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Build a Computer for Architecture Part 1: Why DIY

Build a Computer for Architecture Part 1: Why DIY

I’m Ben and this is hyperfine resources and
tutorials for architects by architects today I’m talking about building your own computer
for architecture school or for professional practice and I’m going to talk about exactly
what that means how you do it and why you should do it so this will probably be a two-part
video in this first part I’m going to talk about why and there’s four good reasons I
think for building your own computer I was a lifelong Mac user and then when I started
graduate school in architecture I started getting into Revit and 3ds Max and v-ray and
rendering and and it turned out that I basically wasn’t getting the performance I needed from
my MacBook Pro running parallels or bootcamp and installing Windows so I decided to actually
go to a PC and as I began to research different pcs I asked someone who knew about computers
if they had a recommendation and they said you should just build one yourself and I had
no idea what they meant I thought you had to solder microchips together and I just I
didn’t understand at all what he meant by build your own computer it turns out it’s
a better term would just be to assemble your computer so you buy all the different parts
that make up a computer and you assemble them and it’s it’s really fun you learn a lot and
I think there’s four great reasons for doing yourself I’m gonna share them now right number
one you can save money when you pick and choose the parts you want and assemble them together
you can usually end up with a more powerful computer than you could buy for that same
dollar amount so if your budget is $1,200 if you buy a computer off the shelf for $1,200
you will not get the same performance as if you had bought all the parts yourself separately
and assembled them together you can probably get something similar but there’s going to
be something whether it’s the RAM the processor speed the graphics card there’s going to be
something with that off-the-shelf computer that you’re just not going to get the same
value for with if you do it yourself number two I think this is a big one that you will
learn a lot about the link between the hardware and a software that you use and you will in
turn become a better designer I think if you’re getting into a lot of the architectural softwares
especially if you’re gonna be doing a lot of rendering with say 3ds Max and v-ray the
performance of those softwares are very closely tied to the hardware in your computer so the
more you learn about what’s actually in your machine it will make you a better designer
it will make you more efficient in the work you do and you’ll be able to make more informed
choices about sort of the way you use your software based on what what hardware you have
in your computer number three is kind of closely tied to that is that you can customize the
computer any way you want so when you are searching for a premade computer you can definitely
filter out you know filter for the different specifications you want but you might not
be able to find exactly what you’re looking for a hundred percent so when you assemble
it yourself you can pick and choose you can basically handpick the pieces that you want
to go in your computer and you get exactly what you want number four this is another
good one is that you can update parts along the way so if your computer is a couple years
old you don’t have to start from scratch and build a completely new one you can update
individual components within that computer so the computer I have downstairs right now
that I’m replacing it’s actually about seven years old over that period of time I’ve updated
the RAM I’ve added more hard drives I have I have installed a new graphics processor
unit so I didn’t have to start from scratch with a whole new computer I was able to update
parts as I chose and some of those parts are salvageable so the computer I’m building today
I decided not to buy new graphics card because I updated the one in my existing computer
last year it’s still perfectly good perfectly capable and I can save a little bit of money
today by not having to buy a new graphics card so you have the opportunity to remove
and install new pieces along the way so those are four reasons that I choose to build my
own computers I’ve been doing this about seven years now I’ve built maybe a dozen computers
between workstations and render nodes and I highly highly recommend doing this if you
are going to be a professional architect working for yourself or if you’re student looking
for a powerful computer to use at school this was part one of the video part two I’m gonna
actually put this computer behind me together I’m going to talk about the different parts
that I chose you can also read all about this and find my full parts list over on hyperfine
architecture comm check out the resources page and check out the blog page for free
resources and tutorials for architects and students thank you

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  1. Thanks bro,
    I'm a user of laptop and I'm b,arch student. I wanna to shift to PC.Can u tell about what all I need to assemble PC? Accessories monitor CPU like those things

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