy cream graham crackers rolls water raspberries cream cheese butter sour cream and lemon from the pantry I got four near I extract powdered sugar granulated sugar gelatin and water all right let’s get started make it fancy so first I’m going to melt butter 5 tbsp so usually butter has this measurement on a wrapping paper talks to the person who invented this my lady eats at the spa well if you’re making pastry you don’t need to use knife that much that’s my excuse ok I’m gonna go to microwave and just melt this completely right so butter is melted I’m going to process graham cracker in a food processor so if you don’t have food processor at home you can film cracker in a ziplock bag and you can just pound it with rolling pin I have 9 graham crackers you just want to grind until very fine the transfer this into a ball combine with melted butter mix until well combined I’m going to put graham cracker mixture into the springform pan just pressing down this graham cracker mixture okay now I’m going to show this in the refrigerator next step I’m going to whip heavy cream use one and a quarter cup whipped cream by hand so I can control the softness I want to go for you gain muscles and you can get the result it looks good it’s stiff peak I’m going to put in a refrigerator so jello has gelatin but I couldn’t figure out how much gelatin it’s in a jello box so I’m going to use gelatine to make sure stabilize it’s one tablespoon and three tablespoons of cold water and leave it for like five to six minutes and while we are waiting mix cream cheese 24 ounce cream cheese room temperature and a half cup of sugar if you don’t have a electric mixer just use regular whisk the cream cheese looks good so I’m adding two tablespoon of powdered sugar quarter cup of sour cream and this is also room temperature so they mix well and two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of vanilla so just mix everything well together and now I’m going to add a tablespoon of heavy cream right now it’s very stiff so I’m going to hit any microwave so this is nice and melted so if you see like lungs don’t you start strainer into the cream cheese mix and mix well combined whip cream into this cream cheese mixture it’s look like well incorporated jello time Wow punjah very strong artificial smell a tablespoon I have no idea how much sugar and how much gelatin and after shell powder in it so we have to just slow it 1 tbsp of rose water personally I love floral flavor 2 tbsp of regular water super red almost look like a blood I like roll tie rods very combination I think it works pretty well you’re too much world’s water sometimes there’s our taste like soap but if you can kind of balance it out I feel like floral flavor and Azure is very nice and fancy I’m going to divide this cream cheese mixture into 5 different portions quarter cup and half cup and one cup and one and quarter cup and leftover but we’re going I’m adding 1 teaspoon 2 and 1/2 teaspoon and then I’m adding 3 and lastly 70 spoon of raspberry jello mixture and then we’re gonna mix it so I’m adding different amounts because I want to make a different shade of pink so I feel like this dessert is a lot of steps it’s not easy to be fancy ok so I go full shade of pink and white base so now I’m going to put each cream-cheese mixture into different piping bags and after you put in a piping bag use your hand and kind of squeeze so it doesn’t have air bubble and I’m gonna go get my cake awaits the ground crust I’m gonna pipe the base mixture starting with the outer edge I’m piping lighter color in outside and piping darker color to the inside and I’m going to read with spatula so what you want to do is make a gradation of different pink almost look like a ripple and it’s almost looked like a boob repour nipple and make sure lean the side of the pan before you put in a refrigerator so next I’m going to make raspberry sauce the one pint of raspberry which is like 200 grams and 50 grams of sugar and 1/2 lemon squeezing over mesh sieve so the sieve doesn’t get into it and you heat it up until raspberry dissolves okay so raspberry is dissolved and associate stick so it’s ready I’m going to strain it because it’s a lot of seeds you kind of want to have smooth sauce instead of chunky sauce Oh in a refrigerator so I can stop with the design okay so the cake has to chill overnight I hope it’s as well and we will see it tomorrow okay so this is chilled overnight I hope this is set and let’s take out the mold I am running off the spatula along the cake nice it’s that which is good when you’re cutting the cake if you dip in the hot water it helps cause gelatine it’s become a little bit loose nice look at all these colors so raspberry sauce youth drops let me get chopsticks it’s kind of look like heart that’s cute and I’m done [Music] it’s really bad I think I made of jello fancy welcome Kevin faux make you fancy episode oh thank you for having me I’m very excited can you guess what it is and what I made fun see so it looks like a cheesecake but it looks like kind of like a cherry cheesecake it’s like very red so I would almost say maybe it’s like kool-aid did you use do you want to go one more so it’s it’s close to cool or is it jealous oh my god okay all right oh really good it does have kind of like that little bit of like squishiness from the jello Wow great work did I make jello a fancy you made jello real fancy make it fancy well I’m very happy to be here I’ve heard you’ve been calling me out and mentioning me in some of your recent episodes I miss you I’ll be make it big for me so season two I’m gonna challenge you to make me a giant mushroom I think about it mmm oh good guess what I made fun see raspberry jam I made this cake with jello oh nice thank you make sense cuz they’re no big cheesecake no makers name yeah I got thumbs up well looks like there’s only one last thing left to do yes make it fancy thank you for watching I hope you make it home if you do please tag me on Instagram and don’t forget to us make it fancy [Music]

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  1. I want to know if the people at Buzzfeed Tasty Kitchen have people to clean their dishes, or if they have to wash their own dishes.

  2. The actual valuable part is from 1:18 to 7:46. You're welcome so you don't waste your precious time with unnecessary filling

  3. The cream cheese mixture was so pretty… dunno why I concentrated on that but I was just staring at the pretty white stuff the whole time she was talking lol

  4. Imo, its ALMOST fancy. She could just use a different plating, smaller maybe? And also garnish with some mixed berries on top.

  5. Why is it always that rie never eats what she gets to make fancy

    I never had jello before
    I never ate spam before
    I never had boxed cake before

  6. As someone who gates the jello from the u.s (feels too artificially sweet compared to the 1 I had in my homeland) and cheesecake, I feel like this is something I could make and eat it happily. Thanks for creating it! Will make sure to tag when I'm able to make it. 🙂

  7. i wonder how many times rie makes video in one day, cause i remember i saw she wears that outfit on the video twice already (one of them when she made chicken piccata) i believe. or maybe rie is just like me who wears the same clothes in few days because i'm a student and i'm broke 😀 😀 maybe not, i'm sure. haha.
    love u Rie from ur Indonesian Fan <3 <3

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