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Best Memory Foam Pillow Review

Best Memory Foam Pillow Review

Sarah Riccio: Hey guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, I’m going to take you through my favorite
memory foam pillows. There’s a lot to like about memory foam, but
it’s not all created equal. Each of these pillows has its own personality
that’s going to cater to the needs of different types of sleepers. I’m going to take you through a little bit
about each one. Who knows? Maybe one of these is the right one for you. All right, let’s get started. [music] Sarah: People are drawn to memory foam for
all different reasons, but one of the biggest draws is the way the material conforms to
pressure. Memory foam really has this way of cradling
your head and neck. Really conforming to your shape so that your
head, neck and, spine all remain in healthy alignment. That being said, the first pillow I want to
talk to you about is the Layla. Before I even get into to the shredded memory
foam that’s inside here, I just want to say that memory foam sometimes has a tendency
to heat up and store your body heat over the night which isn’t ideal especially if you’re
already a hot sleeper. The cover fabric of this is actually got copper
woven into it which serves as a thermal highway that’s going to draw the heat away from you
and let it dissipate. This is going to do a pretty good job of helping
you to keep cool. Inside we’ve got shredded memory foam and
Kapok. Since we’ve got that blend, it’s actually
got a really dense but plush feel which is giving you that nice balance of the conforming
nature of the shredded memory foam but the soft support of Kapok. As you can see it’s got a pretty lofty build. I think side sleepers who love the feel of
memory foam are going to particularly benefit from the Layla. Next up is the Easy Breather Side Sleeper
pillow from Nest Bedding. It’s also stuffed full of shredded memory
foam. It’s got a pretty lofty build at about eight
inches. As you can see it’s in this boomerang shape
where in the middle is built to have lower loft and the sides have higher loft and a
little bit more firm support. This is done with the intention to do what
memory foam does best which is conform to your head and neck, give you that gentle cradle. Also because the sides are built to be loftier,
it’s going to support you especially when you’re in the lateral position side sleeping. However, I would like to say that I think
this is really great for back sleepers too, especially back sleepers who need a little
bit of help maintaining healthy posture throughout the night. If you’re prone to tossing and turning, these
sides here if you’re on your back and your head’s right here, are going to serve as a
buffer so you’re not landing into a position that’s going to crane your neck and have you
feeling not so great in the morning. One of my favorite things about this pillow
is that it’s adjustable. When it comes down to it having an adjustable
pillow is really worth its weight and goal because if you’re not comfortable with the
loft as it is, you just go in and manipulate it according to how you like it. I think that because this is strictly shredded
memory foam in here it’s going to have a really slow response to pressure which memory foam
lovers are going to like. I think in particular back and side sleepers
could really benefit from this one. Here is the Luxi sleep memory foam pillow. It’s also filled with shredded memory foam,
but the reason I chose it for top picks is because it’s got a little bit of a different
feel than a lot of the memory foam pillows I’ve tested. This one is really very fluffy. It has a quicker response to pressure and
it’s really has a soft level of support. In my opinion, this makes it an all-position
pillow. The other ones I’ve shown you so far really
more about back and side sleeping, but because this has a foldable really malleable nature
to it, I think stomach sleepers could really benefit from it as well. It does have this fluffable qualities as you
can see. You can fold in all ways. I think the folks who do like the body conforming
nature of memory foam but also might be combo sleepers who want to enjoy in the prone position
as well, would really like this one. Here’s the memory foam pillow from Tomorrow
Sleep. This is not shredded memory foam inside here. This is a solid piece. It does have a little bit of a firmer feel,
a little bit of a slower response to pressure. Something I really like about it that I think
it’s special, is it’s got a pretty low profile. A lot of the memory foam pillows I’ve tested
do tend to be a little bit loftier which like I said is not ideal for stomach sleeping. As you can see, this one’s got a pretty low
loft so it’s not going to crane your head and neck out of alignment with your spine
when you’re in the prone position. Also, it’s covered in phase change material
which is going to keep it super icy cool, really nice and crisp all night long. It’s designed to really never wear out its
coolness. Again, if you’re hot sleeper, if you’re maybe
a stomach sleeper but you still love that slow response to pressure in that deep sink
into memory foam, this one’s a good choice. All right. Look at this guy. When it comes to Morphiis, they’re all about
customizable comfort. I know this because I actually sleep on the
Morphiis mattress which — like you’re about to see with this pillow — is all about removing
mix and matching the interchangeable layers inside this pillow. Inside here we’ve got six layers. Four which are made from a microfiber-fill
and two foam. Since I can find this zipper I’ll show. The foam layers are broken up into — and
you’ll see on the tag indicated — a firm layer and a soft layer. The whole point like I said is to be able
to…Look at all these. These are all layers. Here you’ve got the firm foam layer, got some
more microfiber-fill here. This is really going to add your comfort plush
factor. Here you’ve got the soft foam layer. Some more microfiber-fill for comfort. Like I said this is all about customizing,
so the pillow works for you or the position that you want to sleep in. If I were you, I would remove some of these
if the loft is lower. If you want to be in the prone position leave
them all in for a much firmer loftier feel. If you’re sleeping on your side and back sleepers,
they can live in this happy medium area. The whole point is that they’re interchangeable. You can mix and match them and find the loft
and the height and the firmness that’s going to work for you, for your body, and for your
preferred position. Like I said, sleepers who are really into
personalizing their pillow are going to be particularly compatible with the Morphiis. Here we’ve got the SpineAlign pillow by Dr.
Loth. It is filled with a proprietary blend of fiber
and foam. It is going to have that nice slow response
to pressure. It does have this head-conforming quality
to it. The thing that really makes it special is
it’s a cervical spine pillow or contour pillow. It’s got three chambers. One in the middle that’s designed to be a
lower loft, a little bit firmer which is intended for back sleepers. It’s got these two side chambers which is
designed to be higher loft for side sleepers. First of all, something interesting about
the side chambers is they are actually built to be different lofts to accommodate sleepers
of different heights. The side with the company’s logo is built
to accommodate sleepers who are 5’7″ and taller. Then without the company’s logo, 5’7″ and
shorter. If you are exactly, 5’7″ you could probably
go either way. I am five-feet tall so I stick with the shorter
side. Something else I really like about this pillow
is all three chambers are adjustable. You can go in and see these nice really cushy
silky shreds of memory foam. You can take one out of one chamber put it
in another chamber. If you find the loft to be too much, you could
just take some of it out and store it in a plastic bag if you think it’s a little bit
too much. The point is that this is going to offer back
and side sleepers particularly this customizable comfort while also giving you this nice contour
shape that’s going to help you keep your spine in alignment. The memory foam inside here is definitely
giving you that nice slow response to pressure. It’s conforming to your head and neck. I’m fully a big fan of this one. Last but certainly not least is the Coop Home
Goods Body pillow. I want to say they do make the same memory
foam pillow in a standard size if that’s more your speed. I can’t get enough of the body pillow. It’s got a gel-infused memory foam microfiber
blend inside. It’s also adjustable. Again, you can reach in, pull as much out
as you like or you can shift the fill within the cover to make some parts a little more
lofty, some parts a little thinner depending on the position that you’re aiming for. You can see they are just shredded and play
around with that. Obviously like I said, memory foam something
great about it is that it conforms to pressure. It conforms to your head and neck. The body pillow is going to conform to your
whole body which I love. If you’re a sleeper who’s looking for that
all-encompassing full body conforming support, the Coop Home Goods Body pillow pretty good. Those are my top pillow picks for memory foam. If you really not sure what pillow you’re
looking, for just google Sleepopolis best pillows. You’ll probably find something that’s for
you. I hope you found this review to be helpful. If you want all the details on all these pillows,
check out my full written review which you can find by googling Sleepopolis best memory
foam pillow. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
give us a thumbs up. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter all that jazz
because we’re always going to be uploading more content with one thing in mind, to get
you some better sleep. That’s all for this review. Thanks for watching. See you next time. [music]

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