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ASUS Zenfone 5: Attack Of The iClone

ASUS Zenfone 5: Attack Of The iClone

– [MrMobile] If you live
in the United States, you might know ASUS by its
popular line of laptop PCs. But you might not know that the company also makes smartphones. Smartphones with their
own visual identity. All original. Not at all inspired by anything else. I’m MrMobile, and this is a ZenFone 5 Hands-On from Barcelona. (music) If you’re already clackin’ out a comment about how not all notch
phones are iPhones, I get it. From the essential to the week-o, plenty of devices out there
need a gap in the display to accommodate the
camera and the earpiece. And sure, there are only
a limited number of ways to design a pocket-sized rectangle. But plenty of other companies manage to kick out their own designs, despite that reality, and when you put the ZenFone
5 next to the iPhone 10, I’m just sayin’, it’s hard to ignore all
of the similarities. So, why cover it at all, right? Well, appropriated or not,
the design is striking. And ASUS actually does build
upon it in interesting ways. The secondary camera on the ZenFone 5, rather than being the more
common telephoto or monochrome, is actually a wide-angle shooter. One of the rarest designs
around and my personal favorite. ASUS is putting a lot of
emphasis on the software driving that camera with scene detection and automatic calibration
based on the lighting, but frankly, everyone’s doing that. I’m more encouraged by another
corner of the software. The company has finally gotten
in line with so many others and removed the majority
of pre-packaged bloatware that used to gum up the
works on its earlier phones. Also, it’s running the
latest Android Oreo. The speakers have been
redesigned to be much louder. The display brightness can crank
all the way up past 500nit, and the processor is top shelf. And here’s where I’d usually
say to wait for the full review to see how the performance
shapes up, but look, there’s a lot of great phones
out on the market already. And a ton more were just
announced this week. With an exact launch date not yet hammered down at press time, and a history of thin
availability in the US, the only reason you’d have for paying attention to an ASUS
phone in North America is price. Half the price of an iPhone 10. So, if a $500 iPhone 10 running
Android is the kind of thing that sees your saw, well, this might be worth praying to the US carrier gods for. For everyone else, it’s probably
not your next smartphone. This video was brought to you by Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods, by shopping based on value and not hype. Check out the latest deals at thrifter.com and tell ’em MrMobile sent ya. (music) I’m on the come down from
MWC2018 in Barcelona, folks. Be sure to subscribe to
theMrMobile on YouTube, so you see all the in-depth coverage to follow this week’s quicklooks. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. (music)

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  1. Wow is this really use snapdragon 845 with US$499 price tag?, Forget the notch, i definitely buy it sure, thanks for your review mate!

  2. Your channel is the best tech channel right now. So proud that I am following this channel since its inception. Been your fan since your pocketnow days.

  3. Asus :😁 can I copy your homework
    iPhone x: yaa little bit
    Samsung s8 : okk but not too much
    Asus : 😂 LoL here's come Asus zenfone 5

  4. When you talk about copycats you are talking about Apple here right? The Essential Phone came out with the notch, and I think Sharp too, before Apple. I think that someone who calls himself "Mr Mobile" should know a little more about the subject he is vlogging about.

  5. What amazing specs and what a major disappointment with that horrible design. Fuck that shit, I hope it fails miserably.

  6. What's funny is I really loved the look of the iPhone 10 and I almost switched to one. But now I can have the look I like with the OS I prefer.

  7. …Along with the Notch, I see another trend starting with the "Hi-fi" type dual speaker configuration initially featured on the HTC 10 ("Gabba Gabby, Hey!") and then on the iPhone 7 later in 2016… Now that the S9/S9+ also includes these, almost everyone will probably follow suit… I'd rather have the Pixel 2/2XL layout, or even the old Moto X Pure and the "M9 & Back" front-firing Dre Beats/BoomSound arrangement…

  8. It is just apple released their phone in notch forms first. please take note bezel less phone , xiaomi mi mix does it first. in my opinion, it is not copying.

  9. Seems like a killer phone though. For that price, hard to argue with. Could be a better option than the OnePlus 5T. Questions that need answering;
    VoLTE & T-Mobile WiFi calling support? Reception and call quality?
    Screen type? LCD or AMOLED?
    Camera quality? OIS?
    Audio quality from speaker phone? Dual speaker? Headphone quality?
    Speed & accuracy of fingerprint sensor? Any other unlock methods like 1+5T face unlock?
    History of software updates?
    How hard to root so we can convert to stock Android?

  10. Looking forward to your FULL review of this one Michael – if the quality & innovation is there, as you suggest, then the price factor has to be the key to leading the revolution against $1000 phones. Surely just a little bit of software creativeness is all that's needed to make the notch a non-notch?😉

  11. I like it. It's like the iPhone, but without the stupid gesters. I wonder if 8 gigs is finally enough for android? Does anyone have an issue with their note 8 freezing the YouTube app? Mine freezes and restarts YouTube all the time.

  12. That battery for the screen is pathetic… don't give me that bs about chipset being power efficient. That screen is going to suck the battery crazy

  13. I would rather have the Zenfone 5 instead of the iPhone X because it runs Android, and seems like a good phone. It also has premium specs for a mid-range phone. I won't be getting a new phone for at least a few months because I just got an Essential Phone in December

  14. I think this phone is cute despite the knotch.😁 I'm just wondering why more Android phones don't copy the Pixel 2 XL design I like that look.

  15. This IS my next smartphone because of the wide angle cam, the basic version of android the large screen and the good experience i had before with Asus phones. Currently have a China phone and it's waiting its replacement. Hoping the 5 (without the Z) is going to cost around 399.

  16. Did someone tell Asus (and now even some other companies) that notch isn't a good thing to have and that the main thing everyone on earth complained about on new iPhone is exactly that notch?

  17. Ah, the notch! Anyway, who cares? The specs are top notch! I was initially considering Nokia 7 Plus for it's great audio recording but now that Asus is out with this beast, I'm gonna wait for it's official price in India!

  18. Firstly the design of iPhone is copied by Essential phones and mi mix line up.. so you can't do sarcastic comments over Thier design.. it is probable design to give the maximum bezel less display

  19. Hello
    thanks for your video.
    Can you tell me the SAR (for europe if it's possible), please ? Nothing on the Asus' website…
    thanks by advance

  20. The Zenfone 3 was the most original looking ASUS smartphone next to the Zenfone 5 (2014) and Zenfone 2.
    I own the Zenfone 3 5.5" in Shimmer Gold. It might look like Galaxy Note 7, but as long as it doesn't look like an iPhone, it's original.

  21. This is an amazingly priced phone, especially here in Australia. Practically every American channel was carrying on about the OnePlus 5T as a 'budget smartphone', but over here it's 800. You can find a Samsung S8 at 750, on the other hand. I really wish that people would stop focusing on the so called 'copying' of the IPhone X, and instead look at the amazing specs for it's price.

  22. Wait till ASUS drops aftersale software support after few month of its released and it started to give you headaches- Zenfone user here.

  23. I like how everyone says its a copy of fruit phone, although the first phone ever to come with a notch was the essential phone that came out 3 moths prior to iphone X

  24. Every smartphone companies copy others “it’s market” man and the “iclone” is 200x better than the iPhone X

  25. the zenfone 5z camera has a bad low light performance. i testet it against my honor 9. the honor 9 is better in low light.

  26. I'm not gonna lie, all of the footage of you using the Zenphone had me confused thinking you were using the iPhone X, until I saw the Google search bar on the home screen.

  27. I own one love it everything is so smooth to operate never had taken such a beautiful pictures 👍🏽i had own i phone 6-7 and samsung phones this is the Best plus love the fact that i got to spent my extra 600 bucks on a brand new fishing pole and lots of other goodies 👍🏽

  28. Thanks for the video it is very informative. did you updated the phone to pie? is there any camera issues after the update? many people complains about blurry images and problems with focus.

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