Hambone Blues Jam

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  1. Vous avez plusieurs oiseaux qui aiment les oranges chez vous! Et ils empêchent les autres de venir au fruit convoité. Le deuxième ressemble à notre dindon sauvage et il est ardu de définir la couleurs des yeux du dernier. Bleus ou mauves? Peu importe, ils sont superbes! Très belle vidéo! Agréable semaine à vous!

  2. :)! Blue eyes – wonderful – many thanks dear Dee – great footage – like 7 – wish you a great week – warm greetings Petra

  3. What a lovely idea to provide fruit for the birds in this manner! That blue-eyed beauty is something, but of all your fruit-eating guests the second fascinated me most, looking like a mini-vulture and also behaving like one :-))) Thank you for another delightful treat, Dee! Happy greetings, Ma♥

  4. They do love fruit. Those are very happy birds. Makes me feel so warm watching. We had a snow storm last night. It’s so cold. Always lovely videos made by you Dear Dee. Hugs b

  5. An absolutely beautiful video! Very interesting.
    Congratulation . I liked it dear friend.
    Kind regards ,
      a nice new week, Lolo

  6. The Leatherhead is sure an unusual looking bird. I can definitely see how he came about his name. Thank you Dee for sharing another batch of new and different birds. You seem to have an unlimited variety at your backyard bird oasis. Have an awesome week. Regards, Randy in Arizona, USA

  7. They are enjoying the fruit Dee. I tried orange with our birds after I saw Brenda had tried some but they didn't touch it… Have I just got fussy birds over here!!. Thank you for sharing. Warm greetings, Julie.

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