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Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Microwave Again? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Microwave Again? • Tasty

[Music] welcome back to chef’s out of water I’m Alexis and I’m a chef who’s always up for a challenge that’s why I’ve taken to the Internet to decide what I should cook with today I don’t know who I’m cooking for and they don’t know what I’m gonna use so let’s see what’s in this box this feels like a personal attack you know last time when I used a microwave it didn’t go exactly as planned per se oh my god I honestly like I this is a disaster I’m really hoping to redeem myself this time and make something that I’m actually proud of do I at least get researched this time better than research hi Alexis and tasty I’m Gemma Stafford a professional chef cookbook author and the host of the online baking show bigger bolder baking now although I’m professionally trained chef I do know a thing or two about cooking in the microwave some of my most famous recipes have been a pizza in a mug a three layer cake in the microwave and even a whole batch of brownies made in the microwave okay these look amazing I didn’t even know that was possible Alexis here are some of my microwave tips to get you through this challenge successfully tip number one err on the side of caution when it comes to your timing start out with around 2 to 3 minutes on the clock then check in the microwave and if you need more time after that 2 shorter increments I think that’s one of the biggest takeaways from last time is I was doing really long increments and stuff was catching on fire tip number 2 microwave on full power personally I don’t use any of the settings on my microwave if you follow tip number one you’ll be more in control of the time and less likely to set the place on fire I feel really comforted that Gemma doesn’t use different voltages it feels kind of intimidating to me and if she doesn’t I don’t need to do it either ok tip number 3 Alexis stay close to the microwave when it’s on I watched your previous challenge and you went all the way around the kitchen when you put something there stay close by so you can keep an eye on it and you’re less likely to have anything go wrong okay I think this is just a good tip for being in the kitchen I should know better Alexis I wish you the very best of luck and don’t burn the place down she seems to believe in me I have a second shot I think I can do this instead of a traditional three-course meal I’m gonna do three different brunch items three-course brunch one surprised taste tester and one microwave let’s see if I can do this I’m going to start off with a quiche how bad can it go I’m gonna try to make a crust for the quiche I know there’s a lot of like crustless quiche in a microwave but again I want to try to elevate this I want to try to make it a little more advanced last time I did burn the crust of my lemon bars might have caught on fire but I’m gonna listen to Gemma’s advice and go really slowly this is gonna be a really standard crust got my flour pinch of salt its dirt all around easy it’s really important that the butter stays cold again cold dairy equals a flaky crust once the butters all in then you can start using your hands to start breaking it apart I’m using ice water you could also use apple cider vinegar some people use vodka just helps make the dough a bit more tender so I’m just gonna shape these into two disks wrap them in plastic wrap they should chill for about an hour especially because it’s so hot in here I want the dough to be firm so it can roll out to the fridge so I’ve got one of my chilled dough disks whoo she’s tender Wow see those pads of butter that means super flaky and the butter yes I do I love butter how about you another very cool trick if you want to transport your dough you can just roll it like this oh my God look how cool this is and then you can just put it right back on and go like that magic so my dough feels really soft right now just because it’s getting so hot from the light so I’m actually going to just chill it for maybe five minutes while my crust chills I’m going to cook off some bacon five minutes with a paper towel but also Gemma said did not do anything more than two minutes so I’m going to do two minutes and then increments after that look at me learn [Music] that was seven minutes honestly it looks good there’s still a few parts that aren’t super crispy but it’s gonna be baked again in the quiche so I think it’s fine it’s pretty good so much less rubbery than last time so I’ve just got some eggs here gonna beat the eggs with some milk heavy cream add a pinch of salt cheese bacon if I was making this quiche at home I would be doing everything exactly the same up until this point part breaking is when you bake a crust by itself first put parchment paper down and then put something like beans some people use pie weights you want to make sure that the pie weights are smooth it in an even layer otherwise you’re gonna get some burning underneath I’m gonna start with two minutes goodbye god I hope this works I think we’re filming on the hottest week of summer it’s certainly a heatwave right now and there’s no a/c in this room you’re welcome I’ve been doing this for about 15 minutes okay the edges are pretty pale but the center is getting brown the edges of the crust definitely need more time but I think I just have to put the eggs in and see what happens otherwise the bottom is gonna be scorched I mean this looks great really really really want this to work I’m not gonna walk away I’m gonna just sit right here with this hob microwave and babysit my quiche let’s take a look at this this is very weird it smells great the quiche needs more time the crust is still pretty pale back and it goes okay I’m just gonna try it I’m gonna open it it’s pretty weird but I just the crust is like not cooked I’m gonna let it come to room temperature I’m gonna try a slice if it needs to be cooked tomorrow I will reevaluate moving on I’m going to make super fluffy banana chocolate chip pancakes actually developed this recipe for tasty 101 they’re legitimately the best pancakes I’ve ever had but I’ve never made them in a microwave so we’ll see so I’ve got some flour a few tablespoons of sugar pinch of salt baking powder and baking soda I’ve got my milk melted butter I also separated the yolks and the whites for the eggs helps them be really fluffy with pancake batter you actually want to leave it on the clumpy er side and actually see some pockets of flour it’s gonna help it make it really fluffy then add the egg whites you just want to stir until the egg whites are just combined I’m gonna do test without the banana and chocolate chips first because I don’t know how long this cooks and I don’t want to be wasteful I’m gonna spray down a microwave-safe plate and then add some lumpy batter the pancakes have spread all over the plate so I think I need to use a smaller plate or I need to use something that can be like a like a mold a mold for the pancake there’s literally no one on the planet who wants to eat this it’s not that bad Wow okay okay so I got a few different vessels I thought it could be fun to try and I’m ramekin first and put a little scoop batter in also gonna do two minutes straight off huh okay to me this looks kind of like a little cake more so than a pancake let me just see if this one with the lips will help okay doesn’t look beautiful but that’s okay don’t judge a book by its character don’t judge a book by its character cover well yes the heat is getting to me honestly I think it’s as good as it’s gonna get I want to serve them with some fruit some syrup on the side I think there’s a few of them it’ll make them a bit more appealing voila they’re not totally browned they’re not really fluffy but it’s pretty cute I think I’m ready to move on to my final course so far things are going pretty well I think my confidence is at a seven solid seven for my final course I’m going to try to make Eggs Benedict traditionally Eggs Benedict is over Canadian bacon on an English muffin poached egg on top I don’t really like Canadian bacon so I’m gonna use prosciutto sorry Canada I’m gonna cook it just the same way I did the bacon it’s already cured it doesn’t need to be cooked I just thought it’d be nice to get some like crisps penis two minutes crispy prosciutto Wow that was the easiest thing I’ve ever done so I’ve got some eggs here I’m gonna pour some water over it and add a little bit of acid 30 seconds two minutes a minute a minute I’m gonna do a minute oh I mean it did kind of pump I need to clean this up and I’m gonna try again so that was a bust to say the least I’m gonna omit the lemon juice this time and go in 30-second intervals that feels better oh okay it’s working it’s working very slowly look at this Oh poached egg this is amazing this is amazing this is amazing okay here’s the thing here’s the thing it’s still cooked a little too far but I think if I do like 15 seconds and then another 15 seconds for the last egg it’ll be perfect no lemon juice a little less time poached eggs are happening this is not perfect but look at that weird egg why did that happen this is the problem microwaves inconsistency I think I need to get a few more eggs what in the hell is happening I thought he’d just figured it out why is it doing this you know what I think we need bigger bowls we I I need bigger bowls maybe more water too and you know what back to the lemon juice taking it out kind of looks like an egg ghost this is beautiful a little weird but pretty good I’m gonna do one more egg hopefully it works I’ve been told my surprise guest is 15 minutes away so I’m gonna finish this egg up move on to the hollandaise and get plating so I’ve got my egg yolks lemon juice salt pinch of cayenne and then I’m gonna stream the melted butter and give it a stir pop it in the microwave and I think 30 seconds one oh it’s not the worst hollandaise I’ve ever had it’s fine it’s totally fine hollandaise on top whoa damn she thick I’m just gonna add a few chives I don’t want to shock anyone but a little flaky Cecil okay I think we’re ready for the taste test what a weird day it’s me Gemma Stafford from bigger bolder baking I’m here in the tasty kitchen to see what Alexis has come up with today I have a feeling Alexis went pretty ambitious what she made in the first video I’m sure she tried to talk that and maybe she learned a thing or two so I’m hoping it’s going to be a step above your video was amazing thank you I mean it’s more helpful than any research I could have done I have to say your first attempt was like really ambitious like such ballsy but you know you learn from your mistakes I’m hoping that you improved on it for today hey let’s get started so for brunch number one it’s a bacon and Gruyere quiche oh my gosh I love tea did you do the pastry in the microwave I did my gosh she’s crispy what’s amazing you actually have layers in your pastry that’s amazing thank you of course two is Eggs Benedict it’s with crispy prosciutto instead of Canadian bacon because I like its fancy is this really good flavor and I have to commend you the fact that your hollandaise is pretty rockin and it didn’t split the hollandaise is a win ya know that that’s really awesome I think you nailed us and the crispy prosciutto okay so the third course oh my gosh chocolate chip banana pancakes that is awesome they’re not like regular pancakes obviously but for a microwave I feel pretty proud okay you tasted these I did [Laughter] it is on the drier side it’s on the drier side yep your strawberries are really good I worked very hard on this I think there’s some things that like can’t be beat I think that’s like pancakes from a riddle completely agree but I have to say you absolutely would have fooled me but these other two I think you killed it compared to the first video and to here I think you’re you’re moving up in the microwave but we’re not gonna do the pancakes okay I think you did awesome and you know what you did so good I have a little present for you so this is a bigger bolder baking bug specifically for making milk meals it okay I could have used this like eight hours ago you could on all of it in this bowl see it’s pork and it comes in the handle so you mix everything microwave Issa as you’re good to go thank you this is for you so I’m just gonna take this I feel so good I feel elated I feel so proud of myself this was such a wild day there were peaks there were valleys but ultimately I think I redeemed myself with the microwave what’s next this is another present okay what am I gonna do in the blindfold this is a safety hazard to cook blindfolded oh god I think I’m ready [Music]

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  1. If you know how to use it, and understand the ins and outs of cooking food and what a microwave does, you can cook perfectly with a microwave. I use a microwave rice steamer for almost all rice and even the veg i cook now, and it does it perfectly. Wouldnt do veg any other way. Rice comes out light and fluffy.

  2. I feel like the clue will be cooking outside with like the old style of cooking with rocks and stuff. I may be wrong idk lol

  3. 4:59 lol she said a pinch of salt she like the lady whe she says two shots of voka * adds wholebottle* * adds half acup of salt* hahahaha

  4. Cooking prosciutto is akin to farting in the face of Italian cuisine. It's an asinine idea, no matter what the cooking tool. Just DON'T waste great/expensive ingredients like that with weird ideas.

  5. No, bitch, there are literally millions of people on the planet who would stab someone with a rusty screwdriver to be able to eat that, let alone own a microwave. FUCK YOU.

  6. I only have a microwave for cooking, I make a lot of tasty recipes, baker is right, I cook cakes for 5 minutes on 800 watts and it’s perfect

  7. Here is a tip alexis or to anyone who likes to cook in microwaves like me lol. If you dont want to burn something big usually it burns on the centre since the heat is hotter on the centre so by avoiding that you should use a medium low heat so its uhhhhh… tbh I have no idea the logic behind it but it works for me XD

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