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Can This Chef Make A Three-Course Meal For Two People With $15? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make A Three-Course Meal For Two People With $15? • Tasty

hi I’m Maria I’m a tasty producer today my coworker and friend Betsy challenged me to make three-course meals for two people with limited budget our budget of whatever is in this piggy bank but you will also have access to a few freebies in the pantry good luck thank you my budget is fifteen dollars first cause I’m going to use shallow and I’m going to use half shallow for my first course and I’m going to use the other half for my main dish I just sharpen my lady so it’s very sharp and you kind of want to slice like very same and I’m going to soak shallow in the water so it’s kind of removed suffice like on unique flavor so moving on to the next step I think this is one of the exciting things I’m making ricotta cheese the two cups of milk here is over medium heat for five to eight minutes add in two tablespoons of white vinegar and one teaspoon of salt when I give a gentle stir so while my ricotta is sitting over there I’m going to cut my produce I picked tomato and peach so I like using seasonal ingredients because it’s cheaper and it’s like taste much better okay so I drain my shallow I wanna just pat dry clues nobody likes watery salad okay and I’m going to make little dress one and a half tablespoon of olive oil 1/2 tablespoon vinegar 1/2 teaspoon of salt streets all over I like tossing salad of its using my hand goes hand your hand it’s the best tool so this is pretty much done I’m gonna just keep in the refrigerator and I’m going to finish my recorder next it’s separated I’m going to strain this for 15 to 20 minutes I’m going to just put it in a refrigerator so it will separate from car to way and I’m going to discard away by the way by the way where is this watery part it’s like look at the part and a card it’s the cheese part right the first thing I want to do is trip clumps what you want to do is scrub those clumps because it’s usually coming dirty and now I’m going to soak them with salt water so I’m going to keep them in a refrigerator I change water for my clump it’s a fresh water right now another protein it strips people think it’s a little expensive but if you only buy six sweet it’s not expensive and when you are buying shrimp I recommended to buy shell insurance so it’s cheaper than buying peeled and deveined shrimp because they are the cost of labor fee so my labor it should be to devein you want to cut the back part so so girls think this is good for two right yes I’m going to start boning pasta next I’m going to cook my shrimp I have 2 tbsp olive oil and butter I’m going to shrink cooks super quick and if you cook too long they will become like rubbery texture so you just want to put a minute and I’m going to add the shallots anabolic in Kota teaspoon of chili pepper and once shallow it’s translucent and have a nice good fragrance you’re going to add a half cup of white wine when you are cooking with alcohol you don’t necessarily need to use expensive one because we are cooking anyway it’s lovely its opening already just remove this once so I don’t overcook it now I’m going to add my pasta my main dish it’s almost done always tastier food so first step I’m going to heating up one cup of heavy cream vanilla extract and while it’s going I’m going to mix sugar and three egg yolks I decided to make this dish because X sugar are freely so I called boiling water my heavy cream mixture is cool to touch alright so it is well mixed and I’m going to put them in ramekins the reason I’m putting on the class when you are cooking rummaging will move around while baking or I’m moving the dish pour hot water right going to the other cranberries it’s baked I want to have a jiggle in a center I’m going to chill this two babies in a refrigerator for at least two hours so it will set ricotta cheese look you kind of want to drop some ricotta here there we’re gonna top with some sniffing our basil and when you play pasta you kind of want to do a little bit high not flat so finer you know twist the tongue sweet shrimps each I’m going to top with basil kind of want to make it even so if you don’t have blowtorch this is the easiest way to caramelize the sugar on the top so I’m just heating up with this open flame so please be careful when you’re doing a home oh my god ah good brain yes oh my sweet horses are ready to serve I’m going to bring my friend Cooney and Ramon I hope they think this meal aids more than $50 first cause it’s tomato and peach and homemade ricotta salad cheers Cheers I’m into dance I think I dish like this would be like 12 15 dollars I don’t know it’s what tomatoes and fruit yeah but like at a hipster restaurant where it’s like oh yeah okay if you go to Hollywood yes somebody’s got to pay for all the mason jar light bulbs you know yeah now your noodle overboard it’s no good okay I definitely associate like a seafood pasta dish like this with some big bucks like this is why I don’t make it at home this is like a $20 dish of the restaurant for sure oh yeah easily you’re a great choice yes so how much do you guys think the three proceeds for two people cost me I would say like 45 maybe if you got stuff on sale and you run it to the at least 60 I just use $15 no no way wha-wha can we go grocery shopping you’re like the grocery food master thank you I have one more surprise for you it’s not a puppy haha I made cocktails winter peas are useful salad and the leftover wine and soda so now you guys know what’s possible weeds only $15 cheers to that [Laughter] [Music]

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  1. All the comments in this video are so negative like any of y’all cook? Things don’t go bad the moment you open them and buying in bulk and cooking your own meals makes them so cheap

  2. Eggs and milk are freebies but vinegar and oil is not? I always have vinegar and oil (and even most spices) but I don't always have milk and eggs.

  3. В следующий раз, чтобы было честно, ей нужно ПОЙТИ в магазин. И купить эти продукты по чуть-чуть. Если ей продадут, 10 гр того-то, 15 гр ещё чего-то…

  4. Gets a budget of 15 dollars, makes homemade cheese Why not change the title to can this chef make a "fancy" 3 course meal XD

  5. I do have to agree with the video being misleading. I came here expecting to show a full $15 basket and do dishes from it. The labeling of the products as pantry freebie isn't correct as not everyone has them available. Some just don't buy those products so it's an extra cost. Plus, nobody buys half a bottle of wine either or a fourth of a pasta packet.

    Edit: You know what would be a good video? On how to make 10-15 different dishes using staple basic ingredients that most homes have (flour, sugar, pasta, chicken, salt, eggs, milk, butter, etc.)

  6. This was not a $15 meal. Only using some of a product doesn’t make it cheaper because you can’t go to the store and only buy half a box of pasta. I would really like to see this video again with it actually only being $15. Maybe actually see the shopping trip.

  7. Ok this is pritty close if you know were to shop and you shop in season. Even with olive oil and milk. You can buy the dollar bottle of olive oil and the dollar individual serving of milk. Small containers of vinigar are less than a dollar and. Cooking wine can be as little as 3dollars a bottle. Pasta also less than a dollar depending on brand and where you buy it. Everything else is by the pound so yea you just buy exact amounts.

  8. This would have seemed more legit with only $15:

    * Fermented Citrus Salad
    * Spaghetti & Meatballs / Tropical Fried Rice
    * Spicy Cheddar Cheesecake
    * Lemonade

    Tropical Fried Rice: rice, pineapple, eggs, canned pumpkin, garlic (pantry), and maybe cashews or peanuts (depending on cost)

  9. Its actually interesting I know It does not feel Like she used 15 dll becasue they were mesuring quantities but Imagine you are in a restaurant and now you know that your 15 dll cream brulee only cost them 2 dll

  10. I think it would’ve been cheaper to make your own pasta which only includes flour and egg (who knows those ingredients could have kitchen freebies!) than buying boxed pasta. Also tastes better 😋😋

  11. get white vinegar packets from a fast food place, milk packets from starbucks or tim hortons, butter from fast food places, shrimp is cheap if you buy frozen or only 6 of them, sugar packets are free at some places…point is, they are not "buying $60 worth of food and only using $15 of it" those are things you can reuse time and time again, which is why grocery shopping gets easier with time, because you still have spices and stuff that last a decade, and no longer have to buy it. i think this is very impressive honestly.

  12. Please next time buy everything for 15dollars instead of using only 1 spoon and saying it is 2 cents. And bring us with you to the store!!

  13. Would probably be better titled as $15 three course meal. But love this nonetheless! Cause sometimes I divide bbq and food for gatherings based on how much I used and not necessarily how much I spent on overall😅

  14. Impressive and not mis-leading as some comments said! If you cook regularly you'll likely have those freebies in you pantry at home.

  15. Can you guys do more of these budget meal videos? Also budget meals for one would be great, it seems like its always harder/more expensive to cook for one.

  16. WAIT WHAT half a cup of wine for 55 cents

    That's 4.64$ for a liter

    Tell me where I can get a liter of wine for less than 5 bucks

    Time to get drunk AF

  17. Store Original: Buy For Only 500!!!
    People: nah too expensive
    Store Hack: Buy For Only 499!!!
    People: Its free real estate

  18. This is great concept, but in my opinion not very realistic. I get you can go to the butcher counter in the grocery store and ask for 6 shrimps or one single shallot, but I cannot go and tell them I will only pay for half of the pasta box, or I will not pay for the bottle of wine because I will use only 3 tablespoons (for example). I can’t buy $0.12 of vinegar, it comes in a bottle and will cost like $3 I’m guessing.

  19. This is great concept, but in my opinion not very realistic. I get you can go to the butcher counter in the grocery store and ask for 6 shrimps or one single shallot, but I cannot go and tell them I will only pay for half of the pasta box, or I will not pay for the bottle of wine because I will use only 3 tablespoons (for example). I can’t buy $0.12 of vinegar, it comes in a bottle and will cost like $3 I’m guessing.

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