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Building a Sustainable Tiny House: Part 2

Building a Sustainable Tiny House: Part 2

I think that sustainability should reach multiple aspects of our lives, so in this class we’re dealing with the building of a sustainable home using sustainable practices. I think I would define sustainability as reusing material that has already been used for something that wasn’t sustainable. This project has definitely made me think of sustainability in a different way because before, I honestly never really thought about it so now I have definitely learned the importance and how it can be useful to the environment and how it can be useful to things that you are building. This project helped me understand exactly how products are made and who makes them and what is used in the product before you even get it in the house, which I think is important because people are like, “just read the label that says ‘oh this is green’,” but they don’t know exactly how green it is, and I think that is very important which this class really helped me understand. This semester has really been focused on actually beginning to construct the house, and so we’ve framed up, and insulated, and built the floor system, and the insulation for the project was actually salvaged mineral wool from a local construction site. We actually rescued it from being thrown away. I think that a project like this really challenges notions of American consumerism, and maybe offers an alternative as well as makes us think about ways that we could live differently. I feel like most Americans live outside of their means by buying bigger houses than they need, that take up more space than they need with appliances and home accessories that are completely unnecessary, whereas in a tiny house you’re restricted to things that you really only absolutely need. I think that people should downsize. Maybe it’s not a tiny house, maybe it’s a smaller apartment, and maybe you have things pulling out of walls, but you still make it work. I think it’s a good idea to start going in that direction, but one person needs to start it and keep the movement going.

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