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Bulb filled of Swarovski crystals (DIY magic lamp)

Bulb filled of Swarovski crystals (DIY magic lamp)

Hi, so let’s do a new craft with Swarovski! Here I have some alcohol. So I will only need a glass bulb and I’m going to throw away the rest of it. And now we start gluing the mixture of Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE Edge and unfoiled crystals in three sizes inside the glass bulb. This is how the mixiture will look like. Here is the bulb we made. Let’s continue! Now you’ll need to illuminate the lamp from the inside. I’m going to take such a lamp holder
and LED lamp and fix them in this lamp holder I assembled such a construction. Now we can insert put the LED lamp. I’ll stick the bulb to the lamp holder with Swarovski Ceralun Epoxy Clay. Now, let’s put it aside and wait for a day until it dries But actually, it already sticks together.

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