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Building a Covered Patio – Part 2

Building a Covered Patio – Part 2

all right picking up this project right where I left it at the end of part one now since the rafters are exposed I went ahead and took the opportunity and put in some light boxes so that later on I can add in some recessed lighting but with the rafters exposed I did go ahead and run all of the romex to the boxes that I’ll need and I got lucky because I already had lights out here so it was a simple matter of adding in a few junction boxes light boxes and running the wire now I have seen a lot of awnings or verandas where the Raptors are left exposed but I personally wanted to close mine in and add some decking to the underside and I did this with some thinner plywood that has paneling on one side I would first cut it to size with these circular saw and try to work it into place now this is definitely a two-person job but once it’s wrangled into place and it can be mailed down to the rafters and I made this a little bit easier on myself by marking the rafter locations on the inside of the header and of course since I’m adding in lights I had to locate where those light boxes fell on this decking and cut them out before installing it come back little way come back your way building and it was great timing because our neighbor and Buddy Forest ended up stopping by so we actually ended up with three pairs of hands and it made this part of the job go a lot quicker I’m pretty good about finding ways to do things by myself but I honestly don’t know of a way I would have been able to handle this portion of the project all by myself once all the decking was thrown up then I moved on to adding the trim now for the back wall I added some simple 1by material however for the front and the sides I added some quarter-round material and I did go ahead and mire these ends just to give it a little bit sharper of a look and I used my brad Neill in order to attach it with all that top trim done then I move down to trimming out the bottom of the post I originally thought to use a 2 by 8 for the bottom and then either a 2 by 6 or a 2 by 4 for the top however I didn’t want them to be flush with one another so I decided to take a scrap piece of material and tuck it behind the tee by eight in order to push it out from the post just slightly create an offset for that top piece but with all the posts being on ground that’s at a slope I would first cut the side boards to rough dimension place the board at level and then measure the gap that it created I would then take off that amount of material on the other side with my miter saw so that I could then have the piece setting flush on the ground but it’d still be level on the top then in order to get the angles that the sides needed to be cut at I would simply place the board that will become the front piece in place and then trace out what needs to be cut off once all four boards were flush to one another I then started putting it together with some screws definitely utilizing clamps on the final piece in order to make sure everything was lined up in square before screwing it together then to attach it to the post I simply put in two screws on the backside of things it was at this point looking at the finished box that I decided to change up the top trim I ended up going with one by material with mitered ends I would cut all four and dry fit it before actually attaching it into place then with all of the trim I started on the final detail work going through and caulking all of the trim along the top giving all of the cedar a light sanding since it is pretty fuzzy material and then coming through and painting the ceiling and then after that had time to dry then I could come back and finish the installation of the actual light fixtures now I only went with six lights for the entire space they might not look like much during the day but at night they certainly put out a great amount of light then with everything looking so new and shiny it really highlighted just how kind of scuffie this this barn looks so I decided to go ahead and give everything a new coat of paint okay and I think that’s gonna wrap up this project now I still want to come back and stain the cedar in order to match the fence but this weather is just simply not cooperating with me but I can’t be more pleased with the way that this project turned out I hope that you enjoyed watching the tackle such a large and new project for me of course if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will see you on whatever it is I’m working on next

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  1. April I know this is not a recent video but how much time was invested into this project, total time invested? FYI you are so impressive and inspiring! Thank you for being you and for all you contribute.

  2. You are amazing! I admire anyone who can tackle something like this. I am looking at renovating my screen porch that is rotting slowly around the edges. You give me confidence it can be done mostly by myself.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I wish my father (who was an old carpenter who had experienced a stroke) could have watched you build. Your videos would have given him oads of joy!

  4. You are very inspiring! Thank you for doing these videos! I feel like maybe I can actually do some projects by myself 😊

  5. Great job, you and my sister would be excellent friends. Her and her husband pretty much rebuilt thier house in Grant, Michigan. I helped them, but not as much as I wanted to. Being disabled really sucks!

  6. Awesome.. See give a girl a hammer and some nails and look out.. AWESOME !! I'm sure you would be great at anything you try to do.. My girls are the same way.. Thank you..

  7. It may not be a big deal in TX, however, that 2/12 pitch is going to come back and haunt you. Especially with those tiles. Great work though. 🙂

  8. A drywall lift makes it easy. You really should knows this. They are sold everywhere including Home Depot. I have one. If you ever do drywall on ceiling then you will appreciate one.

  9. I am from Temple, Texas–now living in Norfolk, VA….I love to see a "Country Girl" hard at work! I miss home. Love the vid…great job!!!

  10. Holy crap! You are my hero!!! How long did it take from start to finish? I am thinking of doing something similar to my house. Most likely will end up just paying somebody else to do it (mainly due to lack of time) but it sure is tempting to try and DIY it…

  11. Wow 409 dislikes ???? This girl did amazing job!!!!!!! Everyone has there ways of doing it diffrently and just watching this whole video i am more then please!!!!!!!!!

  12. A true renaissance woman, I love your work and wish you were my neighbor. I have soooo many ideas but don't have the wherewithal to get them completed.

  13. Все здорово. Поставил лайк. Русскоязычный если ты смотришь это видео и читаешь комментарий. Я и за первое видео лайк поставил.

  14. I've got great Texas neighbors, but do your neighbors ever say "Oh hell there she goes again." 😉 Love your videos.

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