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Best Out of Waste Wall Decor : Room Decorating Ideas Using Quilling & Ear Buds!

Best Out of Waste Wall Decor : Room Decorating Ideas Using Quilling & Ear Buds!

How to Make a Beautiful and unique Wall Decor Using Quilling & Ear Buds This is a best out of waste wall hanging craft made using recycled items. Things You Need… Cardboard, Quilling Strips, Quilling Needle, Cutter, Pencil, Scissors, Cotton Bud, Adhesive, Colors Glasses, Glittered Paper Take a circular cardboard of 15 cm diameter and draw the markings on it as shown. Cut out a similar piece on the cardboard as shown. We need 3 such circular pieces. Take color sheets and draw the marking as shown. Cut along the markings. Now draw the circles on the sheets. Make small cuttings on the sheet as shown here and paste them on the cardboard circles. Repeat the same process with the remaining cardboard circles as well. Take another cardboard piece and draw the markings on it as shown. Cut it. Take quilling strips and make tight coils of it as shown. Give them the tear drop shape using your fingers. We need multiple such designs. Take a circular cardboard and paste the quilling designs on it as shown. Take a blue quilling strip and make a tight coil of it. Paste it at the center of the flower as shown. Take the cotton buds and paint them as shown here. Now paste these cotton buds on the design like this. We need 3 such arrangements with differently colored cotton buds. Take the cut out cardboard strips and pint them with black color. Paste the colored strips in the form of a triangular design as shown here. Paste the circular designs on the three corners of the triangle. Take glasses of different shapes and glitter paper. Use it to decorate the wall decor as shown here. Cut out a small strip of the glitter paper and cut it further to get a small piece. We need several such small cuttings. Paste these glitter cuttings on the design as shown Complete the design with mirrors as shown here. Use this vertex of the triangle form to hang on the wall. Wow!! Your beautiful DIYwall hanging is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  1. I had to say I love your ideas I watched quite a bit of them! I'm on the way do you use Q-tips plastic spoons whatever is on hand and come up with great ideas! even though I have to roll them back to see him a couple times we are good I like your video not the speed up on the spit oh well

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