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Back to the Original Kitchen Subfloor MESS | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #12

Back to the Original Kitchen Subfloor MESS | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #12

hey guys welcome to the homestead today
we’re going to start pulling up the top layer of tile and the OSB that we laid
down a couple of years ago and do that probably also move the stove and the
refrigerator as well yes let’s get busy so the first step in this process is to
get the refrigerator out and I tried last time kind of give up no choice it’s
got to come out this time here comes apart plastic loud get on it it’s got
wheels a little bit the angles are going to be your strongest point
ready well that was smart gonna take credit there jeez that’s crazy time here big refrigerators legion or something
that’s a lot of water yeah especially below layer firewood yeah yes don’t step there you’ll go to the
basement spot well what do we do it looks empty and as
you saw we had to put some X’s and mark out a spot of the floor where if I step
well I guess if you step we would go down to the basement other than that the
floor is actually in pretty good shape it’s got some irregularities where it’s
you know original floor and plywood but other than that there’s not any terrible
spots it’s just right there at the kitchen sink window and the floor yeah
that kitchen window we’re gonna have to replace and we’re after place probably
part of the wall and the floor so better now before winter really sets in yeah
yeah luckily we’re down in North Carolina
and it’s not super super winter time yet unlike other people dug and actually in
Michigan I would not want to be in your shoes with your house under major
renovation and it being as late as it is in the season so can’t complain too much
but one might complain a little bit I don’t have a kitchen right now all right
that’s gonna occurred to us we got paper plates Forks napkins and all that stuff
um but she took a load of trash to our trash place and I asked her I said we’re
gonna do for dinner and she’s like don’t know everything we have is we cook so I
might be interesting dinner with us tonight cereal but that’s it for this
video we appreciate you guys watching and we’ll see on the next one
see ya my freckles green bright green blue like the kool-aid guy he was green hey guys welcome to the homestead sorry
do you hey guys welcome to the homestead today we start the way if you’re doing
the whole intro don’t you just flow with it otherwise I look really dumb where
I’m like well I was waiting Manya freckles you

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  1. That fridge was a bear!!! I have the exact problem with my fridge, don't know what I will do when it needs to be replaced. The dust on top was bad just like mine. LOL

  2. Whew, I’m pooped!!! Watching you two work so hard is exhausting!!! You two are like a pair Everready Bunny’s!!!👍🏻😆😄

  3. Lots of hard work but you again made it look fun! Love the outtakes, “freckles”😂😂 Love it😁👍🇨🇦

  4. Hey guy's just a thought.. I would take out one of the walls where the fridge sets and take out that little cabinet over the fridge cause I bet you can't reach it away. Anyway if you did that next time you're fridge leaks you would see it before it caused alot of damage..but it's your house not mine .Great video.👍👍👍👍

  5. there is a drip tray under or at the back of the fridge that when full of dust and kitchen stuff blocks so the tray leaks and sometime the thin tube is blocked – look under the fridge for the drip tray and clean it out that should fix the problem – suppose to be done every 6-12 months not that it get done until it's a problem – same in every house

  6. Freckles yay . So Funny such a good sense of humour guys , makes the world go around . Good job , curious to see what sort of layout you going to go with , open or otherwise . Keep up the good work your doing just fine .

  7. Haha! Doug and Ashley don’t have a kitchen or a bathroom 🚽. You have at least that. I do hope they get closed off soon!

  8. Good morning 🌞 Why don't you do longer videos please we love to see you all and hear your kids in the back ground too 😉😘

  9. I am impressed the floor didn't get soaked from removing the water line to your ice maker!
    You two are a joy to watch.
    Peace and Love!

  10. Buy some electrical stuff like a electric skillet and a convection toaster oven they have some really nice ones I used mine all summer didn’t have to heat up the whole house. like the June oven

  11. That's a cool shout out to Doug and Ashley. I have been following their saga for a while now. Those two have done some pretty amazing projects. Stuff I would be overwhelmed by.

  12. You are the powerhouse duo! You've done quite a bit of work in a short time. Good progress. Keep up the good work, it'll be worth it in the end. Love the outtakes, freckles, too. Thanks 🙂

  13. Love y'all's videos and y'all have a great sense of humor Home is starting to come together nicely 😀keep smiling laughing !!!!

  14. Both of you did a great job!
    Lots of layers there. Will you be putting tile over that subfloor or what? I have no skills- enjoying your channel! Best wishes!
    Darla in NC

  15. It's coming along! Don't you just love the heat registers in the middle of the floor? In our bathroom reno we put click laminate and the piece where the register goes I just bored a bunch of 1/4" holes in a nice pattern to let the air through and got rid of the trip hazard.

  16. Your video's are like waiting to see what Santa got you for Christmas morning! It's exciting can't wait to see the finish project! Keep up the hard work and keep us laughing you two are hilarious and the bloopers are awesome! Love you all love the channel, have a very blessed day!❤

  17. Just an fyi for you cute people…….attach a dusting/furniture brush attachment to a wet and dry shop vac and when you are ready, don't use cloths or stuff….just use that. I live in a place where the wind and dust are not manageable. I could be dusting every 5 minutes and it is so frustrating. But I saw one video on it and thought well, why not. I got out my mini 1 hp shop vac and the brush attachment and oh my goodness. I am seeing tremendous and more lasting results! All around the windows, tv etc. office stuff window sills, collectables, mirrors, and even it is cleaning my air cleaners hepa filter without spraying dust. The lady suggested misting the bag with water lightly first. Then after you are done, wash it /rinse it out and let it dry. I have done this many times and it is still going. The air quality is improving tremendously as I go. Now I feel like all my efforts are having an effect on my environment. Vac-ing the cloth and leather furniture too and wood, and and and. 🙂 In fact if y'all were here….I might try to vac you!
    Love you and all your freckles!!! 🙂

  18. I am new-ish to your channel. I was thinking what a shame to have to take up flooring you put down only a year ago! Enjoying your videos!

  19. Hi..was sent here by Doug & Ashley…you guys are so much fun to watch 😀 You're doing a great job! Can't wait for the next video…oh..you can make pizza on a gas grill…easy-quick-yummy (Lisa – Boston MA)

  20. I agree with Christa, I think you can buy replacement drip trays if yours is missing.. I have a 1930s GE that I had restored.. and I found a drip tray online for it.. but you really should get that drip tray, most don't think its important, but it really is.. and clean that line out.. just run a pipe cleaner threw it..cheap at walmart in the crafts dept.. condensation has nowhere to go, except out on to your floor..

  21. That left side wall or right or both should be removed if possible so the 'wall' is just the sides of the fridge. That way itll be less tight at the sides both for the fridge and people walking past you can also use the sides of the fridge to put calenders notes grocery lists etc and more air circulation under the fridge. To be able to properly see under it would be good also for things like leaks or to place like a sticky trap for any pests etc. If you pull just one wall then you can use the gap between the fridge and remaining wall to have a skinny swiffer mop or broom for the kitchen or a few hooks for keys etc.

  22. Should have used you PPE when the dust cloud came out 🙂 I laughed soooooo hard at that point!!
    When you were pulling on the fridge to yank it out , I was cheering as coaching saying "put some ooomphhh into it"
    Loved the out takes too folks!!! "freckles" hahahahahahaha 🙂 🙂

  23. Looking great! Just wondering….is the wall on the left side of the fridge opening a supporting wall? If not, could you open it up (or just a beam) so the side of the fridge is the "wall"? This would make it easier to move and to clean that drip tray, etc.

  24. I'm about as far north as Doug & Ashley, and it's not THAT bad weather wise just yet (today for example got up to 69 degrees and the nights are in the low 40s, so chilly nights for sure, but overall not that bad.

  25. Having fun watching you two… we're currently renovating our mobile home kitchen down to the studs on a budget including rolling up the floor.

  26. Thank you all for watching and commenting, it's greatly appreciated!

    Full Reno Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxVjeL1ZEeUpZYLRmwuHwjFSmSJ9Qo8vK

    Our Website, Blog and Online Store: https://greenacrehomestead.com

  27. So what is happening with the white vinyl floor tiles still down and the brown ones? Are those coming up so you can see if there is damage underneath? Do you plan on replacing the entire sub floor? That might be a good idea, instead of just repairing areas, start out completely fresh. When I was younger, a head light went out on my car, I replaced just the one; two weeks later the other one went out. I could have bought two at a lower price together. Throughout my life ( I am 64) I have found that if it is at all possible, replace what you can all the way around. So now if it is a headlight, I replace both, if my washer goes out, I get both a new washer and dryer. ( The old washer went out, gave the dryer away…sure enough a few months later it went out.) Same with appliances, because normally all that goes out at the same time or close to it. Just a suggestion on the sub floor, that way you can count on it for years to come. Great job!! Love seeing what you are doing in the renovation! 🙂

  28. Another GREAT video guys.. I know it may seem like a long road, but you all are gonna be so proud of the work you have done once it is finished.. You will have a great feeling of accomplishment.. and you should. you both have worked very hard on your kitchen.. Can't wait to see the progress you make in your next video.. God bless you all..

  29. I hope you are taking out at least one wall beside the refrigerator and I hope you put new hoses on your refrigerator before you put it back to stop the leak

  30. I know the cabinet over the refrigerator is a catch all but you leave it empty that will just be a catch all that people can see. How about making that your plastic/ tupperware organized space with lid racks on the doors and pull out & down systems inside. With such limited space investing in a couple of those systems would be wise..


    Drawer, medium, white, 36×24 "


    4.8 5 Reviews

    Yes, it’s possible to fall in love with a drawer! This one pulls out all the way for a good overview and can be kept organized with the interiors of your choice. And the best part? It closes quietly!

  32. at Lowes:

    Item # 932576 Model # SP-WMUB-14-WD



    Simply Put 14.625-in W x 5-in 1-Tier Pull Out Wood Soft Close Cabinet Organizer for your base cabinets

  33. under the sink organizers
    Item # 297829 Model # 544-10C-5

    Rev-A-Shelf 11.25-in W x 19.5-in 1-Tier Metal Cleaning Caddy $44.98

  34. Lowes
    Item # 932582 Model # SP-MUBSC-20-FN .

    Simply Put 20.5-in W x 5.6875-in 1-Tier Pull Out Metal Soft Close Cabinet Organizer $69.98 great for pots & pans

  35. VGG (for any indoor and outdoor work) safety first.:
    Vapour Mask: provides respiratory protection against fine dust and oil or water based mist.
    Goggles eye protection: must include an elasticated strap fitting to the back of the head to prevent slippage
    Gloves PVC Safety for hand protection.
    Stay safe… GOD BLESS.

  36. One thing always leads to another. I just hope your renovation doesn't get too extreme! I think you guys will get it back together in good time. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  37. I have been watching Doug and Ashlee since they started and have been giving them any advice I can. I remodeled our mobile home a few years ago with my brothers help. It was a nightmare. The sill plate and all the studs going along our kitchen wall were rotted away. Also our kitchen cabinet had sunk into the floor due to a dish washer leak. Also the refrigerator was falling through the floor because of a leak under the sink that who knows how long it was there for. I will subscribe and watch you.

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