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Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps – Discover the Secret

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps – Discover the Secret

Hi, I’m Anna Borrett, I work for Ashleigh
& Burwood and I have a passion for fragrance. It transports you, it takes you on journeys,
it takes you to different places and can evoke memory and it can make you happy. That in
your home can change your environment, can make your home happier and warmer. And when
your house feels happy and warm and it smells good, it can feel cleaner, brighter and fresher,
and you can be ready to want to invite guests to see you. I love to have people over, but
I like my house to smell good and clean. I have a secret weapon – this is the Fragrance Lamp.
The Fragrance Lamp fragrances like nothing else. You light the Fragrance Lamp after you’ve
primed it, you just light it for a few minutes, blow it out, leave it
to fragrance your house for half an hour and it will fill an average size room.
The catalytic process also eradicates bacteria and odour and malodour. So as well as it bringing
in good fragrance, it’s also taking away the bad. This Lamp fragrances like nothing else
– it really is my secret weapon. You should give it a try. Your perfect home ambience is easy to achieve, so here’s how to use our lovely Lamp. Take
off your crown, remove the snuffer cap, take out your wick and get your fragrance ready.
Pour the fragrance into the Lamp, using the funnel will help avoid spillages and drips,
but it’s best to do it on a protective surface. Once you’ve filled your Lamp to two thirds
full, put the cap back on and leave it to soak for twenty to thirty minutes. Once your
Lamp is primed, you’ll be able to see that the stone has gone darker it’s ready to
use. Light your stone, leave the flame to burn for two to three minutes and blow out.
And now your Lamp is ready to fill your home with fabulous fragrance. We know and love candles for their fragrance and ambience, but these Lamps really do fill
your world with fragrance. They give fragrance like nothing else. Join our secret club today.

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