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Best Desks for Home or Office | Workstations and Gaming

Best Desks for Home or Office | Workstations and Gaming

– [Narrator] Whether you use them sitting, standing or lying down, these desks can
accommodate all your needs. This is Reacher with Mind’s Eye Design, and here are ten desks and work stations- Number ten: Nothing says I’ve got to have it more than a manufacturer putting the word ‘pro’ one one of their products. Seriously just think about it. If you pulled up to the
drive through at Taco Bell and saw a Nacho Bell
Grande Pro on the menu you’d be all up on that, just because. So it goes without saying that when the Atlantic
Store offered a Pro version of their gaming desk
we had to check it out. This desk is the perfect
starter desk for any gamer. The steel legs support a
carbon fiber laminated desktop that sits roughly three feet high. The desktop area provides a little over eight and a half square
feet of space for your PC, laptop or any other gear you may need. There’s also an elevated shelf
that can support a monitor up to thirty two inches wide. And speaking of that other gear, there are metal wire holders
that attach to the desk to hold things such as speakers, gaming controllers and headphones. In addition there’s a cup holder so your favorite energy
drink will never be far away. Pricing on this one starts at $170. Number nine: This entry on our list appeals
to my lazy inner child, and to be honest it appeals
to my lazy inner adult too. The name Zero Gravity
doesn’t actually mean your stuff is floating in the air, but being able to just wheel the desk around my favorite recliner
allows me to overlook that bit of loosely used terminology. A laminated tabletop, roughly three feet by one and a half feet sits atop a ‘C’ shaped steel base. The main column of the desk is motorized with the ability to raise it from twenty seven to fifty
four inches in height. Attached to the desk is
an adjustable monitor arm with pan, tilt, and height options. There’s also a padded
wrap around keyboard tray that tilts as well. Options include a side
mounted rack for your CPU, as well as a laptop arm and tray. Pricing on this one starts at $2,700. Number eight: Sit to stand desks are
becoming more popular in home and business applications. This one by Autonomous caters to both. The home version can
sit as low as 29 inches and be raised as high as 47 inches. The single motor system
raises it approximately one inch per second, with a lifting capacity of 220 pounds. The business edition
bottoms out at 24 inches, with a maximum height of 51 inches. It’s dual motor system allows
it to raise up to 300 pounds, at a rate of 2.3 inches per second. Both desks come standard
with a steel framework that supports a desktop
measuring 30 inches by 53 inches with the option of an
extended 71 inch platform in case more room is needed. Power is provided by plugging in the desk into any standard wall outlet. Pricing runs $299 for the home version and $399 for the business edition. Number seven: The team at Output created
this desk for those on the production side
of the music business. The design is made from 100% birch wood and finished by hand, offering a one of a kind look due to the unique features
of the wood grain. The contemporary style blends easily into any studio arrangement. The upper desk is 16 inches
deep and 16 inches wide offering plenty of space
for monitors and speakers. The lower deck has a depth of 36 inches with 9 units of rack space, an area for any other
equipment the user may need. A concealed deck in the
rear fits most power strips allowing for easier cable management. The optional keyboard tray can fit up to an 88 key controller and has a cut-out for extra leg room as well as adjustable mounting points to tailor the height and
the extension for the user. Pricing for this one runs $549. Number Six: If limited space is a problem for you then this entry on our list might be the solution you’re looking for. This 30 inch desk from
Studio Trends may be compact but it still offers the needed features that come with larger, more expensive desks. The steel framework supports a desk that sits 29.5 inches high and measures 30.5 inches
wide by 32 inches deep, providing ample space for a
keyboard and other equipment. A 14 inch deep shelf extends
above the main desktop 7.5 inches with room to
accommodate a monitor and speakers. A port in the back of the main desktop provides an opening for
easier cable management. Height adjustable castors on the bottom of the framework allow easy movement and can be locked once
the desk is in place. The desk comes in your
choice of Maple or Cherry with a price tag of $200. Hey everyone. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button as well as the bell icon to stay up to date on
all the latest videos from Mind’s Eye Design. Number five: The desks in this segment
aren’t actually for sale, but we had to mention them because they’re nothing short of amazing. The designer is award winning PC Case Modder Peter Brands. His work is known
world-wide in the industry with his desk reveals being a highly anticipated annual event. The desks you see in this video were done for entry into the Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational. The desks which also serve
as the case for the PC, were build using less than
$400 worth of materials and assembled using standard tools. Brands doesn’t have a set
timeframe for any of his projects. Considering the work that he puts into every detail of his designs, it’s easy to see why he’s had some take up to nine months to build. If you’re interested in seeing more you can find the link
to his website below. He also has a YouTube Chanel showcasing his work
and upcoming creations. Number four: This is another desk geared towards producers in the music industry. But where our earlier entry
was a simple wood design, this one is the complete opposite. This desk has a look and feel that would stand out in anything other than a modern setting. The desk is composed of fiberboard with a mix of glassy and matt finishes. The black glass with an imprinted logo accents the main desktop
for a sleeker look. It measures approximately 36 inches high and 65 inches wide with
a depth of 32 inches. The top shelf is angled toward the user with space enough for multiple
monitors and speakers. The main desk area has
four rack units of space as well as room for any other devices. There’s also an area that pushes in to reveal a keyboard tray that can accommodate up
to a 61 key controller as well as allowing the user
to sit closer to the monitors. Current pricing on this one is a little under $2,000. Number three: When I first saw this entry I thought, “There’s nothing special here”. “I could build that.” But it’s motorized and my degree isn’t in electrical engineering so I decided to stick to narrating. The steel frame supports a
one inch thick particle board measuring 30 inches by 66 inches. A scratch resistant laminate
covers the whole thing to give the desktop a
textured wood-grain finish. Cable management is a sinch using the two eight cm grommets, one at each of the back corners as well as hidden trays underneath. The desk has a range of adjustment running from 28 inches
up to 48.5 inches high. Dual motors can lift everything
at about one inch per second with a maximum weight
capacity of 250 pounds. In addition to the desks
three memory presets, it can be controlled via smartphone app using a bluetooth connection. Pricing on this one starts at $760. Number two: This workstation has the whole package, or as we say here in the south “It’s all that and a bag of chips.” Now feel free to make fun
of me in the comments below while I finish talking about
how awesome this thing is. It sits on a metal framework with a chair that looks like something your dentist would have you sit in. But this one is adjustable
on so many levels, and it folds up under itself. High-fives to whomever created it. Coming out of the framework
is an arm that has a mount for your laptop and a monitor. Another arm has a desk for you keyboard, mouse or any other accessories. They’re both also adjustable
on so many levels. So even more high-fives. The desk has a built-in push button remote to control everything. The user even has the option
to use it as a standup desk in they get tired of sitting. All this and it only needs a space roughly three feet by
five feet to operate in. Pricing on this one starts at $8,500. If this list already has you considering throwing out your old desk be sure and let us know
in the comments below what your new pick is going to be. Number one: This workstation is being touted as the future of high-end home
and office work environments. I can’t predict the future but the quality of my work would definately increase if I had one. Hint hint boss man. The scorpion shaped steel framework is just one facet of why this workstation is so amazing. The adjustability and
ergonomics of the components, and integrated audio system, LED lighting and the option
of up to six monitors function in a way that offers the user almost complete immersion
in their work environment. The size of the Emperor is minimal, allowing up to five units to be placed in a space measuring just 169 square feet. Electronic controls on the arm rest, along with cup holders and
multiple USB charging ports make this the ideal work space. Pricing starts at around $5,300 but can run up to around
$7,000 with added options. – Hey guys this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time.

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