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Brooklinen Natural Down Pillow Review

Brooklinen Natural Down Pillow Review

[music] Sarah: Hey guys, it’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’re taking a look at the Plush Down
Pillow from Brooklinen. I’m going to show you what it’s made of, what
it feels like, which sleep styles it’s best for. Pretty much everything you need to know, so
stay tuned. Before I get into my first impressions of
this pillow, I just want to say that throughout the course of this video, any questions come
up or you want a personal recommendation from me, please feel free to give me a shout in
the comment section below. I’d be happy to help. The first things I’m noticing about this pillow
is, first of all, the cover fabric is very soft to the touch. It’s also quite breathable. I can tell it’s breathable because when I
push into the pillow, I can feel the air flowing through the fabric. I’m getting a good idea this pillow’s going
to help me sleep cool. The next thing I notice is it’s got this classic
hotel feel. It’s the pillow you might find at a hotel. It’s cloudlike, really fluffable. As the name suggests, has this downlike feathery
feel. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s
inside this pillow. The cover fabric of this pillow is made from
100 percent cotton and woven into a 400-thread count. Cotton does tend to be a more breathable fabric. That’s why we’re getting that nice airflow
through the pillow. The cotton does feel nice, light, and breathable
to the touch, but because it’s woven into a nice high thread count of 400, it’s giving
it an impeccably smooth feel. On the inside of this pillow is 100 percent
Canadian white duck down. Some of you might already be familiar with
down pillows. Like I said, they’re frequently featured at
hotels. Something that I love about down is it’s got
a reputation for this fluffable, huggable, feathery feel. Another great thing about down is that it’s
got a supportively quick response to pressure, but it’s also easy to manipulate within the
cover. What I mean by that is if you want to increase
the loft, it responds well to being fluffed. Just give it a few enlivening fluffs, and
you can see the loft increases, but also it’s easily compressed into a very low loft. Stomach sleepers, in particular, are generally
more compatible with down or down alternative pillows. Under pressure, you can bring that loft down
to an inch or less. In the case of this particular down, the folks
at Brooklinen treat it with something called ultra-fresh antibacterial additives, which
basically make this pillow hypoallergenic, but also especially resistant to mold, mildew,
and any other icky allergens trying to crawl into your sleep space. Additionally, this down is ethically sourced. If you want to know more about the antibacterial
additives used or the origin of where the down comes from, there is a lot of detailed
info on Brooklinen’s website. As you can see, the pillow is a traditional
shape. It’s got an even loft on both sides, so if
you want to dress your pillow with a pillowcase, you totally can. Let’s talk about which sleeping positions
are going to be best for this pillow. [music] Sarah: After thoroughly rolling around with
this pillow, I have determined that it’s best for back and stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers, in particular, need a pillow
with a lower loft and, ideally, a compressible fill, which is why I said earlier that down
and down alternative pillows are ideal for stomach sleeping. The fill is easy to manipulate, and it compresses
under pressure. Back sleeping, same thing. Back sleepers can experiment with loft and
firmness a little bit more than stomach sleepers can. When I was in the back sleeping position,
I found the down to puff up around the sides of my head, keeping me very comfortably cradled. In both back and stomach sleeping positions,
the most important thing is the loft, and the firmness kept my head, neck, and spine
all in neutral alignment. Though it does have a lofty build, which,
like I said, is very fluffable, it’s too soft and too compressible for side sleeping. Side sleepers, in order to maintain that neutral
spine alignment, need something with not only a very lofty build but something that’s a
little bit firmer so that it’s not going to compress down, taking your head with it. That said, I am testing the Plush Down Pillow
here, which, like I said, is going to offer softer support. Brooklinen also offers this pillow in a mid-plush
and a firm option. If you’re interested in this pillow and you
are a side sleeper or a back and side sleeper, you might want to try those firmer feels just
to make sure you’re getting that good support. I know I’ve hit you with a lot of information,
so let’s recap the highlights and potential pitfalls so you can decide if this pillow’s
the right one for you. There’s a lot I’m liking about this pillow,
but just to name a few of my favorite features. First of all, I love the feathery, fluffy
feel of this down pillow, but also features a nice high fill power of 600. Fill power is a phrase you’re going to see
often if you’re ever looking for down pillows or down comforters, down jackets. Basically, it’s a term that refers to the
measurement of how lofty, how fluffy a down product is. In my experience, some down pillows, it’s
compressible. They lose their shape over the course of the
night, but aiming for a fill power with 600 or higher is a good way to make sure you’re
getting a nice, fluffable pillow that’s going to maintain its shape. That said, because down is such a compressible
material, this particular pillow’s going to be especially compatible with stomach sleepers. Like I said, stomach sleepers do need a lower
lofted pillow with softer support. Getting a down pillow with a compressible
fill is a good way to make sure that when you are in the prone position, everything’s
in healthy, neutral alignment. For those of you who are on the fence about
sleeping on animal products, it’s comforting to note that the down used in this pillow
is ethically sourced from ducks who are responsibly-raised. Not to mention, the down has been treated
with the antibacterial additives that make sure this pillow’s hypoallergenic, which might
be particularly beneficial for those of you with sensitive skin or allergies. A few things to note about this pillow before
you make up your mind. First of all, wash care. The folks at Brooklinen recommend that you
only dry clean this pillow. Keep it fresh for as long as possible. Of course, not everyone’s going to have the
time or resources to dry clean their pillow every time it gets dirty. If you prioritize easy wash care, that is
something to think about. Another thing to know is down pillows do tend
to be a little bit pricier as compared to other types of pillows. Ranging from $99 to $119, this pillow’s no
exception. It’s worth noting that this is an average
price for a down pillow. Again, it’s just not going to be in everyone’s
budget. [music] Sarah: That’s it for me, but for every last
detail on this pillow, be sure to check out my written review, which is linked below. By the way, if you want to know more about
Brooklinen products, we reviewed quite a few of them, so just Google “Sleepopolis Brooklinen”
and they’ll all pop right up. I do hope you found this video to be helpful. If you did, be sure to like and subscribe
to our channel. Follow us on social media. We’re always uploading more content with one
main thing in mind — to get you some better sleep. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time…

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  2. This one sounds very interesting to sleep in. I'm a stomach sleeper so I'd bet it would be soft, but idk how much it would support.

  3. Nice video, I want one. I don't have a down pillow yet & I'm a back sleeper so this should be perfect for me
    Thanks for all the info!

  4. Ultra fresh antibacterial additives! Awesome! Nice to know they make a firmer version for side sleepers. Thanks!

  5. I'm not a fan of compression in pillows, probably because I'm a side sleeper. I would like to see a test video of the firmer option.

  6. I used to be a stomach sleeper and never could find pillow i liked. Sounds like this couldve been a good choice for me back then

  7. Soft, plush down AND sleeps cool? Yeah I need a few of these, especially since I tend to hug my pillow in my sleep

  8. Nice pillow, but just not for me for my head pillow, I could use it as the one I tend to cuddle and throw around during the night, but I am not a stomach sleeper so it wouldn't help me there.

  9. This may be a bit too fluffy for me. Dry clean only is definitely inconvenient. But my stomach sleeping husband may enjoy this. Thank you for the review!

  10. I love true down pillows, really like the anti bacterial. I'm a side sleeper but I sleep w/two pillows, I do wonder if this could add to problems with my already injured neck? I have a bottom pillow to put my shoulder on & I slide my arm up under to hug my top, soft pillow. Would be very interested to know if possibly the middle fill offering would be a good option for me to try one pillow sleeping? Nice review!

  11. beautiful pillow and it looks nice and comfy and fluffy and i love that its white duck down and treated to be antibacterial. I am sad that its not great for us side sleepers 🙁 another great review thank you for all of the info

  12. What’s the difference between down pillows in US vs. Canadian duck down? Great to know this pillow has breathable fabric that sleeps cool thats 100% cotton cover with 400 thread count

  13. I'm not a fan of down pillows. I'm also a side sleeper, so this one probably wouldn't be the best fit. Thanks for the review though.

  14. Need my pillow to be breathable,fluffable, cloudlike and feel like cotton…oh! I think I've found it…nice review as well!

  15. I really loved this review of the Brooklinen Natural Down Pillow, even though it's not for side sleepers like me. Love the 100% cotton, breathable, 400TC cover!!! Also, impressed the 100% Canadian Duck Down treated with Ultra Fresh Antibacterial additives for allergens… Hypoallergenic!!! So sad that this is not for side sleepers, but I was kind of expecting that since it is 100% down! I've seen this before with down pillows. Wishing I could be a back-sleeper!!!! Thanks for the great review!!! This looks like a very nice pillow!!!

  16. i never understand how most side sleepers sleep with their elbow down. that looks and feels so uncomfortable. my elbow needs to be up past my head lol facing the wall. i never knew anyone slept with elbow down by your chest till i started watching sleepopolis review videos haha. now i know its a thing and it confuses me xD

  17. I wonder if the anti-microbial treatment helps with the stale smell that down tends to develop? The smell of down has always been a sticking point for me as much as I love its feel and compress-ability. As an aside: until this review I never realized that it's the compress-ability of down pillows that makes me love them so much! As a stomach sleeper I really struggle with the fact that so many pillows either have a loft that's too high for me or aren't easy to reshape and flatten. Thanks for the review!

  18. Being a stomach sleeper, I used to love down pillows until the doctor determined that I was highly allergic. Maybe I can find a down alternative from Brooklinen because this looks fabulous!

  19. I love the fluffy feeling of down pillows… but I am a combo sleeper. Maybe I can get one for each postition.. haha! Good to know that the down is ethically sourced. Thanks for sharing!

  20. This pillow prolly wouldn’t be best for me since I’m a side sleeper however I do like the versatility in the pillow when it comes to manipulating it whether I would want it to be more fluffier or more compressed.

    This would probably work better for my husband as he’s a back combo sleeper.

  21. The fact that it is treated with Ultra Fresh Antibacterial Additives. I tend to be a back or stomach sleeper so I would really like one of these pillows.

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