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Best Out of Waste Craft Ideas| DIY Wall Hanging | Recycled Crafts Room Decor

Best Out of Waste Craft Ideas| DIY Wall Hanging | Recycled Crafts Room Decor

How to Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging for Home Decor This Wall decor is made using empty match boxes. Hence it is a best out of waste craft. You will surely enjoy making this recycled craft for your home. Things You Need… Cardboard, Match boxes, Craft Glue, Beads, Beads lace, Scissors Dry Glitter, Colors, Color Brush, Decorative Stones, Beads & lace Take the match boxes and remove the match sticks from it. Now take the lower portion of the match box and paint it as shown. Sprinkle some dry glitter on the painted box and let it dry. We need several such match boxes like this. Now take another match box and paint it with yellow color. Again, we need some more match boxes with this color. Now, decorate the match boxes with decorative stones and beads as shown here. Similarly, we will take the yellow boxes and decorate it in a different fashion. This is how it looks after decoration. To make the hangings, take a pearl lace and cut it as shown. Now make a knot at one end and fix a big golden pearl in it as shown. We need to make more such arrangements. Make a hole on the match box and insert the beads lace into it as shown. Now make a knot at the inserted end to hold the hanging. Repeat the same process with 6 match boxes as shown here. Take a cardboard and paste the colored matchbox on it. This is how it looks after completion. Paste a decorative lace for hanging the room decor. Wow!! Your beautiful recycled craft home decor is now ready! Hope you enjoyed watching this craft video. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

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