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Brecknell Scale – Contactless Tare Setup

Brecknell Scale – Contactless Tare Setup

Hi, Travis from POSGuys.com, Today we are taking a look at the Brecknell
6710 scale, and going over tear options for it. One of the unique tear options of this scale
is that it has a motion sensor in order to do tear. So, if you are trying to do something like
put a tray on top of the scale and your hands are dirty because you are using raw meat or
some kind of chemical and then you want to do a tear, then you can just wipe your hand
over the sensor and it will redo the tear so that you can zero out the scale and get
an accurate weight of what you want. So, the first step to setting up the tear
is to turn on your scanner. So, you turn it on and let it initialize. Once it is showing the double zeros, it’s
ready to initialize. You are going to hold down the “hold” button
and the “zero” button for 3 seconds and this will take you to the setup menu. Once that’s done, your going to hit the “unit”
button, and this is kind of like your up/down arrow, and then the tear button is your enter. You are going to hit it once. The screen will say “user”. You hit “enter”, it will show a reset, and
then you hit the select 7 times. It’s going to say “other” on it. You will hit “enter”. Then you will scroll down. It’s going to show NLdrG, and your going to
scroll to PHdrG, which is 6 presses. Once that is done, you are going to hit the
“tear”button for enter, and you will see a number there. So, if you have it set to 0, then it won’t
do any kind of motion sensing tear. If you set it to 1, then you have to be very
close. And if you set it to the max value, which
is 8, then it’s going to be able to do it from very far away. For testing, I will set it to that and hit
“enter”. Then you will have to hit “on/off” so that
you can verify that the setting is there. Then you are going to hit “on/off” 3 times. Its going to ask you if you want to basically
save. You hit “tear”and it goes through the reset. So, now it’s zeroed out. And now, when I wave my hand in front of it,
you heard that beep, and that means that it is retearing. So, if I put a heavy weight onto the scale
and then wave my hand in front, then it will zero out. So that’s a nice trick for being able to do
a tear without having to physically touch anything. You just wave your hand, take it off, and
it will retear. If you want to turn off the beep then you
go through the same process again except that you leave the setting at zero. This has been Travis from POSGuys.com. For more information on Brecknell scales or
to purchase, please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thanks

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