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Bridging 101

Bridging 101

“Well we were homeless for like.. two three months. “three months. “And remember that I built a circle of boxes like moving boxes so that we could sleep in the middle
because he was eight months old and I didn’t want him to crawl away if he woke
up. And we slept on the floor kind of a circle of boxes. and I said this can’t be life. This can’t
be where I’m supposed to be.” my name is Fran Heitzman and i am the founder of Bridging.In 1987 I gave away one piece of furniture then look what happened.
You know, everything exploded on me! Through the effective reuse of donated items bridging improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to
those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.
“What bridging means to me is simply the community coming together and bringing
the best that they have to help one another in need. “They get to come through and work with some personal shopping volunteers and pick out the items they
need for their home.” “And we supply them for everything from a couch like this right down to a spoon! About 75% of our donations come from individuals. They can either drop the items off here at our warehouse Monday through Saturday or we do have an in-home and curbside pickup service that we offer as well. The
other 25 percent comes from corporations, local retailers and companies that
donate their items to us. “Everything that we’re we wanted and more!” “A fresh start and a peace of mind. Having having that good foundation, having everything that you need in the beginning so you don’t have to worry
about it later on down the road. “A home that looks even that feels stable.” We need your assistance in three specific areas. We need your time. Our
lifeblood are our volunteers.We need your quality items, new or gently used to
help us fulfill our mission. We also need your money. So whether it’s $1 for 1
million dollars we would appreciate your financial partnership. when good people get together and do good things then good things happen!”

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