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  1. I Forge't to say… look's Like Star trek Next generation device.. maby jordy L. use this …? a new movie coming soon??

  2. Mr. Mobile I've followed your career since pocketnow back when I got my first Android the LG Ally. You really are an amazing reviewer. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Superb review, as always @mrMobile. I have become SO addicted to your vids, it almost scares me whenever i get one of those 'what if' moments..

  4. LG tone ultra plus model has two retractable earbuds, for private listening, and one mono speaker on the right side. It's not super loud but is convenient to switch between buds and speaker. And start at only $120 at Best buy. But I've seen them as low as $60. I love them just wish they had stereo speakers and a little more volume. And they look like a normal set of neck Bluetooth headphones. Not these monster sized ones from Bose and the LG studios

  5. You know, this might be good for people who don't have bluetooth in their cars. They could where this to listen to their own music. I don't know how safe that'd be but… just a thought.

  6. I am actually interested in learning more about that chair you were sitting in when talking about the podcast. That looks sweet.

  7. Very interesting for sure. Almost futuristic look how it’s a flexible personal speaker draping our your neck. Hell if google could cram in their botched glass tech into this thing it pretty much be a real working neurolinker.

  8. WOW , I got mine today ,not in Europe yet so I was lucky Amazon send them to me in the Canary island spain , they or great sound brilliant and better than i expected , with new update sound is even better than what they where when come in box and some tewaks to music player , now it acturally sound like you have earplegges on but not , have to try to hear how amazing they or . from one mike to another thanks for great review michael ,big follower of you for years now 🙂

  9. lol i can't.. just thinking about it touching the back of my neck just grosses me out.. i would need to wear a collared shirt everytime i use that thing

  10. For years I'd been looking for a way to have my podcasts with me while I work / do house chores that wasn't headphones. This product answers my prayers! Great review, thank you for this video!

  11. I wonder if you can run in these. Or would they bounce all over the place. I like the fact that you are aware of your surroundings when you have these on.

  12. I am one minute into this video. This is the first video I've seen of yours. Just want to tell you that you are doing an amazing job with your videos in respect to editing, production, and presentation. Keep it up!

  13. This review doesn’t tell me the most important thing, how does the sound like to those near you? I plan to use it in my office where I share with other colleagues, we play music in normal volume in our office. I want to know if I wear this on my shoulder, does it sound loud to the person sitting next to my desk? That’s an important question seems not answered by your video unfortunately.

  14. bought it lastweek for on the Honda motorbike…bought a vintage Honda a few months ago and didn't want a radio on the motor so got this…works great for on the motor

  15. Wait, micro usb is old now??? Did I miss some futuristic technology appart from wireless chargers?

  16. Hows the sound quality after 6 months of use?? Im extremely interested in these speakers, my only concern is that the speakers will pop or burn out with time and since i love listening to loud music i feel like that would happen fast. Can you please let me know if they still sound great after six months

  17. I am really gravitating towards these because I love having music close to me when practicing drums or just listening and often times headphones get way too tiring to wear. When I’m practicing I take hours and hours listening to one song. And sometimes having headphones just feels icky when you’re sweating all over the place. I’ll wait for either a price drop or a sale on these. $300 is just way too steep.

  18. wow your reviews are incredible!!1 I have never felt wow to a review video. Very thorough! Thank you sir. I am wondering if I can buy this to wear and sleep with white noise. Will this work?? Can you please let me know if its safe to wear and go to bed, will it break?

  19. Awesome I will totally buy and use this. I work in a shop and the old people complain about the loud music and we can't wear headphones. This will make it easier than carrying a tiny speaker around 😉

  20. I have worn these in a store, and they are very comfy, but considering that the only places I would really be able to use this is when I'm alone I don't see why I would need to drop $300 on these when I have a perfectly acceptable bluetooth shower speaker that cost $20. This is especially true because I have a surround sound set of speakers in my living room, a soundbar in my office area of my home, and a few sets of headphones. It might only get used while I'm outside pulling weeds tbh, but I currently use the $20 speaker I mentioned above for that. I think it would be a nicer experience to use the soundwear for weed pulling, but still $300 is kind of too much just for that.

  21. I don't think these would be a good choice in a public setting…too easy for someone to snatch and take off with them. But seeing a set at Best Buy, I would love to have one. They would be good for driving, around the house and around the yard…and maybe in the office. But they are a little on the pricy side at almost $300

  22. I'm disappointed with anything that came out of Bose in terms of sound quality but this set of speaker sounded pretty good and you can feel the vibration on your shoulders. They could have very easily included an MP3 player, AM FM, emergency and TV channels without impacting the cost with the benefit of untetherd the cell phone. The downside is no ambient noise isolation and look pretty stupid in public. As a last thought it should come with noise isolation for noisy environments like on a train, bus or even a busy restaurant.

  23. I've always been intrigued by this and happen to stumble onto your vid. Great review BTW. It looks like an interesting idea, but I was always concerned about usage outdoors. This would definitely come in handy at home. Seeing that LG one with deployable earbuds though, made me realize that there is no reason that Bose could not have just implemented this on their QC30. It already has the wrap around design, but the advantage of headphones for privacy when outdoors. If they'd done that, I would have gladly spend $500 for it. It would be a complete indoor/outdoor headphone solution.

  24. WOW! Less than a year later the LG Tone Studio Speakers are discontinued according to the LG website. The Bose SoundWear Companion is still for sale on the Bose website. Guess the LG speakers weren't as good per the review. https://www.lg.com/us/bluetooth-headsets-headphones/lg-HBS-W120-tone-studio

  25. i tried it out and it works very nicely. The sound is clear and crisp. If you see someone else wearing it, all you hear are quieter muffled sounds

  26. @mrmobile as I am always at awe with your tech review a specific item of yours catches my attention, your mug with your mrmobile logo is dope looking, how in the world can I have the same mug to put my coffee and drink it while watching your reviews I REALLY REALLY REALLY like it 😁😁😁

  27. Can see it as a good accessory for chefs ; ) But then again bluetooth in-ears are probably still 10 times better..

  28. I work out of my home and talk to clients throughout the day. This product is perfect for me because I can walk and talk anywhere- from my home office, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom as necessary.😬 The quality is if they’re standing right next to me. I can multitask easily since I don’t have to hold a phone or a cellphone. This means that I can carry on conversations while making breakfast, typing an email, or sending a text. It’s a multitaskers dream. If not conversing with a client, my wife, or on hold with customer service, I can listen to music or just shut it off and listen to my Bose Soundtouch system. I give this product an A+ because it meets my needs extremely well, however it may not be for everyone.

  29. i bought this 6 months ago. i use it everyday. people at work dont even notice it on me anymore. yeah its pricey. but i cant imagine me not wearing it anymore

  30. 1:20 Thanks for bringing this point , as I was looking to exchange my bose qc35 II for soundwear for the fact that headphones are really tight to my ears and I couldn't use them for more than 2 hours. Seems I'm wrong in the understanding of soundwear uses directional speakers and the sound will be audible only to my ears.

  31. 3:05 actually the speaker is flexible, so you can bend it to make it easier to fit the sleeve back on

  32. I saw your review when you released it and didn’t imagine buying these. Fast forward to 2019. I ride scooters and skateboards. I’m in the market for a speaker to alert pedestrians of my presence. My handlebar is packed already. I walk by what else but these! Bingo. I buy them (now cheaper) and go skateboarding.

  33. I can see myself getting these, price vs value seems worth it. Only thing preventing me from doing so is the use of micro USB. Close Bose, but not close enough unfortunatly.

  34. Now I'm curious, Is Mr. Mobile recording himself ALL the time, or did he re-enact everything for the purpose of this video? Either way, the commitment is impressive.

  35. They could have attached earphones on the sides and an option to switch between them as and when required.

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