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BA Architecture at The University of Manchester

BA Architecture at The University of Manchester

(gentle music) – [Hani] The city of Manchester has definitely played
a big role in my life. I think the variety of
Manchester’s architecture is probably the most
striking thing about it. I would say that there’s
something for everyone here. – [Lara] I think Manchester both as a city and a university has shaped me as a designer. To see the city’s history, whether it’s old or whether it’s new, I think Manchester’s
architecture is pretty eclectic. – [Hani] The historical and the modern sit so kind of adjacent to each other. You kind of feel like you’re
part of this ongoing history. It’s like this record is
constantly being written. – [Lara] I think studying
within the art school is a huge advantage to the course. The spaces and how they’re set up encourage interaction between
different disciplines. – [Hani] The work that you produce is a result of the interactions that you have on a daily basis, the interactions that
you have with people, the interactions you
have with the buildings, the spaces you study in, live in, work in. And Manchester offers such
a diverse range of them. – [Lara] I think Manchester’s
history and heritage is so ingrained within the course that you can’t help but interact with what’s happened in the city already. It informs what you do
and how you practise. It’s important to always be
challenged in the way you think. The city definitely does that. It always has this sense of pioneering and engineering about it. And it’s always looking to push itself, to push where it can go. I feel like Manchester has
inspired me for the future. – [Hani] The city has affirmed the passion that I have for architecture. You see history and it drives you to wanna go on and do more, and it drives you to go on and achieve and change something and
add to the history here, which I think is something
that’s quite inspiring. (gentle music)

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